Best PostgreSQL Bootcamps

The Best PostgreSQL Bootcamps of 2021

The demand for open-source relational database skills continues to increase. PostgreSQL is one of the most sought-after databases. Big companies such as Netflix, Instagram, Uber, and Reddit use PostgreSQL. Whether you pursue it as a primary skill or along with other tech subjects, learning PostgreSQL can do wonders for your tech career.

PostgreSQL skills are beneficial in data science, software engineering, mobile development, and more. Coding bootcamps are the best way to learn PostgreSQL. If you want to get a lucrative job in tech, check out the best PostgreSQL bootcamps of 2021.

What Are the Best PostgreSQL Bootcamps in 2021?

The best PostgreSQL bootcamps can be hard to find. There are several factors that go into finding the best bootcamp for you. You should look at reviews, curriculum, quality, financing options, and career support services.

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Read below for a list of the best PostgreSQL bootcamps of 2021.

Code Fellows is a great option for anyone interested in software development. The school offers courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. For those looking to learn PostgreSQL, you should try the Code 301: Intermediate Software Development course. This course covers PostgreSQL, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.

The tuition at Code Fellows ranges from $99 to $12,000. The school is perfect for busy individuals with a full-time schedule, as it provides ample weekend, self-paced, and night classes. Graduates of Code Fellows work at companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Nike. A whopping 93 percent of the school’s graduates have secured employment.

If you want to build a career in software engineering, Codesmith coding programs are a great option. The school offers software engineering courses that cover full stack concepts and languages. You can learn JavaScript, Node, PostgreSQL, and React. Codesmith also has free computer science prep courses for anyone with basic to intermediate skills.

Codesmith course prices range from anywhere between $325 to $19,350. This school only accepts about five percent of its applicants, so you should put your best foot forward. Over 80 percent of Codesmith graduates secure a job within 180 days of graduation. Alumni work across several industries and at tech firms such as Amazon and Google.

Coding Dojo is a popular data science and software development coding bootcamp. The school can teach you everything you need to know in 12 to 14 weeks. You can learn Python, Pandas, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, machine learning, and more. Coding Dojo also offers lifetime career services including resume feedback, interview prep, and career advice.

Courses at Coding Dojo can cost anywhere between $15,995 to $4,995. You can choose from a diverse pool of payment options, including monthly installments, loans financing, scholarships, and income share agreements. Coding Dojo alumni work at Microsoft, IBM, and Disney. The school boasts that 89 percent of its graduates get a job within six months of graduation.

DigitalCrafts is an online and in-person software development coding bootcamp. The courses here primarily teach web development and full stack technologies. You will learn how to build applications from scratch with CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, JSON, and many more skills. DigitalCrafts also offers career services like interview prep resume critique.

The school offers full-time and part-time flex courses priced between $9,950 to $14,950. It also has a scholarship fund of $1,000,000 for underrepresented communities and students with interesting life stories. You can also use your VET TEC or GI Bill benefits. DigitalCrafts reports that 80 percent of its graduates get a job within 180 days of graduation.

Fullstack Academy offers courses about full stack development, software engineering, and cyber security. To learn PostgreSQL, you should enroll in the software engineering immersive flagship course. The course focuses on JavaScript and covers PostgreSQL, Node.js, among many other web technologies.

The tuition fees vary and are priced anywhere between $0 to $17,910. You can opt for loan financing, upfront payment, or an early enrollment payment plan. The school also offers scholarship opportunities for LGBTQ+ communities and women in tech. Many Fullstack Academy graduates have found jobs at big companies such as Google, CNN, and Spotify.

LearningFuze is a coding bootcamp that covers data science, UX/UI design, and web development. The courses cover everything from web design to PostgreSQL. Everyone, regardless of coding background, is welcome to apply for these courses. If you’re a complete beginner, you can enroll in a prep course.

You can pay anywhere between $95 to $13,995 for a LearningFuze course. The school provides several financing options such as deferred payments, private loans, and hybrid payment plans. LearningFuze also includes career support services along with its technical training program. The school has not released an official job placement rate, but reports that 431 graduates have found rewarding careers.

Noble Desktop’s coding programs cover a wide range of technical fields including web design, programming, and digital marketing. You can learn JavaScript, machine learning, Python, Django, and more. The school’s SQL online or NYC-based course is a great option to learn PostgreSQL in depth.

The tuition varies depending on the courses and costs anywhere between $325 to $9,995. Although Noble Desktop does not offer career services, alumni are still employed at great companies. These include JP Morgan and Minds + Assembly. If you care more about skills than career services, Noble Desktop is a great bootcamp option for you.

What Is a PostgreSQL Bootcamp?

A PostgreSQL Bootcamp is an immersive technical training program. It can equip you with industry-relevant skills within a short time frame. You can enroll in a bootcamp about data analytics, business intelligence, PostgreSQL, or any other skill. The programs include hands-on training, career support services, and interactive lectures.

Coding bootcamps are a great alternative to a four-year university degree program. They are less expensive and require less time commitment. Bootcamp certifications provide you with a similar outcome as a university degree. Many bootcamps provide job guarantees and offer direct access to industry professionals and networking opportunities.

How Much Do PostgreSQL Bootcamp Programs Cost?

PostgreSQL bootcamp programs can vary according to the school, schedule, and delivery method. Most PostgreSQL bootcamps usually also include other tech subjects. A PostgreSQL bootcamp can cost anywhere from $915 or $17,910. These prices are subject to change. If you can’t afford upfront payment, you can opt for financing options.

You can pay your bootcamp tuition using income share agreements, loans, installments, and deferred payment plans. With an ISA, you don’t have to pay tuition until you get a job in the field. Most bootcamps also offer scholarship opportunities for women in tech, underrepresented communities, and more. You can also pay with your VET TEC and GI Bill benefits.

Are PostgreSQL Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, PostgreSQL bootcamps are worth it. Having PostgreSQL skills will help you stand out among your competitors. This is a popular relational database that most companies use every day. With PostgreSQL, you can get a great job in tech.

Depending on your career interests, you can attend a coding bootcamp that teaches PostgreSQL in specific tech fields. Software development, database administration, software engineering, and programming all use this tool. Enhance your portfolio and technical toolbelt by learning PostgreSQL.

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