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The Best Google Analytics Bootcamps of 2021

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. The service is a part of the Google Marketing platform brand, which is offered through Google. The platform allows businesses to better understand their target audience.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics tools. It is free to use, which adds to its appeal. Major tech companies use Google Analytics to make informed business decisions. These include Uber, Airbnb, Udemy, Slack, and of course, Google.

Getting to grips with Google Analytics can boost your current career, or help launch a career in data analytics, marketing, or social media. Keep reading for more on the best bootcamps to learn Google Analytics in 2021.

What Are the Best Google Analytics Bootcamps in 2021?

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The best bootcamps are a combination of quality, affordability, and student success. They also focus on a curriculum that includes Google Analytics, among other top and emerging tech trends. Below is a list of the best bootcamps that encompass this criterion.

BrainStation has a full-time Online Digital Marketing Bootcamp that runs over 12 weeks. The course covers digital marketing strategy, content marketing, email marketing, and social media. You will also get to grips with performance marketing, analytics, and reporting. You can expect to learn data analysis and visualization best practices using Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Tableau.

BrainStation also prepares students for careers in digital marketing. It makes sure you stay on track to meet your goals by portfolio-building, interview prep, and industry insights. BrainStation has flexible payment options to cover the $15,000 tuition fees. These include monthly payment plans, employer sponsorship, and scholarship opportunities.

When it comes to finding work after graduation, BrainStation has got it covered. It works in partnership with hiring companies including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. So, your chance of landing your dream job in data analytics is high.

General Assembly offers one of the best online bootcamps in Google Analytics. You will learn how to use Google Analytics to gain fundamental insights into a website’s visitors. This includes their behavior, along with patterns and trends. The unique aspect of this bootcamp is that you choose what level you want to start with. And with rolling start dates, it’s easy to enroll.

The Digital Marketing Circuit Course offers a five-week overview taught online. It costs $950. If you want to take it to the next level, the Online Digital Marketing Course is a good choice. This course can be taken in-person at one of many US General Assembly campuses. However, it is currently only offered online. You will also graduate with an end-to-end capstone project demonstrating your understanding of digital marketing techniques.

This course costs $3,950 and runs over 10 weeks in the evenings. Or to really fast-track, there is also a one-week accelerated option. Whichever you choose, the curriculum takes a deep dive into the key channels and tactics used for successful campaigns. Google Analytics will be utilized to mine essential data.

Both courses will earn you a certificate and there are flexible financing options. These include employer sponsorships, loans, and installments. General Assembly is well-regarded by top employers in the tech industry and beyond.

Noble Desktop offers a two-day intensive Google Analytics Bootcamp live online or in New York City. During the live online bootcamp, you will use GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics. Students can expect to learn how to determine important KPIs, plus understand and create Google Analytics Reports. You will also discover how to track the success of marketing campaigns, and identify opportunities for growth.

Live interactive lectures are given by industry experts, and you will work on hands-on projects. At just $650, this course offers good value for money. However, if you don’t pass the first time, don’t worry. Noble Desktop offers a Learn the Skills Guarantee. This offers you a free retake of the course within one year.

There are several different schedule options for the 12-hour program. You can go for a weekday or weeknight syllabus, and there is a choice of start dates available. Still need convincing? Noble Desktop alumni now work for major tech companies, including Google and Yelp.

UC Berkeley’s 24-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp offers a multidisciplinary curriculum to its students. The part-time program is currently online. Topics covered in the program include brand building, brand strategy, lead generation, and campaign objectives. You will also touch upon competitive research and content strategy.

Similar to UT Austin, the program is divided into three sections. The first two are an introduction to digital marketing, and optimizing campaigns and websites. The third is digital advertising and automation.

Throughout the whole curriculum, you will learn how to use tools and technologies, including Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and MailChimp. You will also work with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Tuition fees are currently $9,495. However, UC Berkeley offers a range of payment options. These include private loans, discounts for alumni, and loan deferment. The investment is worthwhile because you will get to grips with real-world issues during the program.

In turn, this means you will graduate with a portfolio of impressive work to help you land your dream job in tech. As an added bonus, you can join a free meditation class every Monday held on Zoom throughout the program.

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The University of Central Florida’s Digital Marketing Boot Camp is available online. It runs for 18 weeks. During the part-time curriculum, you will learn about marketing strategy, campaign development, and digital advertising. Other topics include data organization, automation, and campaign optimization.

You will be taught how to apply in-demand tools and technologies throughout the program. These include Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager. All will help you delve deeper into important digital data. It’s these insights that can then be applied to fire growth and success within a business.

Classes are held over two weekday evenings and on a Saturday, This means it’s a good choice if you have work or other commitments. In addition, you will also benefit from UCF’s range of career services. These include interview preparation, resume support, and experiential learning opportunities. On completion of the program, UCF is confident you will be a savvy digital marketer.

Tuition fees are currently $7.995. UCF offers early registration pricing and payment plans. In addition, UCF alumni are eligible for a $500 discount.

The University of Texas at Austin offers an intensive Digital Marketing Boot Camp. The 18-week part-time program will equip you with essential tools. These include Google Analytics for web analytics and data, SEO, and Facebook Insights. You will tackle real-world marketing problems using these tools during the course.

This course is usually offered in-person at UT Austin’s campus in Austin, but is currently conducted online. You will be required to commit 10 hours a week and tuition fees are $11,500.

There are three key categories in this course. The digital marketing section covers building brands and how to create strong online content for them.

The second category dives into campaigns and websites. Students can learn more about WordPress, website content optimization, and the all-important SEO (search engine optimization).

In the curriculum’s final category, you will learn about digital advertising. Being able to use multiple channels when creating brand content is essential. So, you will get hands-on experience in developing and launching campaigns. Specific skills that are taught include display advertising, paid search advertising, and customer relationship management.

What Is a Google Analytics Bootcamp?

A Google Analytics bootcamp is an immersive course that focuses on Google Analytics. You will learn how to interpret data, and then use it to make better marketing decisions. The short-term program often involves a mixture of hands-on training and live interactive lectures. The goal of a bootcamp is to prepare students for careers in the tech field.

Bootcamps work with, and alongside. professionals in the industry. This means you will always learn the most up-to-date and relevant tech skills. They also provide career services to their students, including interview prep, resume review, and networking opportunities. Several bootcamps offer job guarantees. So, if you don’t land a job after graduation, your tuition fees will be reimbursed.

How Much Do Google Analytics Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Google Analytics bootcamps can vary in price. The average cost of a bootcamp is around $13,597 as of 2020. However, they can range from $7,800 to $21,000 and can even go as low as $1,300. There are many ways to make bootcamps more affordable. These include income share agreements (ISAs), monthly payments, loans, and deferred tuition.

ISAs are a popular choice for bootcamp attendees. An income share agreement allows you to only start paying back tuition on finding employment. Furthermore, there is a salary threshold.

Are Google Analytics Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, Google Analytics bootcamps are entirely worth it. Adding Google Analytics to your digital marketing toolkit will be highly beneficial to your career. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for business owners, marketers, social media managers, data analysts, and many other careers.

Google Analytics can be offered as a standalone bootcamp, or as part of a data science or data analytics bootcamp. Full-time and part-time courses are available, with in-person or online attendance. Tuition costs are generally lower when compared to other tech bootcamps, too.

If you wish to work with analytics and discover a new way to use information then a bootcamp is an excellent way to learn. A Google Analytics bootcamp will keep you up-to-date and add value to your resume for potential employers.

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