Best Scala Bootcamps

The Best Scala Bootcamps of 2021

Are you thinking of becoming a data scientist? You should learn the popular general-purpose programming language, Scala.

Scala supports big data in the data science field. Data science uses Apache Spark, which is built with Scala. Its AI frameworks and tools can help you create statistical computing and natural language processing projects.

By learning this programming language, you improve your chances of getting hired at your dream tech job. Scala developers are always in demand.

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The best Scala bootcamps will help you gain career-oriented programming skills. Select any bootcamp listed below and start your tech career in 2021.

What Are the Best Scala Bootcamps in 2021?

The best Scala bootcamps in 2021 vary by course length, price, and location. It’s up to you to decide which will be best for your journey.

Enrolling in a bootcamp will cost you a lot less than a university degree, and you can learn Scala faster. These bootcamps will help you get job-ready in a matter of weeks.

DataCamp logo


Bootcamps like DataCamp can help you learn programming languages like R and Python, SQL, Scala, and many more. DataCamp’s Scala introductory course which only takes three hours. You’ll explore different uses of Scala for applications and engineering infrastructure. The course features 13 videos and 46 exercises to help you master the basics.

This course is a great choice for complete beginners. It can teach you everything you need to know in a short amount of time. With DataCamp courses, you can also branch out and become a machine learning engineer, data scientist, data engineer, statistician, or programmer.

Are you looking for an on-demand Scala class? You should sign up for General Assembly’s data science course. The 12-week course will help you learn Spark, which uses different programming interfaces like Scala, Python, Java, and R. Join over 80,000 General Assembly alumni by attending this full-time program.

General Assembly is one of the most popular coding bootcamps out there. It’s a good choice no matter what you want to learn. After you take the data science course, you can also explore other topics like software engineering, digital marketing, or UX design. After completing a General Assembly course, you will have unlimited tech professions at your feet.

Holberton School offers coding programs for aspiring software engineers. The school’s alumni work at companies like LinkedIn, Apple, Pinterest, Genentech, Google, Cisco, and IBM. Flexible tuition and project-based learning will help you land on your feet after graduation.

You can start by taking the foundational course to learn basic software engineering. After that, you can enroll in the machine learning program to learn Scala. You’ll learn about data structures, programming languages, APIs, DevOps, and databases. Holberton School is the perfect way to learn Scala and become more well-rounded in your field.

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Insight Fellows teaches courses on tech topics like AI, data engineering, and data science. The data science program lasts seven weeks and aims to bridge the gap between data scientists and academics. The course is only available if you have a doctoral degree. Even though this is an exclusive program, it’s worth it to apply if you’re eligible.

You will have the chance to find a job at Insight’s partner companies. The school works with hiring teams from Reddit, Airbnb, Facebook, Pinterest, Vectra, Square, and Wayfair, just to name a few. This is a great option if you’re career-oriented and excited to learn more after getting your doctoral degree.

Intense School logo

Intense School

Intense School offers a Scala training course for complete beginners. This is the perfect option if you don’t have any experience with Scala yet. This five-day course features the basics of Scala as a programming language. You will write modular code using Scala’s rich standard library. Intense School also has more advanced Scala programs.

You can take the self-paced course option, which is the most popular. You can also attend a live online class or an instructor-led online class depending on your preferred learning style. The school designed the course for people with Java experience. It is not a requirement, but it would help if you have basic knowledge.

Jedha logo


Do you want to become a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer? Sign up for a Jedha course to learn Scala and other essential data skills. In the two-week course, you will learn DevOps, big data engineering, Spark, and Scala. If you choose Jedha, don’t forget the prices are in euros.

Along with the lead data course, you can attend the data essentials or full stack data courses. You’ll learn Python, machine learning, deep learning, web development, and scaling. The online courses are available for students who want a more flexible learning schedule. Jedha offers exciting hands-on activities and lifetime access to the alumni community.

What Is a Scala Bootcamp?

A Scala bootcamp is a short-term training course that can teach you in-demand programming skills. You can become an expert in all things data when you enroll in one of these bootcamps. They combine industry-informed curriculum, experienced instructors, mentorship programs, and career services.

These courses, unlike most universities, will help you find a job after graduation. Bootcamps won’t cut the cord after you graduate. Take advantage of the career support or job guarantees to land a software developer job. Bootcamps are perfect for career-oriented learners.

How Much Do Scala Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Scala bootcamp tuition ranges from $1,300 to $30,000. You can choose to pay the tuition fee upfront if you can afford it. However, many bootcamp offer different financing options to make sure everyone can get an education. Make sure you explore your bootcamp’s options before settling for any mode of payment.

Many bootcamps offer scholarships for people who need extra help or underrepresented communities in tech. You can attend the Scala programs at a discounted rate. You can also see if your bootcamp offers income share agreements, deferred tuition, or loans to help you. In some cases, you don’t have to pay until you find a job in the field.

Are Scala Bootcamps Worth It?

Scala Bootcamps are worth it. Some free Scala courses are easy to find online, but don’t provide the same benefits as a bootcamp. Scala bootcamps revise their curricula regularly according to industry advice. Most bootcamps offer career services to help you get a job. You’ll be able to meet new people and network in the industry.

If you’re still working while you study, you can choose a flexible course option. This is a great way to upgrade your skills and get a promotion or an even better job. Data scientists earn an average salary of $113,000 per year, and Scala developers earn an average salary of $150,000 per year. If you want a great salary, a Scala bootcamp is definitely worth it.

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