Best SciKit Bootcamps

The Best SciKit Bootcamps of 2021

Scikit-learn, more commonly known as SciKit, is a machine learning library developed for the Python programming language. Popular for building machine learning projects, SciKit is one of the most in-demand libraries in the market. A number of bootcamps include SciKit in their curricula, and many of the best Python bootcamps are also the best SciKit bootcamps.

A simple Google search for SciKit bootcamps can return an overwhelming number of results. To save yourself some time, check out our list of the best SciKit bootcamps in 2021.

What Are the Best SciKit Bootcamps in 2021?

Choosing the right SciKit bootcamp for your career can be wearisome if you don’t know where to start. The bootcamps on this list cover a range of topics in machine learning. The best SciKit bootcamps are the ones that deal with not only SciKit, but also other tools like it.

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No SciKit bootcamp will do anything for you, of course, unless it’s one you can afford, in terms of both cost and time. With these factors in mind, below are the best SciKit bootcamps we could find.

Another tech bootcamp that offers a course in data science is BrainStation. Its data science bootcamp is online and full-time. The comprehensive curriculum is constantly updated to reflect the rapidly changing tools of data science. Currently, the course focuses on data fundamentals, machine learning techniques, analysis for data science, and big data fundamentals.

As the course progresses, students will gradually learn Tableau, SQL, Python, and other data science technologies. They will also gain hands-on experience applying various modeling methods. They will get to display everything they learn in the form of a capstone project.

The data science bootcamp costs $15,000. Like most other bootcamps, Brainstation offers payment plans and scholarships. For details, you’ll have to contact the school through its website.

Coding Dojo’s data science bootcamp is a part-time course, currently offered online. The curriculum focuses extensively on Python and machine learning. Over 12 weeks, you will learn data manipulation and modeling, clustering algorithms, and other data science concepts.

Included in the curriculum are activities and projects that use tools like Google Colaboratory, Python, NumPy, TensorFlow, SciKit, and many others. Students will graduate with some of the most in-demand skills in data science.

The cost of Coding Dojo’s data science bootcamp is $4,745. It also offers monthly installments and a split-payment method.

CodingNomads logo


CodingNomads also offers a data science course. It can be taken either as an intensive three-month program or as a self-paced course. Its curriculum covers the usual subjects of machine learning and artificial intelligence, model evaluation and validation, supervised and unsupervised learning, and data essentials.

During the program, students will be exposed to data science and visualization technologies such as SciKit, NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib. If you take this course, you’ll be trained on how to efficiently build machine learning models. As the course progresses, you’ll be introduced to different approaches for solving data science problems.

The cost of enrolling in the three-month intensive program is $2,100. As an alternative, you can pay three installments of $750. Similarly, you can avail yourself of the self-paced monthly subscription for $9 a month. The advantage of the intensive program over the monthly subscription is that it offers on-demand access to a mentor, with whom you’ll also meet weekly.

General Assembly’s data science bootcamp is currently online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The course includes topics such as data science fundamentals, data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning.

Throughout the course, students will extensively explore the fundamentals of Python. They will also learn how to use GitHub and the command-line interface to manage their data projects. While learning these concepts and technologies, they will be asked to solve a series of data science problems.

The cost goes up to $14,650. General Assembly offers installment plans for those who cannot afford to pay upfront.

Aspiring data analysts who also want to learn SciKit can consider Ironhack. Ironhack’s data analytics bootcamp is offered online or onsite, full-time or part-time. The subjects are divided into three modules, which are the fundamentals of Python, advanced data analytics, and the fundamentals of machine learning.

Throughout the program, students will pick up common data analytics techniques. These include data wrangling and cleaning, APIs and web scraping, and data visualization. They will also learn machine learning fundamentals and algorithms. As they go, they will be trained to build and evaluate machine learning models using SciKit.

The cost of enrolling in Ironhack’s data analytics bootcamp varies by location. Visit the school’s website for all the payment details and financing options.

LearningFuze also features a data science course. It’s a full-time online bootcamp that lasts 12 weeks. By enrolling, you will learn Python, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud deployment.

The course curriculum immerses students in data manipulation strategies and natural language processing. As students learn various AI and deep learning technologies, they will gain all the essential skills to become effective data scientists.

The course costs as much as $12,995, but LearningFuze also offers discounts. Payment options include loans and deferred payments.

Lighthouse Labs offers an online data science bootcamp on a full-time schedule. The course runs for 12 weeks. Students will learn machine learning essentials, including data wrangling, data visualization, and data engineering. Apart from these topics, students will become proficient in the differences between data science, machine learning, and deep learning.

Students will be guided in their learning by Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly, spaCy, and SciKit. They will apply what they learn in lectures and discussions by building end-to-end group projects.

Lighthouse Labs’ data science bootcamp costs as much as $13,000, but the school does grant loans and scholarships for qualified applicants.

Magnimind Academy logo

Magnimind Academy

Magnimind Academy’s data science bootcamp is an online course. Over 15 weeks, students will immerse themselves in statistics, machine learning fundamentals, and natural language processing.

Students are trained to become real-world data scientists. They will learn how to extract, analyze, organize, and present data. Aside from these skills, they will be introduced to vital data processing technologies such as SQL, Python, Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), and TensorFlow.

You can enroll in this bootcamp for just $2,500. However, Magnimind also offers an income share agreement (ISA) for qualified applicants who can’t afford the upfront costs.

Springboard is a tech bootcamp that offers a data science course, which focuses on the machine learning applications of Python. The curriculum is comprised of data wrangling and presentation, statistical inference, machine learning, software engineering, and advanced machine learning.

Over six months, students will learn how to efficiently use Python technologies such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, and SciKit. Applicants without a background in data science are encouraged to take the preparation course, which lasts about six weeks.

The main course costs $7,500, while the prep course is $490. Aside from upfront payment, the financing options Springboard offers are monthly installments, deferred tuition, and a loan from Climb Credit.

Thinkful’s data science bootcamp is an online course that runs for six months. Its curriculum teaches Python as part of an immersive experience with machine learning.

The topics covered are analytics and experimentation, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and other specializations in data science. Throughout the learning process, students will build their own models using cutting-edge Python libraries, SciKit among them. The rigorous program culminates in a capstone project.

The data science bootcamp is offered on a full-time schedule for $18,500, and part-time for $7,900. For payment, Thinkful accepts money upfront, on a deferred plan, or in monthly installments.

What Is a SciKit Bootcamp?

There are various tech bootcamps where you can immerse yourself in SciKit. Since this technology is just a library used for machine learning, no bootcamp is dedicated solely to SciKit. If you want to learn the essentials of SciKit, you’ll need to take part in a data science bootcamp.

However, the majority of data science bootcamps include SciKit in their curricula. By attending one of those bootcamps, you will learn a host of tools similar to SciKit in addition to SciKit itself. To keep up with the latest trends in data science, these bootcamps update their syllabi on a regular basis.

If you wish to pursue a career in data science, you’ll have to learn the fundamentals of this field. One way to ensure a thorough education is to enroll in tech bootcamps that offer SciKit.

How Much Do SciKit Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The cost of enrolling in a coding bootcamp that includes SciKit depends on its location and what it includes. These data science programs can cost up to $14,000, but a majority of tech bootcamps offer payment options, discounts, or both. If you qualify, you can avail yourself of any of these options and enroll right away.

Are SciKit Bootcamps Worth It?

If you just want to understand the basics of SciKit, then it’s not worth investing in a whole bootcamp program. A lot of resources can be downloaded and viewed online. But if your purpose is deeper than that, and you want to use SciKit for machine learning, then enrolling in a tech bootcamp is probably worth it.

Bootcamps are adept at taking your knowledge to the next level, especially if you’re looking to upskill and advance your career.

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