Best Excel Bootcamps

The Best Excel Bootcamps of 2021

Excel is a commonly used data science tool. It allows users to perform certain tasks like creating data visualization graphics, calculations, and statistics. This Microsoft spreadsheet includes a macro coding language used to organize and remove errors from coding. It’s called Visual Basic.

Learning how to use Microsoft is crucial for data science students. If you’re interested in studying Excel fundamentals, digest the following list. We’ve compiled some of the best Excel bootcamps in the data science field.

What Are the Best Excel Bootcamps in 2021?

Excel is usually a subject in most data science bootcamps. That’s why you probably won’t find an Excel-specific course with the characteristics of a bootcamp. However, many high-quality data analytics programs offer this subject. Below, you’ll see some of the most outstanding ones.

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BrainStation has two certification courses where you can learn Excel. They are Excel Training for Analysts and Data, and Data Analytics. The latter course covers all the foundational topics related to Microsoft Office Excel.

It’s an experiential program where you’ll learn how to use Pivot Tables to automate tasks. This skill will also allow you to perform more accurate and efficient analyses.

In this course, you’ll also be able to share your findings through data visualization in Excel. This program is currently held online, but the school has locations in London, New York, Toronto, Miami, and Vancouver.

Once it’s safe for everyone to return to in-person classes, this course will be available in those locations. This course costs $2,350, and it’s only available on a part-time schedule.

The Data Analytics Course is a complete one, and it includes other data science-related topics. You’ll learn about filtering and sorting data in large data sets, databases, and other tools like MySQL, Python, Tableau, and Excel.

CareerFoundry’s Data Analytics Program covers essential subjects like machine learning, statistics, forecasting, data visualization, and big data. It will also train you in other topics such as data mining and information security.

Microsoft Excel practices are also part of this program’s curriculum. CareerFoundry is known for its intensive career services. So, you’ll also receive coaching lessons to polish up your job search skills. The program is inspired by the industry’s latest trends and will give you tools that will make you resume stand out from the competition.

This is a 32-week course that costs $6,900. If you want to get familiar with the bigger concepts first, consider the Intro to Data Analytics Course. This option costs $690 and lasts for just four weeks.

Coding Temple offers a Full Stack Python + Data Science Bootcamp that also covers Excel foundations. During this 10-week online bootcamp, you will learn how to master Python and implement data analytics practices by using it. You’ll not only learn about this programming language but also others like HTML and CSS.

You will also study databases, dry code, libraries, and frameworks. This means you will graduate equipped with a strong mix of data science and programming skills. Although Coding Temple has several campuses, this bootcamp is online. The tuition fee is $10,000, but you’ll receive a $1,000 discount if you pay upfront.

General Assembly has two online programs that offer Microsoft Excel training. These are the Data Science Course and the Excel Bootcamp Workshop. The data science program will train you on data analysis fundamentals, as well as the basics of statistics.

You will also learn other advanced topics like machine learning and Python. This course is very complete and immersive. It comes in two schedules, part-time and full-time. This data science program will also teach you how to manage Excel data sets.

Although the school has many locations worldwide, it is currently offering only online courses due to COVID-19. However, once it is safe for everyone to return to in-person education, it will start implementing on-campus training. The tuition cost is $15,950.

Lighthouse Labs offers a Data Science Bootcamp that will train you to master tools like Tableau, Excel, and SQL. Students will learn how to find meaningful insights inside the data set, using linear regression and financial modeling. You’ll also study other concepts like machine learning and Python.

The full-time course runs for 12 weeks and costs $13,000. The bootcamp is usually available in-person in Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, and Victoria. However, all courses have been moved online since March 2020. It’s worth noting that there is one mentor per 8 students. So, you can be confident of getting top-notch teaching.

Metis offers a full-time Data Analytics Bootcamp that includes Excel learning. You will learn the tool’s foundational principles. This program also covers other topics like linear regression, machine learning, SQL, Python, and artificial intelligence.

The program lasts six weeks and costs $9,000. Even though the course is held online, it continues providing students with career services and guidance through their job search process. You will also hone your job search skills during a dedicated Career Week.

The Penn Data Analysis & Visualisation Boot Camp dives into advanced Excel concepts. After completing its classes, you’ll be able to perform statistical modeling, VBA scripting, pivot tables, forecasting, and more.

This virtual Penn Boot Camps program also digs into other topics like web visualization with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, databases, and Python. During the 24-week bootcamp, you will also be immersed in advanced concepts like Hadoop and machine learning.

At the end of the program, you’ll perform a final project to showcase your new skills based on everything you’ve learned. Students from the University of Pennsylvania receive a discount/scholarship to meet the $13.245 tuition fees. But the good news is that you don’t need to be part of the institution to join the bootcamp.

Rutgers Bootcamp logo

Rutgers Bootcamps

Rutgers Data Science Bootcamp will help you develop problem-solving skills by using data analysis. You will add a bunch of new skills to your tech toolkit. These include SQL, database administration, Python, Excel, modeling, forecasting, MySQL. You will also learn other programming languages like JavaScript and HTML for data visualization.

You will also study Tableau, API interactions, machine learning, and big data analysis in this program. Although it is a part-time course, you will need to be available for two weekday evenings and part of Saturday. It runs for 24 weeks and costs $12,245.

You don’t need to have prior experience to apply for this program. However, if you have a financial or statistics background, it might help you get through the admissions process. Although Rutgers Bootcamps has campuses in New Jersey, this course is currently only offered online.

Springboard is an online tech learning platform. With Springboard’s Data Science Bootcamp, you can become either a data scientist or a data engineer. The course combines the most fundamental principles of data science with software engineering.

In addition to learning about applying Excel to data science, you will get to grips with data wrangling and data analysis. You will also become adept in Python, advanced machine learning, and statistical inference. The tuition cost of the program is $8,940, and it comes in a full-time schedule.

Thinkful’s Data Analytics Online Bootcamp will give you strong Excel skills. This course has a module called Excel Foundations where you’ll learn how to execute data visualization graphics. Additionally, you’ll also study from beginner to advanced levels of data science principles such as Python, SQL, and machine learning.

Other topics you’ll learn in this course are descriptive and business analysis. This program will help you develop a career as a business analyst, financial analyst, data journalist, or marketing analyst.

You can either join the online platform’s part-time or full-time program, depending on your availability. Tuition for the part-time bootcamp is $6,500 and $12,250 for the full-time schedule. Thinkful has a job-guarantee refund. This is for the rare chance you don’t find a job within six months of graduating.

What Is an Excel Bootcamp?

A Microsoft Excel bootcamp is an immersive specialized program that teaches you basic and advanced practices to use in Excel. Most data analytics and data science courses include Excel in their curriculum.

However, if you already have data science foundations and only want to polish your Excel skills, you can attend a program at BrainStation or General Assembly.

Most of these courses have flexible schedules and financing methods. Therefore, it’s just a matter of choosing the one that best fits your needs.

How Much Do Excel Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Excel courses usually have a low price. Most of the specialized Excel programs cost around $3,500. However, it’s also important to take data science bootcamps into account since most of them offer Excel training. The average price of a data science/data analytics bootcamp runs from $7,000 to $17,000.

Remember that there are several ways to finance your bootcamp education. Some of the financing options offered by bootcamps are income share agreements, loans, and scholarships.

Are Excel Bootcamps Worth It?

Excel-specialized programs are short-term and inexpensive. They are perfect if you already have a reliable data science foundation but want to dive deeper into Excel practices.

However, since there aren’t many of those specialized programs, you may have to join a data science bootcamp instead. Data science programs usually provide you with a certification that opens many doors in your career, even if you don’t have a tech background.

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