The Best MySQL Bootcamps of 2021

Tech schools all over the United States are vying for the title of best MySQL bootcamp. Most applications today use MySQL, a relational database management system that works with structured query language (SQL) to amass, recover, and preserve data in dynamic pages. Companies everywhere rely on MySQL to manage large amounts of information.

Any business with an online presence needs someone to manage its datasets using MySQL or MongoDB. To learn MySQL and qualify for one of these jobs, you need to find the right bootcamp.

What Are the Best MySQL Bootcamps in 2021?

MySQL can be taught as part of a bootcamp program on coding, full stack web development, or software engineering, but usually not as its own course. Even without focusing squarely on MySQL, however, many programming courses still confer a lot of valuable knowledge about the database management system.

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Below are the best MySQL bootcamps to help you hone your MySQL skills in 2021.

For an Ivy League bootcamp experience in New York City, try Columbia Engineering Boot Camps. Among the options is a coding curriculum where you can improve your skills in MySQL. Other topics like HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and MongoDB are also covered. The tuition for a full-time course is $13,995 and $13,495 for part-time.

Getting into a Columbia Boot Camp is about as hard as you would expect for a program with an Ivy League pedigree. After you submit an application form, you’ll be interviewed by the admissions committee. Assuming that you perform well on the interview, the next step will be a multiple-choice test to assess your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

If you’ve heard of NodeAdmin, you might be surprised to learn that it was designed by Hack Reactor’s students for MySQL. Hack Reactor implements project-based and pair-programming learning methods to deliver high-quality education to aspiring software engineers.

The immersive software engineering course lasts 12 weeks on a full-time schedule. If you opt for part-time, the whole thing will take about nine months. Either way, you’ll learn MySQL, as well as AngularJS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, React.js, and Express.js. Apart from the scheduled classes, you need to set aside 80 to 100 hours for the course’s prework.

Hack Reactor is notorious for its low admission rate of three percent, but you get three chances to apply. Instead of an interview, you’ll be subjected to a technical assessment. If you pass, you can pay the $17,890 tuition upfront, or choose from one of several financing options. The tuition is the same whether you choose a full-time or part-time schedule.

At Ironhack, you’ll learn about cutting-edge techniques in data analytics, explore how to make data-driven decisions, and deal with real datasets. Students at Ironhack learn by creating their own projects. All courses cost $12,000.

MySQL is part of Ironhack’s 60-hour preparatory course for its data analytics bootcamp. This bootcamp is for recent graduates, individuals looking for a new career, or those who want to add to their current skillsets.

After the prep course, you’ll study data wrangling, cleaning, web scraping, and then APIs. The first module focuses on building intermediate Git, Python, and SQL skills. After creating a novel dataset of your own, you’ll move on to the advanced data analytics module. Finally, you’ll learn the fundamentals of machine learning and create a capstone project for your portfolio.

If you have a flair for coding and data analytics, check out Johns Hopkins’s coding bootcamp. For $10,995, you’ll spend 24 weeks learning MySQL and MongoDB, as well as Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services. To upgrade your learning even further, check out continuing education in the web development track.

If you do the data analytics program instead, you’ll study Tableau, Excel, Python, R, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, API Interaction, SQL, Git and GitHub, statistics, machine learning, and more.

A coding bootcamp at UPenn will teach you how to become a full stack web developer in 12 to 24 weeks. Through pair programming activities, you will learn MySQL, HTML, React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, and CSS. In the data analytics program, you’ll be trained in Python, SQL, databases, and front end development. The tuition ranges from $12,495 to $13,495.

These programs are an extension of the University of Pennsylvania, but you don’t need to be affiliated with the university to enroll. If you’re unsure about what big data engineers or machine learning engineers do, Penn LPS will set you in the right direction.

San Diego Code School has a year-long apprenticeship program where you get paid while learning to code. Most of the courses are related to software development. The whole program costs $2,499 for eight weeks of classes.

In the school’s beginner-friendly DB 100 course, you can learn data manipulation, the fundamentals of relational databases, and how to build MySQL databases in just 15 hours. This is the closest thing you’ll get to a specialized program for MySQL.

The coding program at SMU Boot Camps offers a well-researched curriculum for full stack software engineering. The full-time option takes three months, costs $11,995, and is divided into three phases.

In phase one, students drill down on the fundamentals of the front end programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your MySQL training comes in phase two, which is devoted to technical backend web development tools. In the final phase, you’ll be assessed based on how well you learned the material from the first two phases.

If you are looking for broader applications of SQL, you can choose to enroll in the fintech program, which costs $12,495. Finance, fundamentals of programming, data analysis, cryptocurrency, and blockchain are among the topics covered in this curriculum.

Softstack Factory offers courses on web development and data science, both of which tackle MySQL. The web development course takes 24 weeks to complete and is divided into four parts: introduction to programming, MEAN stack, Ionic framework, and a team project. if you have experience in any of these topics, you can skip it and choose a different one.

The complete program costs only $750. Each part of the program costs either $125 or $250, so individual pieces are easy to retake.

SoftStack is the cheapest bootcamp on this list. It uses a donation model to keep costs down. Before 2021, every student was required to attend in-person classes. However, as of this writing, the school only offers online classes due to COVID-19.

UC Berkeley has bootcamps for learning data analytics, digital marketing, product management, coding, UX and UI design, cyber security, and fintech. If you’re looking for short-term courses, UC Berkeley is a great option.

MySQL is included in the UC Berkeley Coding Boot Camp curriculum along with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and React.js. You’ll be equipped with skills necessary for both front end and backend web development.

The coding program runs for 12 weeks if you enroll full-time. It will take 24 weeks to complete if you prefer the part-time schedule. Either way, the program costs $12,495. You can take the precourse tutorials if you have no prior experience in the field.

Trilogy Education has partnered with UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps to help students build careers in data science, cyber security, or software development. Here you can experience practice-oriented education, get access to updated curricula, and enjoy top-notch employer and career support.

In its data science program, you can learn how to use R programming, Python, PostgreSQL, and HTML. Database development tools such as MySQL and MongoDB, meanwhile, are part of the full stack web development course. The full-time web development course costs $12,495 and the part-time course is $10,995.

What Is a MySQL Bootcamp?

There aren’t specific bootcamps for MySQL. If you intend to explore this relational database management system, your best investment would be to enroll in bootcamps that offer MySQL as part of their coding, web development, or software engineering courses.

In the field of data science, MySQL is used to collect, sort, clean, analyze, and visualize data. If you’re looking for opportunities to build these skills, joining a bootcamp will get you on the right track. Some bootcamps even guarantee a job after you complete the program.

How Much Do MySQL Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Learning MySQL at a bootcamp can cost you between $750 and $17,980, depending on which one you choose. Part-time courses are usually less, but some bootcamps offer them at the same price as full-time courses.

Are MySQL Bootcamps Worth It?

Currently, there are no bootcamps that offer dedicated MySQL courses. The reason is that MySQL is more intuitive to navigate if you learn it in conjunction with JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, React.js, and HTML, to name a few related technologies.

Online resources may be more efficient for self-study, but bootcamps offer you hands-on experience dealing with MySQL, which no self-help guide can provide. The world of data is growing all the time. If you don’t want this world to pass you by, a MySQL bootcamp will be worth your time.

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