The Best Boston Bootcamps of 2021

The tech industry in Boston, Massachusetts is currently booming, with new tech companies planting their roots across the city. Despite this, employers are facing a tech talent shortage with so many open coding and data science positions but not enough people to fill them.

To close the gap, coding bootcamps have started establishing their presence in the city. In this article, we’ll go over the best Boston coding bootcamps that you can enroll in.

These coding and data science bootcamps provide an accelerated pathway to a lucrative tech career. Instead of spending four years in college to earn a degree, enroll in a Boston coding bootcamp and launch your tech career in less than a year.

What Are the Best Boston Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

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This Boston coding bootcamp review gives you a rundown of the different features that the best Boston coding bootcamps have to offer. Learn more about their bootcamp programs along with the cost of attendance, available payment plans, and job placement rates.

Coding Temple is a great option for people who are interested in learning full stack web development and data science. Coding Temple has physical campuses in Chicago and Dallas. However, Boston-based students may access Coding Temple’s immersive programs online, with the added option of choosing a part-time or full-time learning schedule.

The data science bootcamp program at Coding Temple focuses on learning Python and its tools while the full stack web development program focuses on pair programming. Tuition at Coding Temple ranges from $10,000 to $13,495 and classes last from 10 to 12 weeks.

Students can choose from five payment options, the most popular of which is the income share agreement (ISA) option. With a job placement rate of 95 percent and a money-back guarantee, Coding Temple offers an excellent pathway to a tech career.

General Assembly isn’t just one of the best bootcamps in Boston. It is one of the best in the world. While General Assembly has a physical campus in Boston, instruction for all its in-person programs has been temporarily moved online due to COVID-19.

The coding bootcamp offers a portfolio of full-time and part-time immersive programs. These prepare you for a career in competitive tech fields like data science, data analytics, software engineering, UX design, product management, and digital marketing.

These programs come with extensive curricula that cover the most in-demand skills in the tech industry. For example, its full-time immersive data science bootcamp program covers not just the data science fundamentals but also classical statistical modeling and machine learning models. You will also learn Python for Data Science, data analytics, and data visualization.

The coding bootcamp’s immersive programs generally last 12 weeks, after which graduates participate in General Assembly’s career services and job placement program. According to General Assembly’s outcomes report, 91.4 percent of General Assembly graduates landed tech jobs within 180 days from graduation.

Tuition for the immersive programs ranges from $13,950 to $15,950, all of which are payable through eight payment and financing options.

Insight logo


Insight is a bootcamp for working professionals who already have significant knowledge and experience in tech but need more training to advance their careers. Think of it as a short-term graduate school instead of the standard bootcamp for beginners.

Since its inception in 2012, Insight has established its presence across the United States. It currently has physical campuses in Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles as well as remote learning setups.

Insight offers programs in data science, data engineering, artificial intelligence, decentralized consensus, health data science, security, and DevOps engineering. All programs last 7 weeks with instruction currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insight’s data science bootcamp program addresses all the core aspects of data science and data analytics. It opens with a week of roundtable discussions where you can learn the fundamentals of data science before proceeding to a three-week sprint of doing data projects.

In your last three weeks, you’ll be visiting offices of prospective employer companies and presenting your projects to their data science teams. After completing the program, you’re ready to sit through interviews with the companies you visited. Insight boasts an 88 percent job placement rate. Tuition stands at $24,000, which you can pay upfront, with a deferred payments loan, or an income share agreement (ISA).

Launch Academy logo

Launch Academy

Launch Academy is a Boston-based bootcamp that offers immersive training in full stack software engineering. The program lasts 18 weeks, after which you receive lifetime alumni support. Before the program starts, you have the option to do Preflight or three weeks of prep course to coding.

After this, you can begin with Phase 1 or the pre-work stage. This is where you build their foundations in programming, learning how to program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Phase 2 is the bootcamp stage where you take your skills to the professional level. This is followed by the Career Kickoff where you present web applications you built during the program to employer partners.

Finally, you go through Phase 3, a six-month Post-Grad Support program where you receive the guidance and resources you’ll need to keep learning and secure a job. Launch Academy has successfully trained over 974 graduates, giving them the skills they need to excel in the tech industry.

Product School is a dedicated product management bootcamp that was launched in 2014. It teaches students how to manage the full cycle of product development using different project management methodologies like Agile. It also prepares students to work in a collaborative environment while completing hands-on projects based on real-world data collected from companies.

The program lasts for four to eight weeks and the tuition cost ranges from $4,199 to $9,999 depending on the schedule you choose. You can opt for a two-month part-time schedule or full-time week-long intensive schedule. Like many other bootcamps, you can pay in installments, opt for loan financing or pay the full tuition upfront.

The school currently has campuses in cities across the United States such as Boston, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles.

Startup Institute logo

Startup Institute

Startup Institute is a Boston-based bootcamp that offers part-time programs to cater to working professionals. It offers four 12-week immersive programs in coding with Ruby on Rails, digital marketing, sales and business development, and web design.

If you have no prior experience or knowledge in any of these fields, you can take any of Startup Institute’s eight-week introductory courses. The introductory courses cost $859 while the immersive programs are priced at $9,500. Payment options are available to those who can’t afford to pay upfront.

The Data Incubator is another noteworthy bootcamp in Boston for aspiring and current data scientists. It offers two data science programs that are designed for particular audiences. First up is the Data Science Essentials, an eight-week, part-time online program for college students, working professionals, and data enthusiasts.

The Data Science Essentials program equips you with the fundamental skills in data science. This includes training in object-oriented programming, NumPy, Pandas, data visualization, and introduction to machine learning. To qualify for the program, you need basic knowledge of programming and statistics.

If you hold a master’s degree or a PhD in a STEM field or already have extensive experience in a data-related field, consider enrolling in the Data Incubator’s Data Science Fellowship Program. You can either opt for the eight-week, full-time program or the part-time, 20-week program depending on your availability.

Attending online at the Data Incubator costs $10,000 while attending in-person costs $17,000. You can pay the full tuition up front or opt for loan financing with Ascent Funding. Scholarships are also available although seats are limited.

Thinkful offers a range of part-time and full-time bootcamp programs in data science, software engineering, digital marketing, data analytics, product management, and UX/UI design. It has campuses in over 20 cities across the United States, including Boston.

Part-time students can expect to pay $7,900 while full-time students pay up to $18,500, depending on your program of choice. You can choose among six payment options, including the option to sign an income share agreement (ISA). Thinkful also comes with a money-back guarantee which entails a full-tuition refund for students unable to secure a job within six months of completing a program.

Thinkful’s current job placement rate ranges from 77 to 86 percent, depending on the program.

Worcester State University Coding Certificate Bootcamp logo

Worcester State University Coding Certificate Bootcamp

Although not located in Boston, Worcester State University Coding Certificate Bootcamp or WSUCODE can be found in Worcester, Massachusetts. That’s less than an hour’s drive from Boston. The bootcamp is an extension of Worcester State University and offers a part-time, 18-week program in backend and front end web development.

WSUCODE also provides students with transferable skills that can be used across tech fields including product management and data science. Reach out to the bootcamp for more information about tuition costs and payment plans.

XR Terra logo

XR Terra

XR Terra is one of the few bootcamps in Boston that offer advanced training for people who already have degrees in computer science and related fields. The primary programs focus on the application of AR and VR in web and mobile development and design. XR Terra also has a high-school level program for students aged between 14 and 18 with interests in 3D and VR.

The tuition is fixed at $6,000 and students have a range of payment methods available. XR Terra also helps students build their portfolios while gaining access to the school’s hiring partners.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are skills-training schools that offer fast-paced programs designed for people who want to launch or advance their careers in tech. These programs focus on a variety of tech fields, including software engineering, data science, cyber security, design, and product management.

Unlike colleges and universities that run for four years or more, bootcamps usually last 12 to 24 weeks. Bootcamps also provide career coaching and job placement services that you cannot find in most colleges. Some bootcamps even offer full-tuition refunds when students don’t get jobs after graduation.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Coding bootcamps are more affordable than regular colleges. Bootcamp tuition generally falls within a $3,000 to $20,000 range that can be paid through a range of payment options. These include deferred payment plans, student loans, and income share agreements.

Is a Boston Bootcamp Worth It?

Boston bootcamps are worth it for people who want to upskill or reskill in tech quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re interested in web development, data science, product management, or any other tech field, Boston has coding bootcamps that can help you get trained in no time.

Make sure to vet your prospective coding bootcamps by checking their job placement rate, career services, and financing options. Simply enrolling in a bootcamp with an intensive curriculum isn’t enough. You need one that cares enough to set you up for success. Use our Best Bootcamp Coding Bootcamps list above as your reference.

Boston coding bootcamp graduates can expect to secure employment in the countless startups and tech companies that dot the Boston area.

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