The Best Atlanta Bootcamps in 2021

In the past 10 years, Atlanta has witnessed an influx of tech companies and innovators into the city, earning it its nickname “the Silicon Valley of the South.” Along with Atlanta’s thriving tech industry is the growing presence of coding bootcamps that seek to produce new tech talent. If you have decided to tap into the tech frenzy in the Georgian city, this best Atlanta coding bootcamps guide will help you get started.

If you’re an aspiring software engineer or want to become a data scientist, we have a comprehensive rundown of the best coding bootcamps in Atlanta below.

What Are the Best Atlanta Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

There are dozens of coding bootcamps in Atlanta, and all of them claim to be the best at skills training and driving career advancement. So, how do you decide which coding bootcamp is legitimate and which isn’t?

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It’s simple. Compare their courses, curricula, tuition fees, and job placement rate, and then find out which suits you best. To make it even simpler, below is our list of the best Atlanta coding bootcamps along with a review for each.

According to the official Big Nerd Ranch website, over 20,000 people have successfully gained tech skills since the coding bootcamp opened its doors in 2001. Big Nerd Ranch offers programs in software engineering, particularly Android software development, iOS app development, web development, and UI design.

What makes Big Nerd Ranch unique is how it teaches the essentials of these fields in just a week compared to other coding bootcamp programs that last months. Because of this, students can expect to pay lower tuition fees.

Tuition at Big Nerd Ranch ranges from $4,200 and $5,200 depending on the program and payment method you choose. The job placement rate is not publicly displayed, but most of the testimonials available online are positive.

DigitalCrafts is a web development bootcamp that offers part-time and full-time programs worth $9,950 to $14,950. It is one of the few coding bootcamps that have kept onsite operations going amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

DigitalCraft’s immersive full-stack web development programs offer a cutting-edge curriculum that develops your fluency in multiple programming languages. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

The bootcamp claims that 80 percent of its graduates get jobs in reputable firms in six months or less.

Devmountain doesn’t have an on-site location in Atlanta, but residents can enroll for the full learning experience online. Devmountain has career-focused curricula that take iOS app development, web development, software quality assurance, and UX design to a whole new level.

These programs come in full-time remote, part-time remote, and full-time in-person formats that you can choose from depending on your availability. Whatever schedule you choose, expect to learn more about the ins and outs of front end and backend development, app development, QA testing, and improving user experience.

Devmountain programs cost between $ 4,900 and $ 9,900. This covers technical training, career counseling, and other career services that you’ll need to optimize your job search experience.

General Assembly is perhaps one of the most well-known coding bootcamps across the country and beyond. This bootcamp has on-site campuses in Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe. Its portfolio consists of a range of bootcamp programs designed to train you for in-demand tech fields, including data science, digital marketing, software engineering, and user experience web design.

General Assembly reports an impressive job placement rate with 91 percent of its graduates getting jobs within six months from graduation. Tuition at General Assembly costs between $750 and $15,950.

Georgia Tech Boot Camps offers market-led programs in partnership with edtech company Trilogy Education Services. These programs are perfect for aspiring data scientists and data analysts, web developers, digital marketers, cyber security analysts, and UX/UI designers.

Students who apply to the Data Science and Analytics Boot Camp program learn how to use JavaScript and Python for data science and analytics. They also become proficient in navigating Excel, Tableau, Databases, and SQL.
Overall, the programs cost $10,000, although these may vary depending on your choice of payment plan and eligibility for a scholarship.

Make School bridges the gap between a college education and a coding bootcamp. On one end, Make School confers students with a bachelor’s degree instead of a certificate of completion. On the other, its program only lasts around 2.5 years instead of the traditional four-year college education and the standard months-long bootcamp training.

At present, Make School only offers one program, that is, a bachelor’s degree in applied computer science. To complete the program, you’ll need to finish five terms, each of which lasting seven weeks. The curriculum covers both the technical skills you’ll need to excel as a full-stack web developer and the soft skills you’ll need to advance your career.

Unfortunately, the full tuition costs for the program is $70,000, which is up to three times the average cost of a coding bootcamp in the United States. Make School’s 2019 outcomes data reports that 57.5 percent of its alumni secured full-time roles as software engineers and product managers.

Nucamp offers two immersive programs in front end development and full stack development, both of which also tackle mobile development. The programs follow a 17-week full-time learning schedule and a 22-week part-time learning schedule, respectively. Despite these differences, both programs require a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Tuition at Nucamp is as affordable as it gets, ranging between $349 and $1,880. Students also get access to one-on-one career coaching services to help them secure jobs post-program. The job placement rate from Nucamp’s recent cohort of graduates stood at 78 percent, all of whom were employed within 12 weeks from graduation.

Tech Talent South is more than just a bootcamp; it is also a recruitment and staffing company that trains women for tech careers. Tech Talent South offers three immersive programs in full stack web development, JavaScript application development, and data science.

Since it is a direct recruitment agency, employer companies reach out to Tech Talent South for top tech talent. Because of this, the bootcamp only admits qualified and committed students who can keep up with its accelerated curricula.

Software Guild is a coding bootcamp for beginners who want to learn how to code. This coding bootcamp offers extensive Java and .Net programs that train you to become full stack software engineers. It also has an introductory course for inexperienced students that breaks down the basic software engineering skills they’ll need to excel in the immersive programs.

Software Guild reportedly has a job placement rate of 90 percent, with most graduates getting high-paying jobs a few weeks after completing the bootcamp. Tuition at Software Guild ranges between $9,000 and $13,750.

Thinkful is a fully online bootcamp that offers programs in coding, data analytics, and data science. So, if you want to launch a tech career as a data scientist, Thinkful may be a good option for you.

Thinkful’s Data Science Bootcamp program covers everything there is to know about the field, including Python, one of the most versatile programming languages in the tech world. Tuition at Thinkful costs between $7,900 and $16,000, which can be worth it if we take into account the bootcamp’s job placement rate at 77 to 86 percent depending on your choice of program.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is a non-traditional learning institution that offers short-term yet immersive and intense training for the most sought-after tech skills. Because of this value proposition, coding bootcamps have changed the game in tech education and recruitment.

Although not all bootcamps are created equal, most offer programs that cater to the student’s availability and learning needs. This is evident in the creation of full-time, part-time, and even self-paced programs, as well as the inclusion of mentorship and career assistance services for students.

Coding bootcamps seek to produce a pool of qualified tech talents to close the skills gap in the tech industry. So far, they’re succeeding. Big industry players like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and IBM reportedly employ coding bootcamp graduates.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The cost of a coding bootcamp varies by city, program, and schedule. If we use the above list as a reference, then coding bootcamp programs may cost anywhere between $300 to $70,000. Of course, these prices cover a variety of services.

The good news is that most coding bootcamps offer flexible financial options like an income share agreement, deferred tuition, and loan financing. Some bootcamps also offer full tuition refunds if students don’t get employed within a given window after graduation.

Is an Atlanta Coding Bootcamp Worth It?

At the time of writing, Atlanta has over 7,000 public tech job listings. Enrolling in an Atlanta coding bootcamp is worth it if you’re looking to grab any of these opportunities in less than a year.

From online and in-person bootcamps to bootcamps that train you to become a data scientist or a software engineer, Atlanta offers these and more. Join one of the coding bootcamps listed above and be part of the Silicon Valley of the South.

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