Best Machine Learning Bootcamps

The Best Machine Learning Bootcamps of 2021

Machine learning is one of the most innovative components of computer and data science. This makes it an in-demand skill in the field. Machine learning is the reason why some software can work the way it does. Computers are now capable of understanding data and recognizing patterns on their own.

To set your expectations, machine learning bootcamps deal with data, coding, and modeling. The goal is to consistently yield accurate results out of a huge number of data available. These bootcamps, then, would be a combination of programming and statistics.

What Are the Best Machine Learning Bootcamps in 2021?

The best machine learning bootcamps include extensive lesson plans, experienced instructors, and helpful career services. If you want to become a machine learning engineer, a bootcamp is the best way to go.

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You need to learn data science and mathematical computation. Check out the best machine learning bootcamps of 2021 below.

BrainStation offers courses in data science, web development, UX design, and digital marketing. If you want to learn about machine learning, BrainStation’s data science program is the way to go. You will learn about data analytics, machine learning, Python for data science, and cyber security.

At the end of the program, you will be able to use real data to create your own project. At the moment, this data science course is only offered part-time and classes are held online. The individual machine learning course costs $3,250, but the data science program costs around $15,000. Both will be useful for your career in data.

Coding Dojo offers a comprehensive software development program. If you want to learn about machine learning in a software engineering or development context, then this is for you. This course covers full stack development, which includes both front end and backend web development.

One of the highlights of this program is its four-week Python lecture. Python is a programming language that is commonly associated with machine learning. It is a vital skill if you want to work in machine learning. This Coding Dojo course runs for 14 weeks. Tuition costs $15,745 when you pay upfront, but $15,995 if you pay in two installments.

Flatiron School has comprehensive courses on software engineering and data science. Both of these subjects are integral for machine learning and run for 15 weeks. You can learn more about the fundamentals of programming, web development, Python, SQL, and machine learning. At the end of the courses, you can complete real-world projects.

Flatiron School also offers online prep courses to get you ready for the actual programs. The full programs cost $16,900, and Flatiron School offers financing options to help you pay. Due to COVID-19, this bootcamp only offers online remote learning.

General Assembly has four full-time immersive courses and a number of part-time courses. For machine learning, you should try the software engineering or data science programs. The software engineering course can teach you Python, which is popular in machine learning. The data science course covers data analysis and statistical modeling for machine learning.

The full-time immersive courses at General Assembly cost $15,590. Its programs are available in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Normally, General Assembly courses are held on campus and online. However, due to COVID-19, all lectures are only online.

If you want to learn machine learning, NYC Data Science Academy is a great place to start. Although it’s based in New York, you can take its online courses from anywhere. It offers many different data science programs, including data science, data science with Python, and data science with R Programming. Each one can teach you machine learning in its own way.

This bootcamp also offers a prep course to help you learn the basics of data science. Tuition costs $17,600 for full programs and $1,500 to $5,000 for shorter courses. NYC Data Science Academy also offers loan financing to help you pay. This bootcamp can teach you everything you need to know about data science and machine learning.

Springboard offers online courses on data science, data analytics, cyber security, web design, and coding. These courses are all useful if you are interested in a machine learning track. Springboard also has a specific machine learning engineering course. You can learn about machine learning models and how to evaluate and interpret them.

Springboard takes a unique approach and focuses on career-oriented skills. You can also access one-on-one mentorship. The program costs $7,940 if paid upfront and $8,940 in installments. Springboard also offers a job guarantee, which means you can get your money back if you aren’t hired after graduation.

Thinkful is an online bootcamp that teaches data science and software engineering, among other topics. The software engineering program deals with both front end and backend development. On the other hand, the data science program deals with statistics, computer programming, and data modeling.

The program is offered full-time or part-time flex. The full-time program costs $18,500 and runs for five months. You have to take a four-week self-paced prep course. The part-time program only costs $7,900, but it is on a self-study basis and runs for six months. Each schedule can be useful depending on your needs.

What Is a Machine Learning Bootcamp?

A machine learning bootcamp is a short-term way to learn new tech skills. Bootcamps are perfect for students who want to be in the field faster than in a university. The courses are created with specific focus on machine learning. Most bootcamps also offer career services to help you get a job after graduation.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs in the computer and information research grow faster than most occupations at 15 percent. Moreover, the average median pay is $122,840 per year. If you want to get a lucrative job, you need to have the right skills. Bootcamps can help you get there.

How Much Do Machine Learning Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Program costs may vary depending on the courses, schedule, and more. Some bootcamps cost as low as $3,000 and as much as $18,500. Full-time courses are often more expensive, and flexible courses are cheaper because you might study on your own.

Most bootcamps offer financing options to help you pay tuition. If you pay upfront, you can get a discount. Some bootcamps offer two installment payments where you can pay tuition in two halves. Other installment plans can last up to six months.

Bootcamps also offer loan funding with providers like Ascent Funding and Climb Credit. Income sharing agreements are also available, where you only pay for your tuition once you get a job. Most bootcamps also have scholarships for women in tech, underrepresented groups, and veterans. You should check your bootcamp to see what it offers.

Are Machine Learning Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, machine learning bootcamps are worth it. If you want to have a great career in data science, you should learn machine learning. This tech topic has made progress possible for computer programs, mobile applications, websites, and more. These days, courses on data science and software engineering make sure to include this in the curriculum.

A machine learning bootcamp is the answer if you are looking for a short but comprehensive program. Each bootcamp is slightly different, so you should research which will be right for you. When you enroll in a bootcamp, you are not only acquiring new skills and knowledge but also building your employability. Try a machine learning bootcamp for a great career in tech.

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