Best R Programming Bootcamps

The Best R Programming Bootcamps of 2021

Data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers need the best tools to interpret and process data. The R programming language is the key to data analysis and data visualization. If you want to work with data, this is one of the most important tools to learn.

You can learn R with a university degree in computer science or data science, but a bootcamp can be much faster and cheaper. If you want to learn R in 2021, check out the coding bootcamps below.

What Are the Best R Programming Bootcamps in 2021?

The best R programming bootcamps in 2021 cover R as well as other data science basics. There’s no better time to learn everything you need to know about data science. If you want to become a data analyst or data scientist, take a look at the bootcamps below.

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A DataCamp course can teach you vital data science skills like R. This course offers data science courses in Python, SQL, R, machine learning, business, and more. You can learn how to analyze complex data and build interactive web applications. If you want to learn R programming, you should try Intro to R, Data Scientist with R, or Machine Learning Scientist with R.

If you’re interested in learning data structures, you should apply for the Intro to R course. You can also expand your data science horizons by taking Fundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis in R. You can learn how to analyze and use Bayesian data. DataCamp courses can help you become a data scientist, business analyst, or machine learning scientist.

Students highly recommend DataCamp due to its high job placement rate. Graduates work at companies like Uber, Deloitte, eBay, Google, and PayPal. DataCamp offers R career tracks modeled by industry experts. The courses will help you grow your knowledge base and live up to your potential.

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Dataquest offers many courses in data science to help you learn essential skills. If you want to learn R programming, the data analyst in R course can teach you. You can learn R syntax, data analysis, and data visualization. The hands-on experience will help you develop cutting-edge skills for the job market.

Dataquest also provides a course in data science in Python and data engineering. If you want more courses in R, you can check out Data Structures in R, Data Visualization in R, Data Cleaning in R, APIs in R, and Web Scraping in R. All these courses will help you land a job as a data scientist with specialization in R programming.

Data Science Dojo can help beginners or novices build a strong career. The school provides endless R tutorials that will help you navigate big data. The tutorials cover data types, variables, operators, data frames, and vectors. Data Science Dojo also offers an introductory course to R programming. You can learn data exploration and alteration techniques in a matter of minutes.

If you want additional skills in R, you can sign up for the data mining or data analysis course. You will gain a competitive advantage among other practitioners if you learn other skills. An average software developer or game developer knows more than one programming language. Data Science Dojo can teach you everything you need to know.

NYC Data Science Academy’s 35-hour program can give you an introduction to R programming. You will learn how to handle data, write functions and generate graphs with data. The school designed this program to teach you the theoretical and practical nature of big data analysis. You can learn how to process, analyze and create data visualizations.

For only $2,080, you can learn everything you need to know as well as get a certificate. NYC Data Science Academy provides countless other courses on Python, machine learning, and other vital data science topics. If you are interested in data science and machine learning, sign up at NYC Data Science Academy.

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Ubiqum Code Academy

Ubiqum Code Academy offers a five-month program in data analytics and machine learning. By attending this course, you will acquire in-demand skills in data analytics. The 800-hour course is extensive and can teach you everything you need to know. You’ll learn the difference between machine learning and data analytics and how they are related.

This course can teach you how to hide data using R and use visualization techniques to display information creatively. Learning R will give you an easier time learning Python and other data science skills. This Ubiqum course is offered both full-time and part-time.

UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps offers a data science and visualization course. You will learn how to access data and manipulate datasets to generate comprehensive reports. This course covers R objects, data aggression, data manipulation, and character manipulation. You can choose specializations like R for data analysis.

The coding school provides training for other languages such as JavaScript, C, and C++, which can help you start your career as a web developer. There are plenty of programming and scripting language courses to choose from if you want a tech career. UC San Diego Extension Boot Camps is a great option if you’re curious about multiple fields.

What Is an R Programming Bootcamp?

An R programming bootcamp provides intensive training experience to help you learn to code using R. Many students prefer not to learn R because the syntax is complicated, but you can learn easily with the right bootcamp. Along with Scala, Julia, and Python, R is one of the most popular programming languages in data science bootcamps.

R programming bootcamps offer full-time, part-time, and self-paced courses. Choose the program that works best with your schedule to avoid getting stressed. Remember, R programming is quite a challenging programming language to learn. Bootcamps offer financing options like scholarships and monthly installments to lessen the load.

Learning R will open up opportunities to become a machine learning engineer, artificial intelligence engineer, data engineer, or data scientist. Once you learn how to use R, your tech career will have no limits. Most bootcamps focus on more topics than just R, so you can specialize depending on your interests.

How Much Do R Programming Bootcamp Programs Cost?

R programming bootcamps can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000. This depends on when, where, and how you want to learn this programming language. If you qualify for a bootcamp scholarship, you may want to take advantage and cover part of your fee. There are other bootcamp scholarships that offer full tuition coverage.

As much as most bootcamps would like you to pay tuition upfront, they know that not everyone comes from the same background. Most bootcamps offer discounted tuition, deferred tuition, ISAs, and loans to ease the financial burden.

Are R Programming Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, R programming bootcamps are worth it because they can help you gain fundamental skills in tech. Bootcamps curate their programs to meet the in-demand skills in the industry. Your data science bootcamp experience will significantly impact your chances of employment.

Most bootcamps also offer career support. These can include career coaching, mock interviews, and mentorship programs to help you land a job in tech. Some bootcamps go further and offer job guarantees that can refund your tuition if you don’t get a job.

R programming language continues to be an important element of data science. Although it’s not a simple language to learn, a bootcamp is the best way to go. If you want to become a data scientist or simply learn how to use R, enroll in an R programming bootcamp.

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