Best Perl Bootcamps

The Best Perl Bootcamps of 2021

It may not be as popular as JavaScript or Python, but Perl is one of the most-used scripting languages among big tech companies today. To learn Perl, you might have to do more than complete a simple programming course and perhaps enroll in an onsite or online coding bootcamp. In this article, we give you a list of the best Perl bootcamps today.

We’ll cover all the aspects you’ll need to know as you identify which Perl bootcamp best suits your learning needs and resources. Read on to find out the best training programs to hone your fluency in this general-purpose programming language.

What Are the Best Perl Bootcamps in 2021?

It can be difficult to find coding bootcamps that focus on teaching a specific language other than HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. That’s why we have done all the hard work for you. The following list includes Coding Dojo, Thinkful, and General Assembly and the Perl training programs they have to offer.

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Byte Academy is a New York-based coding bootcamp offering programs in full stack Python development and data science. Each program can be taken full-time or part-time and are currently offered in a remote-only format due to COVID-19.

To learn Perl, we recommend enrolling in the data science program. This program will not only help teach you how to become a data scientist. It will also teach you how to use various programming languages, such as Perl, for object-oriented programming.

The program itself costs $14,950, which can be paid upfront or via an income share agreement (ISA). Though the program requires you to attend live-remote classes, it is primarily a self-paced course, allowing you a bit of freedom when you study.

At Coding Dojo, you can enroll in a full-time or part-time software development course or a part-time data science course. The part-time courses at Coding Dojo cost anywhere from $4,995 to $7,995 each, while the full-time courses cost $15,745.

Though neither of Coding Dojo’s programs is specifically for teaching Perl programming, the bootcamp strives to cover end-to-end programming. This means you will learn the fundamentals of languages such as JavaScript, HTML, Perl, and even C++.

Coding Dojo’s software development program begins with the fundamentals of web development, followed by three separate coding stacks. This program is best for a career path in front end development, full-stack development, or mobile development.

In the data science course, there’s a stronger emphasis on learning a wide range of hands-on skills necessary for data analysis, data science, and machine learning.

As its name implies, Data Science Dojo is a data science bootcamp dedicated to preparing students for data science and related careers. The bootcamp offers three programs. First is the Data Science Bootcamp, a 16-week program that encompasses data science at large.

Next is Python for Data Science, a program that focuses on the practical applications of the Python programming language in data science. The third program is the Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders, which highlights a business-first approach to data science. Both courses only last five days, requiring three hours of work per day.

Data Science Dojo also has the Data Science Practicum, a data science training and internship program where you get to work as a data science trainee at the bootcamp. The program offers 10 career tracks, each of which focuses on different data analyst roles for fields like product management, digital marketing, and sales.

The programs at Data Science Dojo teach different approaches to data science. However, all programs touch on the best programming languages for data science processes, including Perl, R, and Python.

Developer Bootcamp logo

Developer Bootcamp

At Developer Bootcamp, you can enroll in either a self-paced Perl scripting course or any immersive bootcamp program in web development, mobile app development, and other programming fields.

In the Perl scripting course, you spend approximately 28 hours studying Perl from all angles. You begin with an introductory lesson before delving into a project-based curriculum designed to transform you into an expert Perl programmer in no time.

The immersive bootcamp programs, meanwhile, focus on other fields such as web development, mobile app development, Python programming, and Java programming, to name a few. The cost of an immersive program varies by the number of courses you choose to take for that program.

Geekuni logo


Geekuni is a lesser-known coding bootcamp, offering two courses in web development and Perl essentials. Although both teach programming skills, the best course for learning Perl is, quite obviously, the Perl essentials course.

While not required, Geekuni recommends students have a basic understanding of the Bash command-line before enrolling in the program.

Pricing for these programs ranges from $240 to $495 depending on the type of program you enroll in. For the basic program, including only the course curriculum, you only pay $240. If you want a certificate for professional use, you’re looking at a $495 tab.

General Assembly offers four part-time courses, four self-paced courses, and 11 full-time courses in data science, data analytics, software engineering, and even user experience design.

To learn Perl, we recommend checking out the software engineering course. It can be taken part-time and full-time and available in-person at any of General Assembly’s many locations around the world, as well as online.

You will learn the necessary skills to become a software engineer, as well as hone your fluency in important programming and scripting languages such as Perl, Python, and JavaScript. Both software engineering programs cost $14,950, payable upfront, in monthly installments, through private loans, or with a scholarship.

The Springboard coding bootcamp offers immersive courses that are designed to make students ready for specific tech-related careers. Currently, the data-related programs offered specialize in data analytics, data science, machine learning engineering, and data engineering. There are also programs in design, coding, and cyber security.

To learn Perl, we recommend applying to Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track. The program lasts around nine months and requires at least 15 to 20 hours of studying each week. During the program, you will focus heavily on front-end development and will learn various languages such as Python, Flask, SQL, and Perl.

The course is taught in a one-on-one learning environment with a mentor who is an expert in the field. This allows you to request a heavier focus on areas you want to learn in-depth, such as Perl.

Attendance costs $8,500 if you pay the tuition upfront or up to $13,600 if you choose a payment plan. Other payment options include a deferred tuition plan and a loan offered by Climb Credit.

Thinkful offers seven immersive programs, two of which are data-related. To learn Perl, we have found the software engineering course to be the best option. This course is offered both full-time and part-time and is designed to prepare you for a career in software development.

While enrolled in the program, you will spend five to six months learning all about software development, web fundamentals, and the most up-to-date technologies and languages. Some of the languages you will study include JavaScript, Python, React, and Perl.

The full-time program comes at an upfront cost of $16,000, while the part-time program only costs $7,900. If you can’t pay out of pocket, you can choose to set up a monthly installment plan, a deferred tuition plan, or take out private loans to help finance your education.

What Is a Perl Bootcamp?

A Perl bootcamp is a school that provides an accelerated pathway to learning how to code in Perl. It can be difficult to find coding bootcamps made to only teach one programming language. So, the bootcamps considered to be Perl bootcamps are often data science bootcamps or web development bootcamps that simply teach Perl as part of the curriculum.

How Much Do Perl Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The cost of attendance for Perl bootcamp programs can vary drastically by the institution. However, it’s worth noting that coding bootcamp costs follow some patterns. Typically speaking, part-time programs cost less than full-time programs while onsite programs cost more than online programs.

Perl bootcamps are not all that different from other coding bootcamps when it comes to cost. Out of the best Perl bootcamps listed above, the cheapest stands at $4,995 while the most expensive stands at $16,000.

Though the prices may seem high at first glance, these are offset by a variety of services that you can avail of. These include several financing options as well as career services to help you secure a job post-program.

Are Perl Bootcamps Worth It?

It can be tough determining if a bootcamp is worth your time and money or not, especially if you have never attended one before. While we can’t decide for you, we can certainly help.

If you are the type of person who can learn well on your own, without any instructors or lesson plans, Perl is a language you can likely teach yourself. It may just require extreme focus and excellent time management skills.

But if you have never tried to teach yourself before or you have and found yourself struggling, attending one of the best Perl bootcamps is definitely worth it. You’ll be able to learn from professionals, with peers, and in a structured setting.

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