Best REST Bootcamps

The Best REST Bootcamps of 2021

Representational State Transfer, or simply REST, is an architectural style of web services known for its ability to separate the commands of the client and the server. To better understand how it works and become more adept with it, we give you a list of the best REST bootcamps that are worth checking out.

Web applications consist of two primary structural components that make them functional: the client side and the server side. While the application programming interface (API) acts as the connector between the two, they need REST to properly separate the commands that are meant for the other.

Doing so prevents any risk of “confusing” the system and ensures that both client and server sides can function seamlessly. Think of REST as a way to distribute the workload within a group and making sure that tasks do not overlap. If that sounds like something you’d want to know more of, read on to find out where you can learn to use REST to its full potential.

What Are the Best REST Bootcamps in 2021?

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To learn REST is to learn full stack web development. By the same logic, to determine the best REST bootcamps is to identify the best full stack web development bootcamps. Below are several of the coding bootcamps that made it in our list. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following currently function as fully online coding bootcamps.

BrainStation’s web development program is a gateway to learning about REST and how it works. This immersive program equips you with core programming skills in as short as 12 weeks. Beyond learning how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you also undergo training for building web servers and managing databases.

Part of the web development program is immersing yourself in both the front-end and back-end frameworks. To master the former, you’ll be building dynamic web pages and high-quality user interfaces. To learn backend development, you’ll be developing servers, custom APIs, and static websites.

BrainStation’s web development program costs around $15,000. Classes are held online and open to a limited number of students to ensure that students receive adequate attention from their mentors.

CareerFoundry offers a flexible online course on full stack web development. In seven months, you will have the necessary skills that can put you at an advantage among a pool of web developers. In this program, expect to learn about the processes and tools of the trade, from server-side programming and Node.js to client-side programming and React.

This program opens with the fundamentals of front end web development, namely HTML and CSS. As early as the introduction phase, you already get to build your website. After this, you go through the immersion phase where you will dive deep into learning REST and the entire web server framework.

The tuition fee costs $6,900, payable upfront or in monthly installments. This covers not just the academic program but also the job placement program, which you’ll be benefiting from for six months from your graduation date. The program covers expert career coaching and other career services designed to help you in your job search.

A bonus: students who don’t land a web developer job after the six-month runway will be eligible for a money-back guarantee or a tuition refund.

Code Fellows offers a list of software development courses that can be taken in sequence, depending on your mastery level. The courses fall under five categories that begin with beginner-level courses. These courses typically last a day, during which you are introduced to the fundamentals of software development.

From here on, you will dive deeper into more advanced software development topics until you become proficient with building web apps using cutting-edge tools and frameworks. The software development program may cost as much as $23,000 if you intend to take as many courses as possible.

Code Fellows currently conducts live remote sessions for its students in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DigitalCrafts offers a web development bootcamp program that can be taken full-time or part-time depending on your availability. This immersive program covers both front-end and back-end web development with a focus on Python, which is also used in data science and data analytics.

Also covered in its high-level curriculum are lessons on today’s cutting-edge technologies, including REST, React.js, and Express.js. To ensure efficient instruction, cohorts are limited to 17 to 18 students. Each student also receives career support post-program.

The program, when taken full-time, costs $14,950 while its part-time schedule costs $9,950.

Tech Academy’s Software Developer Bootcamp Program could be the one you are looking for to learn more about REST. This is one of Tech Academy’s most comprehensive programs, featuring nearly 1,000 hours of coursework.

The program covers both front end and backend concepts, including discussions on programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and Python. You also get to try your hand at project management methodologies like Agile and Scrum.

Depending on how much time you can commit, you can take the program full-time for 22 weeks or part-time for 40 weeks. These cost $18,640 and $26,640, respectively.

Tech Elevator logo

Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator offers an online coding and career prep bootcamp program that covers everything from an introduction to programming up to projects and exercises that will see you creating your own application. Within this program, you will acquire skills in coding Java, C#, and SQL.

The curriculum dedicates a week to building APIs, during which you can expect to learn more about REST and the inner workings of data and command exchange. Expect to pay $15,500 for the program. This will also cover the career prep program where you’ll receive personalized career coaching sessions and participate in weekly career prep workshops.

What Is a REST Bootcamp?

A REST bootcamp is an alternative learning path for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of REST and why it matters. Because REST is crucial to boosting a development team’s productivity, learning how to use it is an excellent way to increase your value in the job market.

To do so, we recommend checking out bootcamps that offer the best full stack software development programs as listed above. These programs will equip you with the skills necessary to use REST and the other cutting-edge technologies used in the current software development field.

Bootcamp programs are faster to finish due to their comprehensive yet compressed curriculum. The majority of coding bootcamps also provide career services should you need help landing a job.

How Much Do REST Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The tuition cost for REST bootcamp programs varies from around $7,000 up to $23,000. The amount depends on the components of the program, the schedule you choose, and the payment options available.

You can finance your tuition through different payment schemes, from installment plans, deferred tuition plans, student loans, and income share agreements. Finally, scholarships are available for certain demographics like women, members of underrepresented communities, persons with disabilities, military veterans, and academic achievers.

Are REST Bootcamps Worth It?

Enrolling in a REST bootcamp is worth your time if you want to deepen your understanding of this architectural style. REST bootcamps widen your skills in creating web applications with good systems.

The ever-growing digital world requires web developers to elevate their skills every few years. Mastering REST is one of the ways to do so. If that’s not enough of an incentive, consider this: Web developers and web designers earn as much as $73,760 on average per year, with employment expected to grow by eight percent by 2029.

This means that a lot of opportunities await individuals who are well-versed in the skills, tools, and technologies necessary in software development.

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