Best Python Bootcamps

The Best Python Bootcamps of 2021

Learning a new programming language is not as hard as you may think. A coding bootcamp can teach you everything you need to know in just a few short weeks.

Try attending a Python bootcamp and experience education from a whole different perspective. Below you will find a list of top-rated Python bootcamps to jumpstart your career in tech.

What Are the Best Python Bootcamps in 2021?

The best Python bootcamps this year include immersive learning and extensive job services. You can learn Python as well as data science to expand your skill set. Bootcamps provide the best learning environment for learning new tech skills.

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If you’re interested in enrolling in a Python bootcamp, see our top picks below.

You can become a data scientist or a Python developer by attending Byte Academy. The school offers a rigorous curriculum led by instructors with industry experience. Byte Academy has different courses in programming languages like Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Its introductory Python course is perfect for beginners.

If you’re unable to afford Byte Academy’s tuition, try checking out its financing options. The school offers an income share agreement, also known as an ISA, where you only have to pay once you get a job in the field. You can also use upfront payment, private loans, or scholarships.

Coding Dojo offers a few different immersive coding courses. If you want to learn Python, you should attend the part-time data science course. The curriculum teaches data science and machine learning in Python. You can learn data prep, data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and visualization.

Coding Dojo has many campuses around the country, so it’s a great option for in-person learning. You can also take the course online from anywhere. Coding Dojo can cost anywhere between $4,995 and $15,995, but it offers many financing options to help you.

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At DataCamp, you will learn all the basic skills you need in data science and machine learning. DataCamp’s learning system features assessing, learning, practicing, and applying. Not only can it help you learn efficiently, but it also has a high job placement rate. DataCamp has alumni across different tech companies such as Uber, Google, Intel, eBay, PayPal, and Deloitte.

In this program, you can learn Python, R, SQL, Excel, Power BI, Oracle, Scala, and Tableau. DataCamp has many Python-specific courses. You can opt for Introduction to Python, Image Processing in Python, or Introduction to Python for Finance. If you want to become a data scientist, this is the best option for you.

Flatiron School is a popular choice for those who want to join the tech community. It has plenty of campuses, including Austin, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. You can learn software engineering, cyber security, or data science.

All Flatiron programs feature Python as the main programming language. No matter what you take, you’ll become a Python expert. Flatiron School also offers free programs like Hacking 101 and Data Science Bootcamp Prep. Tuition is $16,900, but it’s worth it once you graduate and find a great job.

You can sign up for Galvanize courses in data science or software engineering. Galvanize has a high job placement rate of 83 percent. Many alumni work at top-rated tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Tesla. The curriculum stays up to date with the industry and can teach you everything you need to know about Python.

Galvanize has data science, software engineering, and professional development programs. The data science program uses a Python-based curriculum to get you ready to become a data scientist. You can choose to attend the classes part-time, full-time, or on a flexible schedule.

General Assembly is known for its comprehensive curriculum, extensive hiring partners, countless alumni, and many campus locations. The school has hiring partnerships with top companies like Microsoft, Visa, L’Oreal, Conde Nast, and Google. General Assembly is one of the most popular bootcamps out there, and for good reason.

General Assembly offers courses for prospective data analysts, product managers, data scientists, web developers, and more. The part-time Python course only costs $3,950. You can also learn Python in full stack web application development or data science.

This all-female school can teach you Python in a more inclusive learning environment. At Hackbright Academy, you have a few different options for learning this programming language. You can enroll in its 12-week software engineering program to learn all the fundamentals of programming in Python.

If you’re looking for a shorter commitment, you can sign up for the five-week prep course. Hackbright Academy also offers a Python 101 course so complete beginners can learn, too. You can apply for women-only scholarships to help fund your tuition.

Springboard will give you an in-depth view of data science and data analytics to help you enter the field. This curriculum teaches the fundamentals of data and Python. You’ll also learn how to write data analyst resumes and prepare for job interviews.

The online bootcamp provides full-time, part-time, and flex schedule options. Springboard has a beginner-friendly Python tutorial to help you get started. Then, you can further specialize with Introduction to Machine Learning in Python or Introduction to Data Science with Python. Springboard also has many payment options to help you finance your education.

Thinkful offers a job guarantee, so this is one of the best bootcamps if you want to find a job after graduation. This school will provide you with exceptional learning materials and job support to make sure you get a job in tech. You can take full-time or flexible courses in data science and data analysis to learn Python.

Thinkful has plenty of campuses in different locations. You can find Thinkful in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, and San Francisco. You can also take its highly-rated courses online. If you’re part of an underrepresented community in tech, you should take a look at Thinkful’s scholarships.

What Is a Python Bootcamp?

A Python bootcamp is a technical training platform that can teach you how to program with Python. You’ll learn Python best practices and go from a beginner to an expert in less than a year. You will also learn how to apply your Python knowledge to solve real-world problems. These courses can also teach you data science, data analysis, and web development.

How Much Do Python Bootcamp Programs Cost?

There are different tuition costs for each Python bootcamp. Some bootcamps offer free Python training, and others are relatively expensive. The average bootcamp has a tuition fee of about $7,000.

The tuition costs of a course in Python depend on several factors. It varies depending on the bootcamp you select, the program type, the location of the bootcamp, and the length of the program. If you are eligible for scholarships, financial aid, or discounts, you will pay less tuition.

Are Python Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, Python bootcamps are worth it. A coding bootcamp can expose you to many opportunities that a normal degree course would not. The platforms are designed to make sure you achieve your career goals and learn everything you need to know. You can have access to industry-standard education and career services to help you grow.

With Python skills, you can become a data scientist, data analyst, full stack developer, or anything else that requires Python. This versatile programming language is one of the best to learn in 2021. With the list above, you’re well-equipped to learn Python and get a job at any tech firm.

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