The Best Dallas Bootcamps of 2021

Dallas is one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the US. The state is home to many major tech companies and startups. Coding bootcamps play an essential role in filling the high demand for skilled tech personnel. So what are the best Dallas coding bootcamps of 2021?

If you want to study data science or web development, there are several good options for you to choose from. In this guide, we’ll help you narrow down your search to just a few of the top Dallas coding bootcamps.

What Are the Best Dallas Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The best Dallas coding bootcamps offer courses in popular subjects like data science, web development, UX design, and cyber security. Most of these programs have multiple schedules to accommodate students’ busy lives. Below are the best Dallas coding bootcamps in 2021.

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Coding Dojo is a data science and software development bootcamp with campuses in several states around the US, including Dallas. It has both full-time, part-time, and self-paced programs for aspiring data scientists and software engineers.

This coding bootcamp tailors its training to the local job market, so the curriculum differs slightly by state. Coding Dojo stands out for its extensive career services and its solid curriculums. Students will enjoy one-on-one mentorship throughout their time at the school, including help with resume writing and portfolio building.

This school’s data science bootcamp has an excellent job placement rate. Around 89.1 percent of graduates find a job within six months of completing their program. They go on to make an average starting salary of $76,500 per year. Some graduates have headed off to work at companies such as Apple, Tesla, IBM, and Microsoft.

Coding Temple has campuses in Dallas and Chicago, plus online courses. It offers part-time and full-time courses in software development with a focus on Python. Students will learn how to design, test, and deploy web applications, and will also study data science. The curriculum includes a lot of individual and pair programming projects.

One unique feature at Coding Temple is that it continues to provide students with career support even after they have landed a job. This is done through a weekly check-in to make sure former students are still on track to meet their career goals.

This bootcamp has a 95 percent job placement rate.

DevMountain is a Dallas-based coding bootcamp focused on iOS and web development. Some of the programming languages and frameworks you can expect to cover at this school include HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Node.js, AngularJS, Firebase, MongoDB, and MySQL.

All DevMountain students will have a mentor for their classroom and job search activities. These mentors will provide them with valuable career advice and review their code on a weekly basis to make sure students are improving.

The school also offers resume reviews and interview prep to make sure students go into their job hunt with confidence. Seventy-five percent of DevMountain graduates find a job within a few months of finishing their course.

Divergence Academy is a Dallas-based data science bootcamp with full-time programs in data science, cyber security, cloud computing, and DevOps. In the data science program, students will complete projects using real data, which they will add to their portfolio. The data science program can be attended either part time or full time, and also covers data analysis, SQL, data shaping, and much more.

Even though this coding bootcamp does not guarantee employment, it does provide career services such as resume prep, interview prep, and information on job opportunities.

General Assembly is a full-time, immersive coding bootcamp with a wide variety of programs. Its courses cover data science, UX design, software development, digital marketing, and more. Each of these courses will prepare students for success in the specialization of their choosing.

The school’s data science course covers the fundamentals, as well as more advanced topics like machine learning models.

In the software development curriculum, students will study coding languages like JavaScript and Rails. They will complete several group and individual projects that they will use in their portfolio.

It’s also worth noting that General Assembly hosts short workshops to connect students with tech leaders and provides students with career counseling. It’s no surprise that the coding bootcamp reports an impressive job placement rate of 99.7 percent.

Hack Reactor is an online bootcamp that offers part-time and full-time courses in software engineering, and professional development programs in data structures, the Internet of Things, and more. Students in the main immersive software engineering programs will be assigned a career coach to assist them with resume building, interview prep, and personal branding.

The training institution also has a decent job placement rate, with 94 percent of graduates finding a job within three months of completing their course.

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp for web and software developers. The courses are largely taught remotely, with a few in-person options, one of which is in Dallas.

This bootcamp has a special six-week career development program that teaches students networking, resume building, interview preparation, and LinkedIn profile optimization. It also curates jobs for graduates by reaching out to its network of 1,000 tech companies each month.

Due to these efforts, 78 percent of graduates are able to find a job as a junior developer within 180 days of graduation.

Tech Elevator offers a 14-week program in web development. It’s online and on-site training covers C#, database programming, APIs, and the ins and outs of web development with JavaScript.

It also has a special career-readiness program to prepare students to enter the job market. This includes interview practice, coaching sessions, a six-month post-graduate internship, and employer showcases where students can network.

Currently, the web development bootcamp has a 90 percent job placement rate.

Tech Talent South is an online and on-site coding bootcamp with several campuses in the southern US. students can choose to attend the program on a part-time or full-time basis. Programs available at this bootcamp include data science, UX design, web development, and software engineering.

This training institution also works hard to connect students with potential tech employers in their local area. It also has a Slack channel so that students and alumni can interact with tech company representatives.

As Tech Talent South is both a training and recruitment center, its programs include company tours, guest lectures, networking events, and resume and interview prep. Tech Talent South does not make its job placement rate public.

Thinkful is a coding bootcamp for people who want to switch to a career in data science, software engineering, or product design. The tech school offers full-time and part-time programs, and career support. Students will build up a strong portfolio during their program, and will also have networking opportunities.

Better yet, Thinkful has a job guarantee for all students. This means that if a student fails to get a job making at least $40,000 per year after graduating, they will receive a full refund on their tuition fee. This bootcamp has an impressive job placement rate of 92 percent.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are programs in which students will receive intensive training to prepare them for a career in tech. The courses taught at these institutions usually cover web and software development or data science. Training will often span three to six months, making these schools an ideal alternative to a traditional four-year university program.

Bootcamps are also more affordable than conventional universities. It provides a quick way to learn a new skill and secure a job in the fast-growing tech industry. However, keep in mind that since these programs are usually immersive, you will have to learn a lot in a short time frame.

A good coding bootcamp will also offer one-on-one mentorship to its students, as well as career placement services.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The cost of coding bootcamps varies greatly. Some are quite affordable at less than $5,000, while others may cost as much as $20,000. Still, at some institutions, students can attend for free due to scholarships, or can defer tuition payment until after they are gainfully employed.

The cost of a bootcamp will also vary depending on the program you’re attending. Longer courses will cost more, as will full-time courses compare to part-time ones.

Another major factor that determines the cost is the mode of learning. Online learning is relatively cheaper than in-person learning. On average, it costs $13,584 to attend a bootcamp in person. Online coding bootcamps cost an average of $12,898.

Is a Dallas Bootcamp Worth It?

Dallas is a growing tech hub that is home to many tech companies, so attending a bootcamp in Dallas bootcamp can be a great way to transition straight into a career. If you choose the right bootcamp, you’ll leave with all the key skills you need to switch to tech.

Data science and coding bootcamps provide immersive learning that will get you into an entry-level job much quicker than if you choose to attend university.

If you want to pursue a career in data science, web development, software engineering, or UX design, signing up for one of the Dallas bootcamps above is worth it.

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