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Person doing mapping work on the grass, with the sky and buildings in the background gis degree programs

GIS Degree Programs: 2021 Guide

Technology is rapidly advancing, and so are geographical information systems (GIS). Modern geographers use technology to better understand the world around us. In this guide to GIS degree programs, you can learn what GIS is as well as how to learn it. If you want a career in geographic information systems, read below to learn more. What Is GIS? Geographic information systems

a guy in a suit using documents, a calculator, and a laptop to make data-driven decisions based on a predictive model what is business analytics

What Is Business Analytics? A Career Guide

The core pillars of business analytics are company analysis, requirements analysis and documentation, communication, and solution assessment and validation.  This article will help you understand how to use business analytics skills to help your company achieve its goals. Improving customer service and developing analytical models to give a company actionable insights on consumer behavior are key parts of business analytics. What Does

Woman analyzes her future after graduation choosing an MBA with a data science specialization

Choosing an MBA with a Data Science Specialization

There are a few terms used to describe a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a data-driven specialization. Some of those include a Data Science MBA or a Data-Driven MBA. Programs like this are usually offered by a graduate school of business, like Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  Even after getting an undergraduate degree in data science, the admission process

Three computer monitors displaying binary code what is computer science

What Is Computer Science? A Beginner’s Guide to This Fast-Growing Field

Computer science is currently the fastest-growing field in the world. It is the bloodline of technological innovation, and it offers a wide range of opportunities across sectors. But what is computer science and why does it play such a crucial role in our daily lives?  In this article, you will get a vivid understanding of computer science, coding, algorithms, and all

Tall bookcases ascending into the clouds and sun, with birds flying overhead best data science books

The Best Data Science Books to Read in 2021

Data science is a fast-growing and lucrative career path. Data science professionals play a considerable role in analyzing big data and using the findings to solve real-world problems. With enough knowledge and experience, you too could qualify for the best data science careers, which include statisticians, analysts, and computer scientists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a 15 percent job growth

Choosing cyber security vs computer science Cyber Security vs Computer Science

Cyber Security vs Computer Science: Which Career Path Is Right for You?

Are you finding it hard to choose between cyber security and computer science? This article will break down courses in computer science and cyber security, the earning potential for each career, and some of their best jobs. They both involve the study of computers and vital tech topics. Completing a cyber security or computer science degree program leads to countless career

people looking at data charts Top Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Top Benefits of Business Intelligence Software

Almost all top modern-day businesses use business intelligence (BI) tools to gain an advantage over the competition. Business intelligence software plays a massive role when making informed business decisions. It offers companies a way to make informed business decisions based on data analysis.  There are many other advantages of business intelligence software. Business intelligence careers are growing in popularity along with

Person repairing a computer graphics card What Is Computer Engineering?

What Is Computer Engineering and What Do Computer Engineers Do?

Computer engineering is an engineering discipline that combines electrical engineering and computer science. Most of the work in this discipline deals with designing and maintaining software and hardware for computer systems. To put it simply, computer engineering makes it possible for computers to function. Computer engineers work on the physical components of a computer, such as circuits and hardware. These professionals

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