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A person working on a data presentation. Data Analytics vs Data Science

Data Analytics vs Data Science: Which Is Better For You?

The terms data science and data analytics are commonly used interchangeably, likewise the occupations. However, they both refer to different things.  A data scientist cannot be referred to as a data analyst or vice versa. This article will highlight the key differences between data science versus data analysis. It will also guide you on how to start

Two students working on homework at a table What Is a High School Equivalency?

High School Equivalency Diploma: What Is It, Why It Matters, and How to Get Yours

High school equivalency is an alternative option to a high school diploma. High school equivalency tests are considered an equal standard to a high school diploma and can be useful for gaining employment. Someone who has passed a high school equivalency test can also start their post-secondary training or education.   High school equivalency testing options are generally used

Three students in a discussion in front of a laptop. LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

LGBTQ+ Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

There are great LGBTQ+ coding bootcamp scholarships for aspiring students who want to make a career in tech. Tech companies want scholarship recipients to find success in the field of their choice. Scholarships are a way to include a greater range of people in the tech industry. The scholarships below are available to non-binary individuals, queer women, self-identifying

A woman typing on her laptop. Jobs for Career Change

10 Best Jobs for a Career Change

A career change is something that many people consider. Whether it's the pursuit of a salary increase, career satisfaction, or a more flexible job, you might be thinking about quitting your current career and looking for something more. There are many lucrative career fields with a high annual salary that can give you more satisfaction. If you’re thinking

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