Best Data Analytics Professional Certifications: 2021 List

Do you want to become a data analyst? Are you looking to boost your credentials in this area? We’ve researched the best data analytics certifications to help you advance in your career. In this article, you will find out why data analytics certifications are important and how they can impact your career pathway.

What’s Demand for Data Analytics Skills Like in 2021?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for operations research analysts will grow by 25 percent between 2019 and 2029. This is considerably higher than the national average. These professionals use mathematical and analytical skills to provide solutions for tech companies. They work in business, healthcare, finance, and logistics.

If you wish to learn data analytics, you will have the upper hand in the coming years as this profession continues to grow. More companies are seeking professionals with expertise in data analytics. If you earn a certification in data analysis, you can set yourself apart from other candidates.

Why Should I Invest in a Data Analytics Certification?

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Data analytics certifications can change your career trajectory. There are many reasons why you should invest in a data analytics certification. We compiled five key factors that can influence your decision to get certified.


Data analytics certifications provide professionals with the recognition they require amongst their colleagues or during the job search. Certifications are helpful for employers to recognize strong candidates.


Certifications showcase your skills and knowledge in data analytics. They demonstrate a mastery of data analytics processes, techniques, and practices. Employers utilize certifications to validate the skills listed on a resume.

Career Boost

Data analytics certifications can impact your career positively. When grouped with basic education, a degree, and work experience, a certification can give your resume a cutting edge. In addition, getting certified can help you find new job opportunities in the industry.

Career Pathway

Certifications are a great way to streamline your career objectives. These certifications are specific to different skillsets and knowledge. If you want to establish a clear pathway, you can look at the certifications available to build a career that suits your interests.

Personal Fulfillment

Getting certified will give you the academic satisfaction you need. Certifications are a great way to prove your data analytics capabilities to yourself and others. It’s also an excellent way to prove your level of commitment to standard data analytics practice.

Overview: The Best Data Analytics Certifications

Certification Cost Validity
Associate Certified Analytics Professional Standard Price: $300
Member Price: $200
3 Years
AWS Data Analytics Certification $300 3 Years
Certified Analytics Professional Standard Price: $695
Member Price: $495
3 Years
Cloudera Certified Associate, (CCA Data Analyst) $295 2 Years
Data Scientist – Advanced Data Analytics Associate Level Certification $234 2 Years
Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate $165 2 Years
Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate $165 2 Years
Microsoft Certifications: Data Management and Analytics $165 2 Years
Open Certified Data Scientist $360 2 Years
SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional $180 Does not expire

Top 10 Data Analytics Certifications

We have researched the best certifications for data analytics professionals. These certifications cover a variety of industry-related skills and knowledge.

Associate Certified Analytics Professional

Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) verifies a beginner’s ability in handling the entire data analysis process. To earn this certification, you must have at least a master’s degree and be proficient in data analytics. You must also agree to the data analytics code of ethics.

The certification exams will focus on major areas of data analytics. You should expect questions on business problem framing, analytics problem framing, data, methodology selection, model building, deployment, and lifecycle management. Once you familiarize yourself with these topics, you will be able to take the certification exams.

It’s helpful to take advantage of the platform’s endless resources. You can utilize sample test questions, study guides, and prep classes to prepare. You can ensure that you are exam-ready by seeking additional resources if needed.

AWS Data Analytics Certification

This is an excellent certification to prove your skills in designing, building, and maintaining analytics solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Data analysts rely on this certification to showcase their knowledge and skills in handling data lakes and analytical services. In addition, it provides expertise in retraining insight from big data.

To qualify for the certification exams, you must have at least five years of experience in data analytics technologies. You should also have two years of hands-on experience working with AWS. You should be able to build, secure, and maintain technologies on AWS. This will give you the proper foundation to do well in the exams.

To prepare effectively for the certification exams, you should go through the exam guide provided on the official website. This will give you plenty of insight into the test and the topics they prioritize.

Certified Analytics Professional

Earning the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification means you have achieved the basic standards as a data analytics professional. In addition, you have the education, experience, and skill level that leads to a successful career. It’s an excellent certification for beginners to help them earn entry-level positions.

Whether you want to showcase credibility, open up new job opportunities, or simply enhance your skills, the CAP certification will be useful. The platform features resources to help you prepare for the CAP certification exams. You will have access to study guides, practice exams, CAP handbooks, and CAP discussions to prepare for the certification exam.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA Data Analyst)

If you want to prove your skills in retrieving reports in the Cloudera environment using Hive and Impala, this is the certification for you. There are no prerequisites to earn this certification. You can earn this certification if you are an SQL developer, business intelligence specialist, data analyst, system architect, or database administrator.

In 120 minutes, you are expected to answer 12 performance-based questions. This exam tests your ability to come up with an optimal solution to solve problems. Once you submit your exam, you will receive results via email within three business days. If you are successful, you will receive another email containing the certification.

Data Scientist - Advanced Analytics Associate Level Certification

The Data Science Advanced Analytics Associate Level Certification proves your ability in handling big data and other data analytics projects. The main areas of focus for this certification are Hadoop, natural language processing, and visualization. The mastery of these skills enables data scientists to solve complex business problems.

Microsoft Certifications Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics

The MCSE Data Management and Analytics certification proves professionals’ ability to run a modern data center. In addition, this certification validates your ability in systems management, virtualization, and storage.

To earn this certification, you are required to pass three examinations. These exams include Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases, Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, and Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server. You can find learning resources online to help you prepare for the certification exams.

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

Businesses rely on business analysts to provide value through the data the company generates. These professionals design and build data models, transform and clean data, and present it through data virtualization. The Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate certification requires professionals to take one exam.

In the certification exam, you should expect to be tested on preparing, modeling, visualizing, and analyzing the data. The platform features a free online training program and a paid instructor-led prep program. You can select the training that best suits your learning style.

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate

To acquire this certification, you need extensive knowledge and expertise in data science and machine learning concepts. If you have mastered creating suitable environments for data science workloads on Azure, you will be prepared for the exams. You should also brush up on your skills in optimizing and deploying machine learning models.

The platform features two training options to help you prepare for the certification exams. You have access to a free online training program and an instructor-led training class. These training options will cover all the topics that might be featured in the exams.

Open Certified Data Scientist

If you are a data scientist, it is advisable to pursue the Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS) certification provided by Open Group. This is one of the most popular and most comprehensive certifications amongst data professionals. It validates professional ability to analyze and report reliable data for business use.

You will need to demonstrate your skills through peer interviews and panel applications. This certification does not feature any written exams or training courses. It is an excellent mechanism to demonstrate professional knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field of data science.

SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

Would you like to learn SAS and predictive modeling techniques for big data? This certification covers the basics of SAS to ensure you have valid skills to use in real-world setups. This certification demonstrates knowledge and skills in machine learning, time series forecasting, optimization techniques, and pattern detection.

To earn this certification, you must sit through three examinations. You must also complete three other SAS certifications before earning this certification. These certifications will provide the foundation to help you become a successful data analytics professional.

Choosing the Right Certification

Beginner and advanced data analysts may have a difficult time when it comes to selecting a suitable certification. There are factors to consider that will ensure you get the most out of a certification. Below are some suggestions to guide you in the decision process.

Experience Level

It is important to select a certification that aligns with the knowledge and skills you have. Most certifications feature prerequisites to provide professionals with an idea of what to expect. The exam topics can also give you a rough idea of the education and skills you need to pass the certification exams.


You should also consider the relevance of the certification to your career goals. This way, the certification will have a positive impact on your career. To determine relevance, you can check the job requirements of data science careers to find the certifications that are currently in demand.

Career Objective

Select a data analytics certification depending on what you want to achieve. You can determine the direction of your career by selecting the right certifications. Earning certifications that align with your career objectives allows you to advance in your job.

Preparing for Your Certification Exam

Preparing for Your Certification Exam

You will need to adequately prepare for your certification exams. Below, we provide training options to prepare for data analysis certifications.

Type of Resource: Book
Cost: $36

This study guide was written to help professionals get exam-ready. You will find practice exams, exam review courses, and online lab study guides. You will also find flashcards and a glossary of terms.

Great for:

  • Learning big data collection, storage, analysis, and virtualization
  • Leveraging tools for data analysis
  • Professionals who like online learning communities for revising
  • Understanding how to leverage AWS to design, build, secure, and maintain analytics solutions

Type of Resource: In-person and online course
Cost: Standard $3,695, Government $2,833

If you want an in-depth understanding of the security framework, you should consider Learning Tree’s trading course on CAP certification. There is an in-person and live training program to fit different schedules. Take a look at some of the benefits below.

Great for:

  • Learning how to implement a risk management framework
  • Conducting security control assessment
  • Documenting security controls

Type of Resource: Online course
Cost: $129.99

Udemy features two excellent courses covering the CCA certification exams. In addition, the platform’s curriculum is based on all possible exam questions. This means that this course will help you be exam-ready.

Great for:

  • Learning data integration using Sqoop
  • Mastering how to write queries for Apache Hive
  • Understanding how to use Impala to execute queries

Type of Resource: Book
Cost: $20

This book is meant to help professionals in the field build a solid foundation in Microsoft Azure. The 139-page book was published in January 2021, so it is up to date compared to other print resources.

Great for:

  • Learning how to implement data science and machine learning concepts on Azure
  • Creating a working environment for Azure
  • Design, deploy, and manage machine learning projects

Type of Resource: Online course
Cost: $13.99

This Udemy course provides professionals with an opportunity to train on data analysis and data virtualization. It features over seven hours of on-demand video, five articles, and 12 downloadable learning resources.

Great for:

  • Learning how to connect data
  • Transforming data sources
  • Creating data models
  • Building visualizations and providing career insight
Should I Pursue a Data Analytics Certification in 2021?

Should I Pursue a Data Analytics Certification in 2021?

Yes, you should pursue a data analytics certification in 2021. With the increase in the number of data analytics tools, there is a growing need for professionals with skills in data analytics. In addition, becoming a certified data analytics professional will set you apart from other candidates.

You should get certified if you are seeking a career change, advancement, or simply recognition. Earning a data analytics certification can help you achieve your career goals.

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