Best Tensorflow bootcamps

The Best TensorFlow Bootcamps of 2021

Careers in data science and machine learning are both in-demand and high-paying. Whether you want to become a machine learning engineer or just learn the tools of the trade, enrolling in one of the best TensorFlow bootcamps is a good place to start.

TensorFlow is an end-to-end platform for machine learning (ML). It was developed by Google to make building, experimenting with, and deploying ML models much easier. Read on to find out where you can learn TensorFlow.

What Are the Best TensorFlow Bootcamps in 2021?

Did you know that machine learning and TensorFlow are used to sort Airbnb’s photo listings? Bighead, Airbnb’s machine learning platform, was able to cut the time it took to complete this process from a few months to just a few days. Fascinating, right?

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If you want to create projects like this, then you should learn TensorFlow at one of the 10 bootcamps listed below.

Within three months of graduation, 90 percent of BrainStation graduates get employed in the field. BrainStation offers courses in data analytics, data science, cyber security, design, digital marketing, product management, and software engineering. Full-time courses cost $15,000. If that’s too steep for you, you can take a part-time course for between $2,450 and $3,250.

In the data science program, you’ll learn about data fundamentals, machine learning techniques, data science analysis, and big data fundamentals. You’ll also work on professional development.

If you want to focus on learning TensorFlow, you can also enroll in the machine learning certificate course. Here you’ll become more acquainted with the cutting-edge applications of data science. You’ll also study neural networks, deep learning, and advanced machine learning methods.

If you want to learn how to use machine learning in prediction models or data analysis, then enroll in Divergence Academy’s immersive data science bootcamp. Its four modules take 400 hours, which are broken into 180 hours of instruction and 220 hours of lab work. This program costs $18,000 for the full-time schedule and $13,000 for part-time.

You’ll learn from the experts, get exclusive access to data science leaders, and establish a valuable professional network at Divergence. Your capstone project will determine whether you qualify for one of four Microsoft certifications.

Although Flatiron School is primarily for aspiring data analysts or cyber security engineers, this bootcamp also has a 15-week training program for those who want to become data scientists. You can choose to study full-time, part-time, or at your own pace for 15 weeks.

The data science program is broken up into five three-week units. After prework, you’ll start with a module on Python and SQL. Units two and three deal with statistics, linear regression, and machine learning. The fourth unit covers big data, deep learning, and natural language processing. In the home stretch, you will work on an advanced data science project.

The program costs $16,900, one of the most expensive on this list. The admission rate is only six percent, which suggests that Flatiron School is quite selective.

If you want to have a career in tech as soon as you graduate, consider Holberton. The school’s 24-month courses have been known to lead to six-figure salaries. But why two years? It has to do with Holberton’s hands-on approach to learning, where students are given difficult coding challenges and few directions. Students have to be creative and resourceful to succeed.

Holberton teaches TensorFlow in its machine learning program, where you’ll also study data structures, algorithms, Pandas, Keras, MongoDB, NumPy, and Matplotlib.

The program costs $15,000. That may seem high, but Holberton claims that 100 percent of its graduates land a job within three months.

Galvanize offers an immerse data science bootcamp for $17,890. Its curriculum consists of four phases, which are Python and statistics fundamentals, machine learning and prediction, natural language processing, and a capstone project. If you want to learn about TensorFlow and other machine learning tools, this program is a great way to do it.

You can even enroll in Galvanize’s free prep course to become bootcamp-ready. If you’re worried about the cost, just know that approximately 85 percent of Galvanize graduates earn up to $95,000. Some of them work in top tech companies such as Spotify, Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, and American Express, just to name a few.

TensorFlow is part of the data science course offered by LearningFuze. It’s covered along with Keras and PyTorch in the deep learning module, where you’ll also learn about classification, regression, and time series. The full immersion class takes 12 weeks to complete and costs $13,995. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

LearningFuze accepts beginners and experts in its bootcamp courses. To level the playing field, this bootcamp offers a data science prep course, which lasts two weeks and costs $245. In it, you’ll learn Python foundations for data science, introductory statistics, and GitHub workflow. You’ll need to complete a project to graduate, so make sure you have your own laptop.

In just 40 hours of training per week over 12 weeks, Lighthouse Labs’s data science bootcamp can help you become a data scientist or data analyst with a starting salary of $52,000. The school’s small student-to-teacher ratio of 8 to 1 is a wonderful way to learn new material. If you’re new to this subject, make sure to set aside 70 hours for your prework.

The program will teach you data foundations, data wrangling, data engineering, and data visualization, as well as machine and deep learning. You’ll learn how to make machine learning models from scratch. How you manipulate and prepare data, and reduce the dimensions of, optimize, and evaluate your models, is up to you.

You can avail yourself of the self-paced course option for only $9,500. Otherwise, the cost is $13,000.

If you want to be employed full-time after graduating from a data science program, SoftStack Factory is a good bet. Its three-month data science program is divided into two parts. The first month is devoted to an introduction to Python for data science, where you will also learn Pandas, NumPy, and other exploratory analysis tools.

The last two months are dedicated to data science and machine learning. After spending month two on data science fundamentals, you’ll finish up by building and evaluating machine learning models. It’s at this point that you’ll be acquainted with TensorFlow and other ML tools.

This non-profit bootcamp receives payment from students in the form of donations because it believes that quality education should not be expensive. These donations keep the bootcamp affordable. You only need to pay $750 for the data science program.

The Machine Learning Engineering Stack at Springboard covers TensorFlow as well as Spark or PySpark, Luigi, Docker, Hadoop, AWS, and Fast.ai. Python data science tools, software engineering tools, and deployment tools are also part of the package. In terms of career coaching, a mentor will work with you one-on-one and help you prepare your portfolio.

The program runs for six months, requires a commitment of 15 to 20 hours per week, and costs $7,940. To get in, however, you need at least one year of professional experience in the field or a PhD or master’s degree in a relevant discipline.

Tech Academy caters to students with a passion for machine learning and a desire to learn in-demand programming languages. The school has open enrollment and assists its graduates in getting a job. Classes are on a flexible schedule, and you have your choice between a hybrid model and self-paced learning.

TensorFlow and other machine learning tools are part of Tech Academy’s data science bootcamp, where you’ll also learn about artificial intelligence and the huge impact AI will have on our lives. The data science bootcamp costs $10,980 and goes for four weeks.

What Is a TensorFlow Bootcamp?

TensorFlow is an end-to-end platform for machine learning. But it’s not the only ML tool around, so you won’t find TensorFlow in all machine learning bootcamp curricula.

There also aren’t bootcamps solely dedicated to TensorFlow, as there are for Python and R. If you intend to become a machine learning engineer, it’s best to know more established tools in addition to TensorFlow. With that said, as innovations in ML and AI increase the demand for TensorFlow, you may see more dedicated TensorFlow lessons pop up in the near future.

How Much Do TensorFlow Bootcamp Programs Cost?

A bootcamp program that covers TensorFlow can cost anywhere from $750 to $18,000. The average cost of enrollment for programs on this list is $12,945. If you’re short on disposable funds, most bootcamps offer some combination of financing options, scholarships, discounts, and ISAs. You can take advantage of them once you decide which bootcamp to sign up for.

Are TensorFlow Bootcamps Worth It?

We’ve surveyed several bootcamps whose curricula cover TensorFlow. TensorFlow is an important tool to learn if you want a job in machine learning or artificial intelligence. Given that these fields continue to expand, most of these bootcamps are a bargain.

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