Best Big Data Bootcamps

The Best Big Data Bootcamps of 2021

Big data analyzes and extracts information from data sets that are too complex for software applications. Companies everywhere use big data to create new experiences, services, products. If you want to work with data, big data is an important skill to learn.

Studying big data can prepare you for a career as a big data engineer, data architect, software engineer, data scientist, data analyst, and more. These careers are only projected to increase over the next decade. Start learning this valuable skill through one of the best big data bootcamps of 2021.

What Are the Best Big Data Bootcamps in 2021?

The best big data bootcamps consider curriculum, student success, and career support. Tuition can also play a big factor in which bootcamp you choose. Read below to figure out which big data bootcamp is the best for you.

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Flatiron School has a data science course that you can take both in person and online. The data science program features big data, deep learning, and natural language processing. These courses also include a data science project where you can work with big data and machine learning.

Flatiron School has many campuses across the country, but you can take any course online. The tuition is $16,900 and can be paid in full or through a loan. Flatiron School also offers scholarships for minorities, women, veterans, and other underrepresented groups tech.

The 13-week Galvanize data science course will prepare you for a career with big data. You can take this course live online from anywhere in the world. The curriculum covers Python, machine learning, natural language processing, and more. You will also learn about big data and data in the cloud. This course includes capstone projects to help you build your portfolio.

Galvanize costs $17,980 in tuition. You can pay upfront, with a scholarship, through an ISA, or with a loan. This bootcamp works with both Ascent Funding and Climb Credit. Many major tech companies hire Galvanize graduates, including Apple, Asana, Cisco, Microsoft, Spotify, and Tesla.

General Assembly offers a few immersive online data science programs. The program is designed with and for data professionals. General Assembly’s teaching style is geared to help you gain real-world experience. You will learn data science essentials, including Python, data analysis, data modeling, and machine learning. You can also access 25 hours of prep work.

General Assembly programs allow you to build your professional portfolios through capstone projects. Tuition for the program is $3,950. To pay for tuition, this bootcamp offers flexible financing options, including employee sponsorship, loans, and installment plans.

Lighthouse Labs offers a 12-week full-time immersive data science course. The curriculum focuses on data foundations, data wrangling, data visualization, machine learning, data engineering, and deep learning. You will also learn about neural network architecture. These are all useful big data skills.

Tuition at Lighthouse Labs is $13,000, but it varies based on the program you choose. The Career DIY Discount offers tuition at a discounted rate of $9,500. This is for those who don’t want extra career services. The Career Boost Program can provide advanced career services to help you get a job in the field. The program has a 95% employment rate.

The NYC Data Science Academy is the best place to learn data science. You can learn everything you need to know in just 12 weeks through remote live instruction. You’ll learn R, Python, data analysis, visualization, deep learning, machine learning, big data, and more. This program also teaches tools like Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and Tensorflow.

The NYC Data Science Academy offers interview prep, resume guidance, and alumni networking. The total tuition is $17,600. You can get a loan through Ascent Funding and Climb. This bootcamp partners with hiring managers from major tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Spotify.

Springboard’s data science program lasts six months. This course features over 500 hours of videos, articles, hands-on projects, and career-related work. You can learn how to use Python, wrangle and clean data, create data stories, and more. The program features small projects and two capstone projects with real-world data scenarios.

Springboard offers six extra months of resume building, job search strategy, interview prep, and more career services. If you pay upfront, you can get a tuition discount and only pay $7,500. You can also opt for month-to-month plans, deferred tuition, and loans via Climb Credit. Springboard alumni work for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Wayfair, Zoom, Pandora, and more.

Thinkful can teach you job-ready skills through its online data science and data analysis courses. The data science course is the best for learning big data. You can learn a variety of essential skills and topics, including machine learning and analytics. This program is offered full-time or on a flexible part-time schedule.

Thinkful also offers extensive career services, including career coaching. Tuition varies depending on the program, but it ranges from $7,900 to $18,500. You can pay with month-to-month payments, deferred tuition, Ascent Funding loans, or ISAs. The program comes with a job guarantee, meaning if you don’t find a job after graduation, you can get your money back.

What Is a Big Data Bootcamp?

A big data bootcamp is an intensive program that can teach you data science skills. You can take a data science or data analysis course to learn big data. You can learn the subject at an accelerated pace and avoid university tuition costs. Bootcamps are offered in-person or online with a variety of different schedules to help you learn.

Bootcamps offer most up-to-date information on tech subjects to get you ready for the field. Many bootcamps have career services or even job guarantees where you won’t have to pay until you get a job. If you want to learn big data in a career-oriented setting, you should enroll in a bootcamp.

How Much Do Big Data Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Big data bootcamps vary in cost depending on which program you choose. On average, bootcamp tuition ranges from $3,000 to $25,000. However, bootcamps usually offer financing options like ISAs, deferred tuition, monthly installments, and loans. If you can pay upfront, then you might receive a discount on tuition.

Bootcamps are much more affordable than a bachelor’s degree in data science. Sometimes, you don’t even have to pay until you graduate. Most bootcamps offer ISAs or deferred tuition. With an ISA, you don’t have to pay your tuition until you get a job in the field.

Are Big Data Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, big data bootcamps are worth it. They are the best path towards a successful data career. The short programs are packed with information to help you become a machine learning engineer, data analyst, or data scientist. The career services alone are worth it. If you want to learn big data, a bootcamp is definitely the best option.

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