Best Hadoop Bootcamps

The Best Hadoop Bootcamps of 2021

With huge volumes of data created every day, it’s become necessary to use a platform that can harness the power of big data. Enter Hadoop. Hadoop is open-source software that can store and process large data sets that you can access anytime. To learn how to utilize this, check out our list of the best Hadoop bootcamps today.

Hadoop was created by Java and has played a huge role in organizing, storing, and processing data. And because it deals with data, you will need to expand your knowledge of data science to be comfortable with Hadoop.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the top bootcamps that can help you build strong foundations in data science and Hadoop.

What Are the Best Hadoop Bootcamps in 2021?

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The best Hadoop bootcamps have a lot to do with data science. That means that to learn Hadoop is to learn data science and data analytics and the processes that happen in between.

Below are some of the best data science and Hadoop bootcamps to get you started.

Coding Temple offers bootcamp programs in full stack web development and full stack Python for data science. In this article, we’ll focus on the latter. Coding Temple’s Full Stack Python + Data Science program lasts 10 weeks. Prior to the program, students are required to complete 60 hours of pre-work where they learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Python.

Students then proceed to the program where they learn about Python backend development, data structures, algorithms, SQL databases, and JavaScript and React front end development. The last three weeks of the program focus on discussing data analytics and data science with Python, including the tools and technologies used for data processing and management.

Coding Temple is recommended for software developers and data scientists as it blends the elements of the two disciplines. Both programs cost $13,495 with available payment options. They can be taken onsite in Dallas and Chicago as well as online.

Data Science Dojo was built to bring data science to everyone. It offers three data science courses, each of which approaches the field in different ways. These are the Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp, Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders, and Python for Data Science.

The bootcamp program lasts 16 weeks while the other two can be completed in five days. Data Science Dojo also offers the Data Science Practicum, a data science training and internship program that lasts 12 weeks.

The program works this way: successful applicants get the chance to work as data science trainees at Data Science Dojo. In their first week, they will choose one of the 10 career tracks in data science and data analytics. By the end of the program, they’ll have the practical experience they need to land a job in their chosen track.

Both the bootcamp program and the internship program equip students with the knowledge needed to utilize data science and machine learning tools and strategies. These are essential in managing and processing data in Hadoop.

Students can choose from three plans to pay for the Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp. The Dojo plan, which covers a 16-week instructor-led training, costs $2,799. The Guru plan, which entails a verified certificate of completion and access to learning resources, costs $2,999. Finally, the Practicum plan at $9,999 includes a three-month data science internship, one-on-one mentoring with data scientists, and career support.

Metis has four bootcamp programs designed for aspiring data analysts and data scientists. To learn Hadoop, we recommend taking their Data Science and Engineering Bootcamp, a 10-week program that combines the principles of data science and data engineering.

The program begins with the basics of data analysis, along with the SQL and Python tools and methods used to perform exploratory data analysis. Students then move on to learning linear regression and web scraping. Halfway through the program, students start to learn about data engineering.

Some of the key topics include learning advanced coding and cloud computing and the application of big data handling tools particularly Hadoop and Spark. Students come out of the program well-equipped with knowledge of data science and engineering techniques as well as five real-world data science projects to build their portfolio.

The tuition costs $14,500, payable upfront, in installments, or through an Ascent Funding or Climb Credit student loan.

As the name implies, NYC Data Science Academy is a training ground for aspiring data scientists that offers only one immersive data science bootcamp program. This program lasts 12 weeks and can be taken online or in-person in New York City. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, students can only take the remote learning option.

The program walks you through the full spectrum of the data science lifecycle, from building statistical models, data classifications, and data visualizations. To master these processes, you’ll learn how to use a range of data science tools and technologies. This includes working with different data structures in R and Python and navigating Hadoop, AWS, Spark, and more.

Earn these data science skills now at $17,600. The tuition also covers a menu of career services provided by the bootcamp.

Penn Boot Camps offers programs in multiple tech fields such as coding, cyber security, fintech, and data. To learn Hadoop, we recommend taking the Penn Data Analysis and Visualization Boot Camp.

The program lasts 24 weeks and covers specialized skills necessary to thrive in a data analyst role. These include proficiency in Excel, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Tableau, Hadoop, and machine learning.

This program is only offered online and on a part-time schedule at the cost of $13,245.

Rutgers Bootcamp logo

Rutgers Bootcamp

Rutgers is a university in New Jersey that offers bootcamp programs in coding, data, and fintech in partnership with edtech company Trilogy Education Services. Students interested in learning Hadoop may apply to any of its bootcamp programs.

Its data science bootcamp program covers all bases, including a crash course on Excel, Python for data analytics, SQL for database management, and several other tools for data visualization. During the last quarter of the program, students learn about Tableau, Hadoop, and machine learning.

The program runs for 24 weeks and can only be taken online on a part-time schedule. Expect to pay $12,245 upon enrollment. Payment plans are available if you can’t pay out of pocket.

Thinkful offers seven immersive programs, two of which focus on data analytics and data science. Its data science program deals with statistics and data modeling, with a session on computer programming. Meanwhile, the data analytics program touches on data visualization and machine learning.

A full-time program at Thinkful costs $12,500 while the part-time option costs $6,500. You can opt for a deferred tuition plan, monthly installment plan, or Ascent loan in place of paying upfront.

What Is a Hadoop Bootcamp?

A Hadoop bootcamp is a training ground for learning how to utilize big data handling tools such as Hadoop. While there isn’t a bootcamp that offers a program dedicated to only learning Hadoop, there are dozens of data science bootcamps that you can turn to.

These bootcamps not just teach you how to use Hadoop, they also equip you with the skills you’ll need to master several data science processes and techniques.

How Much Do Hadoop Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Hadoop bootcamp programs cost as much as $18,500, but there are relatively cheaper training programs that may not come with special offers like career services.

Most bootcamps come with several payment options. Generally, upfront payments with discounts are preferred. You can also pay in installments or through private loans.

Scholarships are available for women in tech, underrepresented groups, members of the LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, academic achievers, and military veterans. Some bootcamps do not list their scholarships, although you can always ask their admissions office.

Are Hadoop Bootcamps Worth It?

Online bootcamps on data science can be quite costly, but most reviews show that these are worth it. Hadoop bootcamps are readily available to address the need to be adept with the software and how it works.

Data science is interwoven with a lot of industries. The more available data there is, the responsibility to keep them secure increases. The bootcamps listed above offer training programs that cover not just the basics of data science, but also advanced topics like Hadoop, machine learning, and more.

Enroll in any of these Hadoop bootcamps and boost your relevance in the job market.

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