The Best Washington DC Bootcamps of 2021

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and also has a strong reputation as an innovation hub. Because of its central location, it is an excellent spot for tech startups. This means it presents an opportunity for developers to thrive.

A great way to break into the tech industry if you live in Washington DC is through the best Washington DC coding bootcamps. These intensive courses can help you transition to tech in a matter of weeks. This is in comparison to taking the much longer university route.

What Are the Best Washington DC Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The best Washington DC coding bootcamps offer immersive programs on data science, web development, and UX design. The duration of each program differs, but they are mostly fast-paced to ensure that students are prepared for a new career within a short time.

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Many of these bootcamps have both in-person and online programs to make it easier for people outside the state to attend. Although do bear in mind that many bootcamps are currently online due to COVID-19.
Below are a few of the stand-out coding bootcamps in Washington DC.

Coding Temple has part-time and full-time coding bootcamps for people who want to become web developers. Its confidence in its offering is backed up by a refund guarantee. This means that if you fail to find employment within a few months of graduation, your tuition will be waived or refunded.

You should get ready to work hard during this bootcamp. Students often have to tackle coding challenges for homework, so you will be putting in extra hours. However, with an impressive job placement rate of 95 percent, your strong commitment will pay dividends.

The coding bootcamp also offers career counseling and mentorship to help students secure a diverse range of tech jobs. Through various bootcamp events, you will also get the chance to network with tech industry movers and shakers.

Data Science Dojo focuses on data science as the name implies. You can take the bootcamp in-person at the campus in Redmond, Washington, or online. However, you should already possess some statistics and data experience. This is not a bootcamp for absolute beginners.

If you are interested in a rewarding career as a data scientist or data engineer, Data Science Dojo is a good choice. While Data Science Dojo has not made its placement rates public, plenty of online reviews report job success. At the bootcamp, students receive career support in the form of resume guidance, portfolio reviews, and interview prep.

While not every bootcamp offers certification, Data Science Dojo does. All students who pass the program will be awarded a certificate to boost their LinkedIn profiles.

Flatiron School is an online and in-person coding bootcamp with a campus location in Washington DC. This coding bootcamp offers immersive programs in data science, software engineering, and cyber security. It offers a learning method that combines teamwork, pair programming, and project-based work.

Its data science program teaches Python programming language, databases, data structures, SQL, CSS, HTML, APIs, and JSON. After this basic training, the students move to sampling, probability, machine learning, and natural language processing before starting their final projects.

Flatiron School is known for its outstanding student outcomes. This includes a current placement rate of 86 percent for the coding bootcamp alumni. In addition, graduates enjoy higher starting salaries than their counterparts. You can expect to earn an average of $74,962 in your first tech job.

Fullstack Academy is another popular online coding bootcamp that focuses on cyber security and coding with specialized courses. The coding bootcamp has a different teaching method from its competitors. You will take a mix of programming classes and workshops to strengthen your collaborative skills. These are essential in the tech world.

When it comes to career coaching, Fullstack Academy helps its students with every aspect of landing a dream role. A career coach will assist you with resume creation, interview preparation, networking, and even salary negotiation.

This coding bootcamp has an average job placement rate of 59 percent. This is the percentage of students that find a job within 180 days of completion. However, while this is at the lower end of the scale, the average starting salary of a graduate is $75,000.

Choose to study here and you could be joining other alumni who are working in Google, Spotify, and Facebook. These are just three of the tech luminaries the bootcamp partners with.

General Assembly is an online data science coding bootcamp with several campuses across the US. It offers mostly full-time immersive courses in data science, web development, and UX design. Sign up for this bootcamp and you will master the competencies required to thrive in the tech industry. The curriculum is updated constantly to meet the demands of tech employers.

General Assembly offers personalized career counseling as part of its career services. Students receive support to create resumes and cover letters. They also meet established professionals to give them an idea of the practices in real life.

This career support is evident in its impressive student outcomes. According to the coding bootcamp, if you study here you will join the 94 percent who find jobs within 180 days of graduation. Most come with a high starting salary, too.

Nucamp is an online coding bootcamp that offers courses on web development. It was founded by a former Microsoft executive with a dream of making tech education more accessible. So, you will be in good hands.

While it has mainly online courses, Nucamp has onsite campuses in several cities. When students graduate from this coding bootcamp, they also receive a completion certificate that can be integrated with LinkedIn profiles.

The coding bootcamp has career development programs for the sole purpose of preparing students for job interviews. This program lasts for six weeks and it focuses on LinkedIn optimization, resume building, and interview prep. Graduates of the bootcamp also have access to the invaluable alumni network.

When it comes to all-important job placement, Nucamp scores 78 percent.

Promotable is a coding bootcamp for students seeking skills to thrive as data scientists. It offers mostly part-time programs and all border on data science. They include Python for data science/machine learning, Python fundamentals, and data analytics.

The courses focus on object-oriented programming, data visualization, scripting, and APIs. You will learn to solve real-world problems by working with datasets. In addition, you will also analyze large datasets using SQL, Python, and Tableau. The curriculum also includes hands-on projects and lectures to help students add new projects to their GitHub profiles.

This coding bootcamp helps students to build their portfolios, but it does not help them during their job search. Also, there is no information about their job placement rates yet.

The Data Incubator coding bootcamp has intensive data science programs that last for eight weeks. This coding bootcamp also has part-time and full-time programs with the same duration. During the program, students build a portfolio with mentors guiding them. The curriculum is highly personalized to help each student find a suitable job.

The coding bootcamp allows students to connect with senior data scientists and alumni to build their professional network. It also offers a network of hiring partners to find the right opening for graduates.

Presently, The Data Incubator has not made its job placement rates public.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are highly-intensive, short-term, online, or in-person training programs for people who want to transition to tech. In some cases, coding bootcamps have hybrid programs involving both online and in-person programs. These courses are structured strategically to help students learn the fundamentals of any tech program efficiently.

Coding bootcamps are for fast-paced learning as they focus on preparing students to use their new skills as soon as possible. These bootcamps generally take 12 to 36 weeks to complete, depending on the particular program. You can choose one- or multi-program bootcamps. Popular subjects you can opt for include data science, web development, and digital marketing.

Coding bootcamps also teach programming languages like Python and Java from scratch. An advantage of the bootcamp pathway is that you will concentrate on tech essentials. This is in contrast to university study where you are often required to take non-related subjects.

Graduates of coding bootcamps qualify to work in different positions that can be filled by computer science graduates. Your learning experience of both practicals and theory means you will be real-world ready. Another appealing factor is that you can earn a higher than average salary. How does between $67,000 and $90,000 sound?

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The average coding bootcamp costs approximately $13,000 in the US. However, the general range for bootcamps is $7,800 to $21,000. It seems expensive but is relatively cheaper than university fees. You can expect to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars for that pathway.

Still, some coding bootcamps can be cheaper. Many schools offer scholarships for deserving students. Others have income share agreements that allow students to attend tuition-free.

However, the students are expected to repay the tuition when they secure high-paying jobs. But even then, bootcamps can only collect the payment when you secure a job with a higher than average salary.

The cost of a coding bootcamp often depends on the quality and quantity of training. Students get to learn in-demand programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and Python. The duration also determines the cost in some cases. Some coding bootcamps offer prep courses that may cost extra and some demand an extra fee for laptops to use in class.

Is a Washington DC Bootcamp Worth It?

A Washington DC bootcamp may be worth it if you want an intensive training program to catapult you into the booming tech industry. Traditional universities can only do so much to help you transition. However, it would cost you time and a lot of money. A coding bootcamp gives you the option to gather the necessary skills to switch to tech.

Also, bootcamps offer career services that could give you the edge over the competition. Washington DC bootcamps have tailored their programs to the needs of employers in the region. So, enrolling will raise your chances of finding a rewarding career in tech.

Washington DC bootcamps also have a variety of programs for people. If you don’t want to become a data scientist, there are courses for web developers. Prefer UX design? There’s a bootcamp with your name on it, too.

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