Best Online Coding Bootcamps

The Best Online Coding Bootcamps of 2021

Coding is the first thing to learn the moment you become interested in computer science and its related fields. Regardless of which specific program to take, a basic knowledge of coding is expected. Not feeling that confident yet with your coding skills? Check out some of the best online coding bootcamps of 2021.

The best way to describe coding is to relate it to programming languages. With coding, you feed commands into a computer so that it can perform the function that you desire. This is made possible with programming languages as they are the ones that the computer understands.

There are a number of programming languages that you are bound to encounter as you go along. The key thing is not really to know all of them but to prioritize the most commonly used. Luckily, most coding bootcamps are focused on in-demand programming languages.

What Are the Best Online Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

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Once you look for coding bootcamps, you will be met with many online programs. Some of these online bootcamps cover as many programming languages as possible.

Meanwhile, there are those that are only focused on one. Through this list, you will discover some of the best online coding bootcamps of 2021. You can judge which one would actually work best for you. While these are online bootcamps, some schools offer in-person lessons. However, COVID-19 restrictions mean that many are currently fully online.

App Academy offers a coding bootcamp for those who want to become software developers. Its programs prepare students for a life of coding. Students are guaranteed to be equipped with the right skills because App Academy intends to help you land your sought-after job.

The Software Engineering Immersive Course has two options: a 16-week full-time program and a 24-week part-time program. Through this bootcamp, you will learn the basics of web design to make your interfaces better. The two main programming languages being taught are JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.

By the end, you are expected to have built your portfolio with the projects you have completed through its run. Tuition cost is at $17,000 if paid upfront. However, if you intend to pay only after you are hired, the total is $28,000.

BrainStation has a comprehensive web development program that takes on a project-based approach. The program runs for 12 weeks and follows a straightforward learning trajectory. This starts with laying foundations before progressing up to more complicated topics.

In addition, as the program is project-based, you are expected to come up with a collaborative project. It should be one that can be applied to a relevant industry.

For a tuition fee of $15,000, you can expect to gain competitive skills that could easily land you a job. Presently, 88 percent of BrainStation’s graduates are employed within 180 days or six months after graduation.

Codesmith is focused on turning students into masters of software engineering. It has full-time and part-time immersive programs available as options. Through its immersive coding program, you will learn computer science and machine learning on top of full stack software engineering.

Since the bootcamp takes on a full stack approach, you will learn coding for both front end and backend web development. You will also build an understanding of algorithms and modeling to apply to real-world situations that need solutions. In addition, data structures, system design, and design patterns will be covered.

A total of $19,350 is needed for the tuition. You need to pay $2,400 as a deposit to reserve your space. The remaining balance is due by the first day of classes.

Coding Dojo hopes to make a software developer out of you after 14 weeks. It offers a full stack development program that has two- to three-week learning modules. So, you will begin with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Then you will move on to more complicated programming languages like Python, SQL, and C#.

Through this program, you can expect to gain in-depth web development foundations, both theoretical and practical. By the end of the full stack development program, you need to have completed several projects. These projects can then be added to your portfolio.

Coding Dojo’s normal tuition fee for the 14-week program is $15,995. However, if you pay in full before the start of classes, you can get a discount of $250. Classes are held both onsite and online.

Flatiron School’s main programs cover software engineering, data science, cyber security analytics, and engineering. The first few weeks of these programs focus on coding as it is the foundational skill you need. Aside from these, Flatiron School has a coding prep course.

The coding prep course deals with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also get to grips with programming using the Ruby language. With this, you will slowly build your code portfolio through project creation.

This specific coding prep course is free of charge. If you want the complex coding program blended with software engineering and data science, then the tuition fee costs between $16,900 to $19,800.

General Assembly’s Software Engineering Program covers the essentials of coding. It starts off with what engineering students should know about software engineering. Then it moves forward to front end and backend development. You will learn how to build and design a website.

Aside from the full-time Software Engineering Program, there are short courses that you might be interested in. For example, you can focus on just learning Python and JavaScript programming.

The full-time Software Engineering Program costs $15,950. Meanwhile, the short courses cost $3,950. All classes are currently online to ensure safety during COVID-19.

Nucamp is acknowledged as one of the top coding bootcamps in the US. If you are looking for a comprehensive web developer program, Nucamp has three to offer. These programs cover the fundamentals, along with front end web development and full stack web development.

The Web Development Fundamentals Program covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the other hand, the Front End and Full Stack Web Development Programs both deal with creating websites that are functional and dynamic for users. These programs also teach mobile app development.

The cost of the Web Development Fundamentals Program is just $349. Meanwhile, the front end and full stack programs cost $1,480 and $1,880 respectively. Classes are a hybrid of online and in-person learning.

NYC Data Science Academy is geared towards preparing its future data scientist students for a life in the corporate world. All of the skills and knowledge shared get students ready for the competitive tech job market.

The institution offers a data science program, either in a live remote capacity or as interactive distance learning. In 12 weeks, you are expected to master data science and data analytics via the programming languages Python and R. The curriculum also covers automation of processes via machine learning and other advanced topics.

The program costs $17,600, regardless of whether you opt for in-person, online, or part-time. There are also specific online course offerings on certain subjects. So, if you want to focus on just Python or R programming languages, you can.

Sabio’s full-stack web development training runs on a part-time schedule for 20 weeks. In common with other bootcamps, you will learn the fundamentals first. Topics will include front end and backend development. As you progress, you will encounter database development. This is where you deal with managing and storing data.

Students are also taught a raft of problem-solving tools. These include debugging, an essential skill for any web developer. The end goal here is to help you apply everything you’ve learned to practical projects and presentations.

A tuition fee of $9,900 is needed to enroll in this program. On top of your training, you will have access to the Sabio Developer Network. This offers you the chance to build relationships with people in the community. It’s one of the best ways to find out about potential job openings in the tech world.

Tech Elevator offers a single 14-week coding program. The primary aim of this course is to equip aspiring software developer students with the essentials of coding. This coding program is extensive as it teaches beyond the fundamentals and deep dives into the intricacies of programming.

The first goal is to introduce you to programming in Java or C#, but there is an added layer of learning the .NET Framework for the latter. This would then build onto working with databases for managing data using SQL. As you go further, you will deal with actual web building, web interfaces, and servers.

Tuition fee is at $15,500 for the entire run, and this already includes its assistance for career-building via the Pathway program. At the moment, Tech Elevator is only conducting live remote sessions.

What Is an Online Coding Bootcamp?

Online coding bootcamps are beneficial to a lot of students or career-shifters. These are relatively cheaper and faster to finish. If you feel that spending approximately four years in a university is not for you, an online coding bootcamp is a viable alternative, or even a first choice.

With an online coding bootcamp, you get to master the fundamentals of web designing and optimization faster. The bootcamps are also skill-focused, so you can expect the courses and lessons to mainly revolve around just coding.

How Much Do Online Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The cost of online coding bootcamp programs can vary depending on the scope of the curriculum. Some bootcamps are offered for free because they only cover the basics. However, for those that are much more comprehensive, the cost can range from $1,000 to $20,000.

Payment options are available such as upfront payments with discount, installment payments, and deferred tuition fees. Loans are also available with official partners, usually, Climb Credit and Ascent Funding. Scholarships are also open for academic achievers, women, veterans, underrepresented groups, and persons with disabilities.

If you don’t qualify for a loan with the official financial institution partners or for the scholarship, you can secure a personal loan instead.

Are Online Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Online coding bootcamps provide career support and guidance in finding jobs. A coding bootcamp is worthwhile because of its commitment to helping its graduates get on the career track they desire. In a short period, you may find yourself mastering relevant tech skills and being highly qualified for a job of your choice.

These coding bootcamp programs are not just made for students. They are also created for those seeking a change in career, especially if they feel stuck in their current job. Bootcamps are basically a chance to quickly redefine your career trajectory.

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