Best Data Visualization Bootcamps

The Best Data Visualization Bootcamps of 2021

Picture thousands of rows of data on a spreadsheet. Now, imagine trying to weave a story out of it. To a casual reader, that may seem like an impossible task. To a data scientist, the key is in data visualization.

In this article, we’ll help you learn how to tell a story behind massive amounts of data by giving you a rundown of the best data visualization bootcamps today.

What Are the Best Data Visualization Bootcamps in 2021?

Data visualization is an essential step in data science process. Contrary to what you may know, data visualization is more than just creating pretty visual aids in the form of charts, graphs, infographics, and tables.

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It’s also about getting an accurate picture of the data that we’re given and determining relevant patterns, trends, and outliers. Master the process through one of the best data visualization bootcamps listed below.

BrainStation offers three programs that discuss data visualization at length. One is the Data Science Bootcamp, a full-time, 12-week immersive program that can be taken online. The last two are the Data Analytics Course and the Data Science Course, both of which are part-time courses that can be completed in 10 weeks.

All three programs teach you how to generate compelling data visualization with tools like Tableau and Python libraries. However, if you want a more immersive and hands-on learning experience, we recommend pursuing BrainStation’s Data Science Bootcamp.
The bootcamp program covers not just the data fundamentals but also machine learning techniques and big data fundamentals. Completion of the program thus sets you up for a career as a professional data analyst or data scientist.

Tuition for the part-time online courses stands at $3,250 while the immersive bootcamp program costs $15,000. While there’s a significant difference between the prices, remember that the part-time courses only cover the fundamentals of data analytics and data science. The immersive program, meanwhile, offers a more comprehensive curriculum and career services to help you land a job post-program.

CareerFoundry offers a data analytics course designed to transform you into a professional data analyst in just eight months. The curriculum is divided into two stages: the Intro to Data Analytics and Data Immersion. The introductory phase sets you up for the skills you’ll need to prepare and analyze data.

After this, you move onto the immersion stage where you learn more advanced data analytics concepts like querying databases using SQL, analyzing data with Python, and performing data mining techniques. Most importantly, students also get to explore the different types of data visualizations and the design principles that you must keep in mind when creating them.

The course costs $6,900, payable upfront (with a five percent discount) or in monthly installments. Included in the tuition fee is a menu of career services, including one-on-one talks with a career coach, to guide you through the job-search process post-program.

CareerFoundry also offers a job guarantee where eligible graduates receive their money back if they don’t land a job within six months from graduation.

Coding Dojo’s part-time data science bootcamp program dives deep into the core concepts of data science and machine learning, with a focus on Python. The program opens with a discussion on the application of Python for data science. You’ll then move onto data modeling, machine learning, database management, and deep learning frameworks.

The tools and technologies you’ll use in this course include NumPy, Google Collaboratory, Pandas, Seaborn, and Matplotlib. The last three are essential for building data visualizations and will be used as you study storytelling techniques and data visualization practices.

The course costs $4,745 with a $250 discount if paid upfront. Coding Dojo also offers two other payment options: an installment plan and a student loan. Both options require a $1,000 deposit.

A household name in the coding bootcamp industry, Flatiron School offers an immersive data science program that can be taken online or onsite in five cities across the United States. Lasting 15 weeks, the program covers the core concepts in data science, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Expect to learn about data visualization during the first three weeks of the program. You’ll also learn how to use tools like Matplotlib or Seaborn to present actionable insights. The program does not hold out on intensity so only enroll in the program if you can devote 60 hours per week to the program.

The program costs $16,900 if paid upfront. You can also finance your education with a loan through Ascent Funding or Climb Credit. Note that both payment options require a $500 deposit.

General Assembly offers a full-time data science immersive program and two part-time courses in data science and data analytics. The Data Science Immersive lasts 12 weeks, during which you cover the data science fundamentals and perform exploratory data analysis. You also learn more about classical statistical modeling as well as how machine learning models work.

The part-time courses, meanwhile, last 10 weeks. While the schedules may vary, all programs teach students how to create smart data visualizations from raw data and tell a compelling story to their target audience.

To attend the full-time immersive program, expect to pay $15,950. The part-time courses are significantly cheaper at $3,950. All programs come with flexible financing options. Note that the immersive program, while more expensive, offers more robust training in data science as well as much-needed job placement support to help you land a job post-program.

Ironhack’s data analytics program is designed to equip you with the skills you’ll need to become a data analyst. The program opens with 60 hours of data pre-work where you familiarize yourself with the command line, Git, Python, MySQL, and statistical analysis.

After this, you must complete three immersive modules, each of which are designed to take your data analytics skills to the professional level. Discussions of data visualization are covered in the second module. You’ll learn how to analyze real-world data and present your insights with a compelling story backed by smart visualizations.

Ironhack also trains students on business intelligence and presentation techniques. This program comes in a part-time, six-month schedule and a full-time, three-month schedule. Students are also expected to complete a final project, after which they receive career guidance to successfully start their data analyst career.

Le Wagon logo

Le Wagon

Le Wagon’s data science bootcamp program covers data science from end to end. After completing 40 hours of prep work, expect to learn about a variety of fields within data science. These include data analytics, decision science, machine learning, deep learning, and data engineering.

You’ll learn data visualization as early as the second week of the program. In particular, you’ll learn how to generate data visualizations using Python libraries like matplotlib and Seaborn.

This is quite an intensive program that will help you become a data scientist, data analyst, or even a data engineer. The course is available in full-time and part-time schedules, lasting nine weeks and 24 weeks, respectively.

Penn Boot Camps offers a data analysis and visualization program that teaches students the most essential elements of data collection, database programming, data analysis, and data visualization. Theory meets practice in this program as students collaborate to complete projects designed to instill some real-world experience.

Penn Boot Camps students learn how to implement data visualization with front end programming tools and techniques such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript charting, and dashboarding. The other topics and technologies covered in the course include SQL, Python, machine learning, Tableau, R programming, forecasting, and artificial intelligence with deep learning.

This program lasts 24 weeks on a part-time schedule and costs $13,245.

Springboard is known for offering competitive data science and data analytics career tracks. Both programs spend time teaching students the principles, techniques, and tools required to build data visualizations.

The data science program places more emphasis on software engineering for data science and other technical subjects. However, both courses will teach you how to use data visualization tools like Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.

The data science course costs $8,940, while the data analytics program costs $6,600. You may also receive a discount if you pay upfront.

Thinkful has a data analytics program that dives into the most essential fundamentals such as statistics, Excel foundations, Python, and data visualization. This course will also train you to query databases using SQL and Python.

This is the perfect program for those who want to become data analysts, data journalists, and business analysts. In this course, you’ll learn how to build effective dashboards and charts for data visualization by using tools like Microsoft Excel and Tableau.

You can either opt for the part-time schedule, which lasts six months, or the full-time schedule, which lasts four months. Either way, the program costs $12,250.

What Is a Data Visualization Bootcamp?

A data visualization bootcamp is an accelerated pathway to learning how to build data visualizations, which are then used to draw relevant insights from a given data set. Technically speaking, data visualization bootcamps are nothing more than data analytics or data science bootcamps. These teach students how to gather, clean, analyze, and present data so that stakeholders can make data-driven and informed decisions.

Bootcamps are short-term pathways to learning, usually lasting three to six months depending on the schedule that you choose. These data science and data analytics bootcamps prepare you for data-related entry-level roles like data scientists, data analysts, or data engineers.

How Much Do Data Visualization Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The average bootcamp cost, regardless of the specialization, ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. This can either be paid up front or through a range of financing options that include monthly installments, loans, and income share agreements.

You can also always apply for scholarships or use your GI Bill benefits, whenever applicable and available. All bootcamps have different payment options, so make sure to consult with their admissions teams to determine which option fits your resources.

Are Data Visualization Bootcamps Worth It?

If you’re considering building a career as a data analyst or a data scientist, then enrolling in a data visualization bootcamp is worth it. Data visualization serves as the bridge between simply observing data and critically analyzing it.

Raw data is simply a bunch of numbers and texts if you don’t know how to analyze them and translate them into actionable insights. Through data visualization, you can communicate the meaning of data to people who don’t necessarily have the technical expertise. It also allows the audience to draw insights of their own and make informed decisions from it.

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