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Coding bootcamps have become one of the most popular ways for people to enter the world of tech. These programs offer a lower cost and faster turnaround time than traditional higher education. Even though they’re less expensive overall, the upfront payment for these educational programs can still cost thousands of dollars.

Your financial situation shouldn’t be a barrier to a new career. Coding bootcamp scholarships will partially or completely cover your new educational venture. These scholarships allow bootcamps to find committed students that need a boost. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about coding bootcamp scholarships and paying for bootcamps.

How Much Does a Bootcamp Cost?

According to a research report from RTI International, the average coding bootcamp costs about $13,500 as of 2017. Certain bootcamps offer courses at a much lower or higher price. You can find a scholarship application at any point in the process for permanent residents and international students alike.

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The tuition usually comes with some perks, but you’ll have to cover most incidental costs of bootcamps on your own. Some bootcamps provide their students with equipment and cost-of-living funds through other financing plans. You’re more likely to get extra funding if you’re a minority, such as Native American or non-binary.

Scholarships and grants, unlike other financing structures, allow students to learn without the financial pressure of paying a loan or other installments. They also remove the credit check and financing headaches that can accompany private loans or deferred tuition options. Many bootcamps provide generous scholarships without any fine print.

Top Bootcamp Scholarships: 2021 List

Top Bootcamp Scholarships: 2021 List

Coding bootcamp programs offer scholarships based on different criteria. Some bootcamps offer automatic scholarships, and others have a need-based scholarship for in-person and online programs. No matter your situation, there is a bootcamp scholarship for you. Take a look at our comprehensive list of the best bootcamp scholarships.

Ada Developers Academy Scholarships

This school is unique among bootcamps because of its no-cost model. Women and gender-expansive students can attend this Seattle-based school without making payments, thanks to the school’s partners. Each student participates in a five-month internship at one of Ada Developers Academy’s corporate partners, who pay the school for that privilege.

Zero Tuition Scholarship: Every Ada Developers Academy student attends the bootcamp without worrying about financing. The school has a 90 percent placement rate across all of its cohorts, so the model has shown success since the school began in 2013.

Alchemy Code Lab Scholarships

Alchemy Code Lab is a Portland-based bootcamp with a mission to increase diversity in the coding field. Its courses are for programmers of all levels. Through partnerships with local organizations, Alchemy Code Lab provides several scholarships to help its students reach their full potential without paying the full $24,000 tuition.

Alchemy Diversity in Tech Scholarship: Alchemy Code Lab provides this scholarship for self-identifying women, veterans, LGBTQIA+ folks, and students from a racial or ethnic background that is traditionally underrepresented in tech.

PDX WIT & Alchemy $5,000 Scholarship For Black and Indigenous Women: This scholarship gives $5,000 towards the tuition of one woman-identifying student from the Black and/or Indigenous community.

WWCode Portland & Alchemy $2,500 Scholarship for Women: Alchemy Code Lab’s partnership with Women Who Code Portland has produced these discounts for women. The scholarship awards $2,500 to two self-starting women who are engaged in the community.

App Academy Scholarships

App Academy offers immersive courses for budding software engineers both online or in-person at the New York and San Francisco campuses. If you want to test out its curriculum before committing, you can also study all of the school’s materials for free with App Academy Open, an online coding lesson platform.

Access Scholarship: App Academy has partnered with Facebook to make tech careers more accessible for women and BIPOC students. This scholarship provides $5,000 towards the school’s tuition for students in the 16-week immersive software engineering course.

BrainStation Scholarships

BrainStation provides bootcamps in several subjects across the United States. From its website, it’s unclear how much of the data science program’s $15,000 tuition these scholarships cover, but they provide opportunities for people across many different communities. This school has a long list of bootcamp scholarships.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: This scholarship makes BrainStation’s digital skills training platform accessible to commonly underrepresented groups in the technology industry. This includes eligible females and BIPOC students.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship: If you’re an entrepreneur that’s looking to broaden your skillset, this scholarship is for you. It allows entrepreneurs to learn in BrainStation programs without stressing about paying the full tuition.

Not-For-Profit Scholarship: Professionals that work at nonprofit organizations can advance their digital skills with this scholarship for students.

University and College Scholarship: This scholarship gives students and recent university graduates the chance to attend bootcamps that strengthen their digital skills. This helps students save money by avoiding traditional college.

Veterans Scholarship: Veterans can attend the BrainStation program of their choice with a lower payment burden. All they need to do is fill out an application form for this scholarship for veterans.

Women in Technology Scholarship: This scholarship gives women the chance to start a new career in tech with discounted tuition when they apply for their intended program.

Claim Academy Scholarships

Claim Academy brings people into software careers through its fast-paced three-month program. This school offers courses in three programming languages; Java, C#/.NET, and JavaScript. Students can also choose to take a course in cyber security. This program usually costs $13,998.

College Upgrade Scholarship: This $1,000 scholarship gives recent high school graduates and GED recipients the opportunity to avoid the traditional higher education path. Those who apply within one year of their graduation date are eligible for this scholarship.

Ethnic Minority Scholarship: Minorities that haven’t had an opportunity to succeed in tech can receive $500 towards their Claim Academy tuition.

Veteran Scholarship: Military veterans can claim a $500 scholarship from this school for its immersive full stack developer course. Proof of veteran status is required for eligibility.

Women in Technology Scholarship: Women often have a more difficult time entering the tech industry. Thanks to this $500 scholarship, they can attend Claim Academy with a smaller financial burden.

Code Fellows Scholarships

Code Fellows teaches students in a model similar to university programs. You can learn the basics in 100-level courses before progressing to more complex material and eventually taking advanced electives. To keep its program accessible, Code Fellows offers several scholarships to help cover at least 70 percent of the cost of tuition.

COVID-19 Scholarship: Code Fellows’ COVID-19 Scholarship is for anyone who has lost their job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Career Changer Scholarship: If you’re looking to make a career pivot into the tech industry, this scholarship can make it easier on your wallet.

Diversity Scholarship: This scholarship helps bring underserved people into the tech industry. Code Fellows also offers a full-ride scholarship to one Black student in every cohort.

Pay It Forward Scholarship: This scholarship helps people who are already making a difference in their community attend Code Fellows. If you’re directly serving or investing in your area, you’re eligible for this financial assistance.

Recent Graduate Scholarship: If you’re a college graduate that has completed a degree in the past 24 months, this scholarship is for you.

Transfer Student Scholarship: This scholarship is for people who are transferring to Code Fellows from a university, college, bootcamp, or other educational institution.

Underemployed Scholarship: If you’re underemployed and making less than $35,000 per year, this scholarship can help you make the career change into tech.

Code Louisville Scholarships

Code Louisville is another educator that educates its attendees at no cost. Students get all of the benefits of a coding bootcamp with none of the payments, thanks to grants from the Louisville Metro government and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. If you’re a Kentuckian that’s looking to switch careers, this may be the bootcamp for you.

Full Ride Scholarship: Every Code Louisville attendee learns the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills they need to get a job as a junior developer. With many Louisville-area hiring partners, this bootcamp is a great way to begin your tech career.

Code Platoon Scholarships

Code Platoon is a coding bootcamp for military veterans and their spouses. This school offers several scholarships to help veterans of all stripes launch tech careers. If you’re affiliated with the military, this school has an option to help you complete your mission of entering the tech industry. This school’s tuition cost is $16,000.

Black and Hispanic Scholarship: This scholarship covers the full tuition cost for students in Code Platoon’s flagship software development program. It’s available for each cohort of veterans and military spouses.

Milspouse Coders Scholarship: This $13,000 scholarship covers the majority of tuition. Code Platoon partners with Milspouse Coders, a nonprofit that works to bring military spouses into tech, to offer this scholarship.

NMFA Scholarship: The National Military Family Association partnered with Code Platoon to offer this $13,000 scholarship. Their goal with this scholarship is to help military families enhance their quality of life by increasing their career opportunities.

Skillbridge Scholarship: Active duty service members can use their last six months of active duty to attend Code Platoon through the Skillbridge program. This full-tuition scholarship is designed to give transitioning service members an opportunity to join a thriving industry as they return to civilian life.

Transgender Veteran Scholarship: This full-tuition scholarship gives trans veterans and military spouses the chance to start a new career. This offering is part of the school’s mission to give every veteran a chance to succeed when they come home from service.

Veteran and Spouse Scholarship: This scholarship covers $13,000 of tuition for veterans and military spouses. This scholarship has the widest eligibility criteria of any of the scholarship programs at Code Platoon.

Women in Technology Scholarship: Code Platoon awards this scholarship to a female veteran in each cohort in honor of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. This scholarship completely covers tuition for its recipients.

Coding Dojo Scholarships

Coding Dojo teaches its students software engineering with a unique three-stack curriculum. This school also offers a part-time data science bootcamp to help students learn Python and other tools. The scholarships are only available for the school’s immersive software development programs, which cost $16,495.

Career Reinvention Scholarship: This $1,000 scholarship helps professionals outside of the tech industry make a career change. If you’re frustrated with your career but feel like you may not be able to afford to go back to school, this option can help.

Diversity Scholarship: The Diversity Scholarship is designed to bring more underrepresented groups into the tech industry. Coding Dojo awards eligible students $1,000 towards an applicable program.

Early Start Scholarship: If you’re a new high school graduate or another young adult who has yet to begin a career, this scholarship is for you. Start your new career on the right track with a $1,000 scholarship from Coding Dojo.

Fresh Start Fund Scholarship: Coding Dojo launched this scholarship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who may be unable to attend tech-based school due to pandemic-related hardships can earn up to $1,500 towards their education.

Military Re-training Scholarship: This scholarship is for military veterans or those actively serving who hope to transition into a software career. Coding Dojo awards these students $1,000 towards their tuition.

Women in Tech Scholarship: This $1,000 scholarship helps aspiring female programmers join the tech revolution at a lower cost than usual.

Flatiron School Scholarships

Flatiron School offers four scholarships through partnerships with several leading companies, including Citi, GitHub, and SeatGeek. These scholarships and diversity initiatives are designed to bring more women and minorities from underserved backgrounds into the tech world. The school’s full tuition cost without a scholarship is $16,900.

Access Scholarship: This allows scholarship recipients to attend Flatiron School with no tuition paid upfront and a partial scholarship of up to $3,000. This scholarship is awarded to students in an underrepresented group. Students can also get an additional grant if their salary is below a certain threshold.

Merit Scholarship: Standout applicants can earn up to $2,000 with this merit-based scholarship. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional commitment and excellence during at least one point of the three-step application process to qualify.

NCWIT’s Alabama & Michigan Digital Skills Initiative Scholarship: This scholarship from the National Center for Women and Information Technology pays the full tuition cost for women who choose to attend either the full-time or part-time software engineering, data science, or cyber security programs.

Women Take Tech Scholarship: This scholarship provides up to $3,000 for women who hope to enter the tech field. The financial assistance for this program for women is designed to help students erase the gender gap in tech and gain career skills.

Fullstack Academy Scholarships

Fullstack Academy offers several scholarships on its own, but through its Grace Hopper Program, non-male students have even more opportunities. The school offers scholarships for veterans as well as Black, female, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ students. This school’s full cost is $17,910.

Ada Lovelace Scholarship: This scholarship, named after the woman recognized by many as the first computer programmer, offers a reprieve to women-identifying students. If these students pay upfront without taking advantage of deferred tuition, they receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Edie Windsor Scholarship: Edie Windsor was a longtime programmer for IBM who later founded a consulting company that helped advance LGBTQ+ people in tech. Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program partnered with Lesbians Who Tech to offer this half-tuition scholarship for LGBTQ+ students.

Opportunity Fund: Fullstack Academy has committed over a million dollars to help Black students enter tech thanks to its opportunity fund. This program gives students the chance to attend the school on a full-tuition scholarship.

Veteran’s Scholarship: Military veterans who pay upfront for any program without taking advantage of deferred tuition or the VET TEC program can earn a $1,000 scholarship.

Galvanize Scholarships

Galvanize is one of the biggest names in the tech bootcamp space. To help make its online courses and bootcamps more accessible, the school offers two scholarships that completely cover the $17,980 tuition costs for its data science program. Take a look at its list of scholarships for its tuition rates below.

Galvanize Scholarship: This scholarship is for students in the Software Engineering Immersive program or the Data Science Immersive Program. This scholarship money is awarded to students based on the strength of their application.

We Stand Together Scholarship: Much like the standard Galvanize scholarship, this scholarship covers the school’s tuition completely. However, this scholarship also adds support for the part-time programs at the school, while pairing recipients with a mentor that will help them throughout their time at the school and beyond.

General Assembly Scholarships

General Assembly offers several programs to help students enter a new career. Through its social impact programs, students can access the school’s programs without making any payments. General Assembly also partners with big tech companies like Adobe, which bring added benefits. This school’s full tuition cost is $15,950, including career training.

Adobe Digital Academy: Students can attend General Assembly’s immersive software engineering, UX design, or data science courses at no cost. After graduation, students can become interns at Adobe. If students perform well during their internship programs, they may be able to land full-time jobs at Adobe.

TechHire-OpenCode: Students in this program attend the Software Engineering Immersive course combined with a five-week program at LaGuardia Community College in New York City. This program combines software engineering with product development and more in the Web Development program at LaGuardia.

See Her Excel: The See Her Excel tuition discount removes $1,500 from the tuition cost of the Software Engineering Immersive or Data Science Immersive courses. To earn the scholarship, women have to be at least 18 years old, making less than $40,000 per year, and already enrolled in a qualifying program.

Hackbright Academy Scholarships

Hackbright Academy’s mission is to bring more women and non-binary people into the tech industry. To further that mission, this school offers a couple of scholarships to remove financial barriers. This school’s full and part-time programs normally cost $16,895, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all courses are held online and cost $12,900.

Hackbright Phenomenal Woman Scholarship: This half-tuition scholarship rewards two women or gender-diverse people in each cohort that show a strong dedication to a software engineering career and advanced technical ability.

Quip Diversity Scholarship: Quip is a customer management company that chooses winners to provide $5,000 or $1,000 towards their education. Eligible students come from historically underrepresented minorities in tech based on their race, gender, sexual preference, or disability status.

Launch Academy Scholarships

Launch Academy is a Boston-based coding bootcamp. This bootcamp gives students an in-depth full stack development education in JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, and Ruby. Students also earn up to six months of career support after graduation. This school’s tuition cost is $17,500, and many prospective students can access scholarship opportunities.

Diversity Scholarship: To make room for more students who would traditionally be unable to join the tech industry, Launch Academy offers a diversity scholarship. Eligible gender, racial, and LGBTQ+ minorities and military veterans receive $500 to help them cover the school’s tuition.

Metis Scholarships

Metis is a bootcamp that offers several different programs to help students join the data science field. The data analytics, data science, data engineering, and machine learning bootcamps cost over $10,000, and the price varies based on in-person or virtual learning. Scholarships are offered to minorities and military service members.

Women, members of underrepresented racial demographics, members of the LGBTQ community, military veterans: These individuals can all access scholarships that bring down the cost of the average Metis bootcamp. This scholarship provides $2,000 or $3,000 towards the programs. About 30 recipients are awarded the scholarship in each cohort.

Software Guild Scholarships

Software professionals founded Software Guild in 2013 to guide the next generation of software developers. The Software Guild offers a scholarship to women to help increase diversity in software, as well as one to help military veterans gain more exposure to software. This program costs $10,125.

Women in Tech Scholarship: This Software Guild scholarship provides $2,000 towards the tuition of self-identified female students.

Veterans Who Code Scholarship: This scholarship provides $2,000 towards the tuition of eligible military personnel at the Software Guild. This includes reservists, veterans, and active-duty service members.

Tech Elevator Scholarships

Tech Elevator is making room for everyone thanks to its Represent Tech scholarship. The school committed over a million dollars of its own money to make sure that students have a route to a successful career, and it’s also working with its hiring partners to expand those opportunities even more. It costs $15,950 in bootcamp tuition.

Represent Tech Scholarship: Tech Elevator’s Represent Tech Scholarship covers the majority of tuition for students from historically underrepresented populations. This scholarship creates opportunities for female, transgender, non-binary, and BIPOC students in every cohort.

National Center for Women & Information Technology Scholarship: This scholarship is available to students in Michigan and Alabama. It covers the full cost of the program for students that self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary.

NCUS ITAP Scholarship: Tech Elevator partnered with the National Center for Urban Solutions, Information Technology Accelerator Partnership sector to provide a $2,500 scholarship to African-American students enrolled for courses at the Cincinnati or Columbus campuses.

Thinkful Scholarships

Thinkful is another large coding bootcamp provider with dozens of communities around the country. This school offers two scholarships for women and veterans that want to attend the school’s web development bootcamps. The flexible web development bootcamp costs $7,900, and the full-time bootcamp costs $16,000.

Women’s Scholarship: Thinkful offers a $600 women’s scholarship for its flexible part-time web development course and a $1,200 scholarship for its full-time web development course.

Veteran’s Scholarship: Thinkful’s veteran’s scholarship provides the same amount of funding as the women’s scholarship for those who have served in the military.

V School Scholarships

V School is a completely online educator where students can learn full stack JavaScript development or UX/UI design. V School’s graduates have gone on to work at industry-leading companies like IBM, Sling, and Apple. At this school, you can set your schedule and graduate when you land a job. This school’s courses both cost $14,900.

Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation Scholarship: This foundation pays the full tuition cost for students in either program. Students can apply as long as they’re already accepted into the program of their choice.

Community Relief Scholarship: This scholarship helps students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic make a positive change. Recipients get $4,000 for the program of their choice.

Meritorious Veteran Scholarship: This scholarship awards full tuition to veterans, military spouses, and their dependents.

You Belong in Tech Scholarship: This full-ride scholarship allows people from multiple historically underrepresented groups to pursue a career in tech. These groups include people of color, women, LGBTQ+ students, refugees, veterans, and those experiencing financial hardships.

Other Ways of Paying for Your Bootcamp

Other Ways of Paying for Your Bootcamp

If you don’t qualify for coding bootcamp scholarships, there are many other bootcamp financing options. These include private loans, income share agreements, and the GI Bill. Though it’s ideal to pay less than the full cost of your coding bootcamp, these options can still provide a route to a new career.

Most private and personal loans in the coding bootcamp space come from the same few providers, including Ascent, Climb Credit, and Skills Fund. These loan providers all have different payment terms, interest rates, and other obligations depending on the bootcamp. It’s important to look closely at your bootcamp’s terms before you commit.

In 2017, the US government began a five-year pilot program that extended the GI Bill to nontraditional learning paths. Certain coding bootcamps are partially or completely covered by GI Bill funding. If you’re a military veteran, watch for this option that could reduce or erase tuition costs.

Grants for Coding Bootcamps

The United States government provides grants to pay for bootcamps along with certain municipal governments and private organizations. Some bootcamps, like Code Louisville, are covered in their entirety for each student thanks to these grants, but that isn’t usually the case. The government also offers federal loans in some cases.

Usually, governments award these need-based grants on a case-by-case basis to eligible recipients. The United States Government’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act will cover the cost of certain coding bootcamps. Municipal grants include Career Discovery NYC, which can help New Yorkers who make less than $50,000 start a new career in coding.

Income Share Agreements

Income share agreements (ISAs) are payment plans where students promise a share of their future income to a funder who provides them with an education upfront. ISAs are indexed to a student’s income and usually last for a specific amount of time, which incentivizes educators to give students a high-quality, industry-forward education.

One of the disadvantages to this structure is that because these payments are indexed to your pre-tax income, they may take more than you’re ready to pay. Be sure to investigate the terms of any ISA closely before agreeing to this plan, as some of them may not be as good as others for underrepresented students.

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