The Best Houston Coding Bootcamps of 2021

As tech becomes more prominent, coding bootcamps are establishing roots in Houston. These bootcamps can nurture your tech talent and help you find a job in the tech. This Houston coding bootcamps review will compare courses, cost, payment options, and career services.

Houston is gradually becoming a major tech hub in the United States. Tech companies and tech workers have been migrating from Silicon Valley to Houston. Houston has a lower cost of living and higher growth of tech outlets. Houston is an ideal place to launch your tech career.

What Are the Best Houston Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The best Houston coding bootcamps in 2021 are the best way to learn how to code. Bootcamps can give you the technical and non-technical skills you need to dive into a career in tech.

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You can get unrestricted access to networking opportunities long after graduation. If you want to learn to code, a Houston coding bootcamp is the best way to go.

DigitalCrafts is a web development bootcamp for front end and backend engineering training. You can take any class either full-time or part-time. You will learn how to use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to develop responsive and interactive web applications. The backend courses cover Express, Node.js, HTTP, databases, and a host of other tools and concepts.

In its 2019 report, DigitalCrafts reported that over 100 students got tech jobs within the first 180 days after graduation. This is about 80 percent of graduates. DigitalCrafts has a graduation rate of 94 percent. The tuition costs $9,950 for part-time and $14,950 full-time. You can find DigitalCrafts campuses in Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, and online.

Flatiron School is a coding bootcamp that offers a wide range of tech courses. You can study coding, cyber security, and data science. If you want to know what it takes to become a data scientist, the data science bootcamp program can guide you. The program includes lessons on JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms.

According to Flatiron School’s 2020 job report, 86 percent of graduates got jobs despite COVID-19 restrictions. Tuition at Flatiron School is fixed at $16,900 for every course. You can pay your tuition upfront, in installments, or with scholarships. Flatiron School has a campus in Houston as well as other cities across the country.

General Assembly offers programs in software engineering, data science, business, design, and marketing. The data science and data analytics bootcamp programs are designed specifically for people who want to work in the data field. It covers everything you need to know, including Python machine learning and data structures.

General Assembly has a full-time career services program with a job placement rate of 91 percent. Tuition varies from course to course, but expect to pay between $750 and $15,950. General Assembly has campuses in Houston and many other places in the US. You can network in cities all across Texas.

Lumenbrite logo


Lumenbrite can train you in software skills that will prepare you for the ever-evolving tech industry. You can enroll in Adobe courses for programs like After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and more. Lumenbrite also offers courses in coding, marketing, and UX/UI design.

Lumenbrite will get you ready for a great job in tech. About 40 Lumenbrite grads have been employed at the University of Texas at El Paso and Western Technical College. You must make tuition payment upfront, but there are group discounts too. You can take Lumenbrite courses online or in Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston.

Media Tech Logo

MediaTech Institute

MediaTech Institute is a coding bootcamp that can teach you everything you need to know. It takes about 43 weeks, but the immersive program is worth it. You can take web development or app development courses. By the end of the program, you will know how to build applications using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and many others.

If you’re interested in other fields, MediaTech also offers courses in visual effects, music production, and makeup art. Although MediaTech is different from other tech bootcamps, it can give you the same great training. It has campuses in Dallas and Houston.

Nucamp is a coding bootcamp that offers high quality and affordable education. The school has three major bootcamp programs: web development fundamentals, front end web and mobile development, and full stack web and mobile development. These are all great options to help you learn to code.

The bootcamp has a job placement rate of 78 percent. Tuition at Nucamp depends on the program and ranges between $349 and $1,880. You can pay in monthly installments of as low as $8, or pay upfront for an early bird discount. Nucamp has locations in Houston and dozens of other cities across the country.

Pivot Tech School Logo

Pivot Tech School

Pivot Tech School offers an online flexible schedule that you can take in evenings and on weekends. You can enroll in data analytics, web development, or cyber security. You can also take courses in Excel and SQL for data analysis. Pivot Tech has a student entrepreneurship program that allows you to work while you study.

Tuition at Pivot Tech ranges from $8,500 to $10,500. You may also be fortunate enough to get sponsored by one of Pivot Tech’s hiring partners. Otherwise, you can opt for loan financing, pay as you go, or pay upfront for a $2000 discount. If you live in Houston, you can enroll in Pivot’s online program.

This bootcamp is an extension of Rice University. It offers short-term courses on cyber security, coding, data analytics, UX/UI design, digital marketing, technical product management, and fintech. The data analytics program runs for 12 or 24 weeks and covers Python, JavaScript, and Excel. You will also learn machine learning, SQL, Tableau, and more.

Rice University offers one-on-one career coaching and other career services to help you find a job after graduation. You can take these courses in Houston or online. Tuition at this bootcamp is $11,995 for the part-time program and $12,995 for full-time. You can opt for interest-free installments or apply early for a discount.

Thinkful has seven stand-alone courses: data science, data analytics, product management, technical product management, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and software engineering. The data science course covers calculus, statistics, machine learning, data modeling, and computer programming.

The job placement rate at Thinkful is up to 86 percent. The data science course costs $7,900 part-time and $18,500 full-time. The payment options include deferred tuition, loan financing, ISAs, and installments. Thinkful has communities in Houston and all across the country.

This is an extension of the University of Austin. It provides short-term tech training to people who don’t have the time or resources for a college education. The primary courses at this bootcamp are coding, data analytics, cyber security, UX/UI design, product management, and digital marketing.

UT Austin Boot Camps has career services to help you apply for jobs and strengthen your portfolio. Tuition is $11,995 part-time or $12,495 full-time. You can opt for interest-free installments or benefit from early bird discounts when you pay upfront. The online courses are perfect for people who live in Houston.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp is an accelerated tech program that can teach you industry-led tech skills. A bootcamp is a viable alternative to getting an advanced computer science degree. This is because bootcamps have shorter timelines, cost less money, and offer more career services than most colleges. Instead of four years, bootcamps only take a few weeks or months.

Bootcamps offer part-time, full-time, and self-paced schedules that can meet any student’s needs. You can get trained in hands-on skills to make you ready for a job once you graduate. Whether you’re interested in data science, data analytics, or another coding topic, a bootcamp is the best way to learn.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Coding bootcamps can be free or cost up to $20,000. It all depends on where, when, and what you study. The most expensive bootcamp above is Thinkful. The full-time data science course costs $18,500 per person. On the other hand, you can find a course that costs as low as $349 at Nucamp.

Spending a lot of money doesn’t guarantee quality education or job placement. Keep the bootcamp’s track record in mind and make sure it’s the right option for you compared to the cost. Most bootcamps have many flexible payment options if you can’t afford upfront payments. For example, you can pay with ISAs, scholarships, and more.

Is a Houston Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, a Houston coding bootcamp is worth it. Houston currently has over 3,000 tech job openings, so attending a bootcamp is a good way to join the train. However, you’re free to choose your path and move to another city. Houston can be a great starting point or end goal, depending on what you want from your career.

Along with coding, you can learn data science and data analytics. The demand for data scientists is rising every day. The average data scientist in Houston earns $111,000 yearly, so this is a great option. If you want to learn to code or learn data science, you should enroll in a Houston bootcamp.

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