Top Online Blockchain
Courses in 2021

Blockchain technology offers a safe and efficient way to store information. The concept of blockchain’s decentralized applications is seen by many as the future of financial services and more.

If you’re interested in becoming a blockchain developer, there are many online courses available to teach you the basic aspects of blockchain for businesses and different blockchain platforms. Some come with professional blockchain certifications. Read our guide to the best blockchain courses you can take online in 2021.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. It is a system that stores important transaction data across a computer network. You can think of blockchain as a decentralized accounting book that permanently records the details of each new transaction.

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A blockchain is a type of database. It stores information in specific blocks that are connected to each other. Once a fresh block of information is filled with data, a new block will be filled and must be linked or chained to the previous block.

Due to the decentralized aspect of blockchain, all information and data entered into blockchains becomes irreversible. It is permanent for everyone to see. This makes blockchain one of the most reliable databases. It is also difficult to hack blockchain systems.

Why Study Blockchain?

Studying blockchain will provide you great career opportunities, especially if you are interested in computer science and information technology.

Blockchain technology is increasingly used for financial transactions and other business needs. According to Statista, global spending on blockchain solutions technology is predicted to reach $6.6 billion as of 2021.

With the continued rise of blockchain for businesses, there is a growing need for blockchain professionals who can use and develop the technology. ZipRecruiter reports that the average salary of a blockchain developer is $154,550. States like New York, California, and Arkansas tend to pay blockchain experts more than other states.

What Do Blockchain Courses Cover?

Blockchain courses are designed to teach you the basic concepts of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and how to build your first blockchain. These courses typically introduce you to common public blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They may also show you private blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger.

You’ll need to also learn SQL and other basic programming languages, either before or as part of the course. These programming languages are commonly used in blockchain because it is a type of database.

Overview of the Best Online Blockchain Courses in 2021

Below is an overview of the best online blockchain courses in 2021. If you are looking for a course to learn new skills, refresh your knowledge, or prepare for an exam to earn a professional certificate, these courses can help. The prices have been taken from the schools’ websites and are subject to change.

Provider and Course Price Length Certificate
Coursera (Princeton University)
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
$39 to $89
per Month
23 Hours Yes
Blockchain A-Z: Learn How to Build Your
First Blockchain
$95 14.5 Hours Yes
Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
$95 3 Hours Yes
Stanford Online
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency:
What You Need to Know
$195 6 Hours Yes
MIT OpenCourseWare
Blockchain and Money
Free 29 Hours N/A
Coursera (University at Buffalo and State
University of New York)
Blockchain Specialization
$39 to $89
per Month
4 Months Yes
Blockchain Council
Certified Blockchain Developer
$129 8 Hours Yes
edX (The Linux Foundation)
Professional Certificate in Blockchain for Business
$313 to $348 6 Months Yes
edX (University of California – Berkeley)
Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals
$178 to $198 3 Months Yes
SimpliLearn (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain
$3,000 4 Months Yes
Top Blockchain Courses of 2021

Top Blockchain Courses of 2021

These popular blockchain courses will teach you the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the field. Some of the courses on the list are professional blockchain certifications if you want to earn a formal accreditation. Others can be considered as beginners or refresher courses.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Coursera

This course is offered by Princeton University through Coursera. It focuses on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The main goal is to give learners a solid understanding of what bitcoin is and understand how it works on a technical level.

The curriculum will address topics such as security, the rise and fall of bitcoin prices, and the regulation of cryptocurrencies. By learning the technology behind bitcoin, you will get a better idea of how blockchain protects your financial transactions.

Blockchain A-Z: Learn How to Build Your First Blockchain by Udemy

Udemy’s blockchain course is focused on the importance of blockchain and how to create one. You will learn the theory behind cryptocurrency and the associated transactions. You will also learn how to create your own cryptocurrency.

You will learn a multitude of blockchain technologies through this course. As well as cryptocurrency, this course will teach you how to create a smart contract. The smart contract is designed to automatically execute agreements digitally, only creating a contract once a transaction has been completed.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals by Udemy

This course by Udemy will introduce you to the fundamentals of blockchain and bitcoin. You will gain a strong understanding of blockchain technology. It will also make you familiar with common vocabulary and concepts of blockchain in the business context.

You will learn about alternative uses for blockchain technology. For example, the course also covers other cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. This course is suitable for beginners and has no prerequisites. It takes just 3 hours to complete.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know by Stanford Online

Led by the Stanford School of Engineering, this course on blockchain and cryptocurrency is intended to look into the future of the technology. The course is designed to uncover the rationale behind the craze, and discuss its use in different sectors.

It also deals with the advantages and possible challenges of completely transforming financial transactions digitally. This course does offer a certificate, but you first need to pass a final examination with a score of 85 percent or higher.

Blockchain and Money by MIT OpenCourseWare

This course is led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It focuses on how entrepreneurs and businesses utilize blockchain to revolutionize money and finance. The course helps students understand the use of bitcoin across different sectors.

The course delves into the potential evolution that blockchain technology can bring to commercial and technical industries. This course will also touch on how blockchain technology works with public policy. Finally, you’ll take part in an in-depth discussion on the blockchain applications currently used in the financial sector.

Blockchain Specialization by Coursera

The blockchain specialization course is a combined effort between the University at Buffalo and The State University of New York. This course covers the basics of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

In order to familiarize you with emerging technologies, the final lesson will be about blockchain platforms. You will learn more about the ecosystem that makes up blockchain technology. Specifically, this course will use Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure to analyze blockchains.

Certified Blockchain Developer by Blockchain Council

The Certified Blockchain Developer is a professional certification by Blockchain Council. This certification course covers everything you need to know to be a blockchain developer, from the basics to more challenging topics like blockchain architecture.

To earn the certification, you need to complete the training and pass an exam. Achieving this certificate will give you a strong competitive advantage as it proves your skills and knowledge of blockchain technology.

Professional Certificate in Blockchain for Business by edX

This professional certification in blockchain validates that you have the essential knowledge to use blockchain for business and enterprise. The program takes six months to complete. It is endorsed by Hyperledger, a leading private blockchain platform.

You will learn about distributed ledger technologies, which are essential for enterprises using blockchain. The program is divided in two courses. These cover the uses and implications of blockchain for businesses, as well as an introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies.

Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals by edX

Offered by the University of California Berkeley, this program provides an introduction to and an in-depth discussion of the fundamentals of blockchain technologies. Specifically, it covers blockchain solutions for enterprise and business needs. It teaches students about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The program is divided into two key courses. The first course deals with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It discusses smart contracts and other blockchain platforms. The second course focuses on blockchain technology and its role in finance and economics.

Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain by SimpliLearn

This program is offered by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur through SimpliLearn. Its setup is similar to an online boot camp. The program’s main goal is to give you insight into the real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Through this program, you will gain in-depth skills in using common blockchains technology platforms such as Ethereum and Hyperledger. There is also an elective to learn Java that you can take instead of enrolling in a separate Java boot camp. Java is one of the most common languages used in blockchain.

Choosing the Right Course

Choosing the Right Course

With so many courses available it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. There are many factors that may affect your decision. These factors include the course topics, cost, and opportunities for practical learning.

Below we’ve listed the main considerations when choosing a course.


Each course will tend to focus on different aspects and applications of blockchain. Make sure to look into what each class covers so that you can find one that interests you. Researching the curriculum can also help determine if the course will benefit your career in the long run.


The price of the course differs between providers. Some of the free or affordable courses may offer the knowledge you need. Professional certification courses usually cost more, but they might help give you a professional advantage in your career.

Practical Learning

Practical tasks can be a really helpful way to hone your skills. Some of these activities include creating your own blockchain, setting up smart contracts, and using Java and SQL to create databases.

Next Steps After Your Course

What should you do after you have completed an online blockchain course? A blockchain course is a great way to boost your resume, and many go on to pursue further study, apply for a job, or gain more work experience. Below are some ideas of how to continue using your blockchain knowledge and skills after you’ve completed your course.

Apply for a New Job

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional looking for a new career, blockchain training will make it easier for you to apply for a new job. As blockchain technology is growing, so are the job opportunities. In particular, financial services companies are increasingly looking for blockchain developers.

Gain Experience

While completing a blockchain course or bootcamp program, you can apply for an internship position in tech companies. Internships can give you an opportunity to take part in real-world blockchain projects and build your portfolio.

Alternatively, you can start your own blockchain project, or collaborate with others, to develop your own blockchain products or cryptocurrency.

Further Study

If you want to learn more about blockchain technologies, you can earn a master’s degree. This is an ideal path for those who are interested in researching and developing blockchain.

An increasing number of universities offer postgraduate studies on blockchain. Alternatively, you can pursue a degree in a related field such as computer science or information technology. These programs will develop and refine your wider programming and tech skills, which are for essential aspiring blockchain developers.

Should You Study Blockchain?

Yes, it’s a great idea to take an online blockchain course and study blockchain technology. Blockchain is becoming a well-established technology that continues to grow. If you’re interested in a career in fintech or data, then having blockchain skills and knowledge will only be a good thing.

There are lots of excellent online courses available, so it’s easier than ever to learn about the different concepts and applications of blockchain. With many created by reputable providers and providing certifications, studying blockchain online is an easy way to make yourself stand out to future employers.

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