Top Online Artificial
Intelligence Courses in 2021

Whether it’s online banking, phone maps, or face detection, it’s hard to escape the presence of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. As the tech world continues to program machines to become smarter, the demand for artificial intelligence jobs increases.

So, how does one enter this lucrative profession? There are several educational and training pathways to becoming an expert in AI programming. One flexible and relatively inexpensive way to learn is through online courses. In this article, we will look at the best artificial intelligence courses available online in 2021.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) combines data science and computer science to teach machines to learn and problem solve. AI uses deep learning, machine learning algorithms, and artificial neural network models to design applications that utilize speech recognition, natural language processing, chatbots, and image recognition.

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AI focuses on programming three primary types of cognitive abilities into computers. These are learning reasoning and self-correction. This programming involves giving a computer large amounts of data, training it to choose the correct algorithm, and training it to identify flaws in its results and correct them.

Why Study Artificial Intelligence?

Studying artificial intelligence can lead to an exciting career with huge potential for growth and high salaries. The field of artificial intelligence is ideal for those interested in working with big data, programming, and the constantly changing world of artificial intelligence.

The field of artificial intelligence is full of job opportunities and big salaries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook of AI specialists is projected to grow by 11 percent between 2019 to 2029. AI falls under the computer and information technology category for BLS.

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average salary of an artificial intelligence engineer is a whopping $164,769 per year. Other AI jobs are equally rewarding. For example, ZipRecruiter also reports a data scientist artificial intelligence expert has an average salary of $161,460.

What Do Artificial Intelligence Courses Cover?

Artificial Intelligence courses cover topics like computer science, machine learning, and data science. Depending on your background, you will learn a range of tech skills such as Python programming, deep learning, tensor flow, and artificial neural networks.

Courses will cover things like natural language processing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence engineering. The learning experience often incorporates real-world projects as part of the course. Some also include elements of a machine learning course.

Overview of the Best Online Artificial Intelligence Courses in 2021

Online courses in artificial intelligence have soared in popularity recently. They are a relatively cheap and quick way to learn the skills necessary to get into the field. To help you in your journey, we have compiled a list of the best online artificial intelligence courses in 2021.

Provider and Course Price Length Certificate
Harvard University on edX
CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
with Python
Free 7 Weeks
10 to 30 Hours
per Week
Yes, for $199 Fee
Harvard University Online
Applications of Artificial
Intelligence (AI) in Technology Innovation
$3,400 47 Days Yes
Harvard Medical School
Designing and Implementing AI Solutions for Health Care
$2,150 2 Weeks
10 to 12 Hours
per Week
Google Cloud Labs
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
$200 Self-paced Yes
IBM on edX
AI for Everyone: Master the Basics
Free 4 Weeks
1 to 2 Hours
per Week
Yes, for $99
The Linux Foundation on edX
Ethics in AI and Big Data
Free 6 Weeks
1 to 2 Hours
per Week
Yes, for $149
IBM on Coursera
IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate
$39-$79 per Month
6-7 Months
3 Hours per Week
DeepLearning.AI on Coursera
DeepLearning.AI Tensorflow Developer
Professional Certificate
$39-$79 per Month 4 Months
5 Hours per Week
Artificial Intelligence A-Z:
Learn How to Build an AI
$100 16.5 Hours
On-demand Video
Artificial Intelligence for Business
$95 15 Hours
On-demand Video
Top Artificial Intelligence Courses of 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence Courses of 2021

Below we look at these online artificial intelligence courses in more detail. The courses vary hugely in what they cover. Some focus more on data science theory whereas others include real-world AI projects. The best course for you will depend on your background and career goals.

CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python by Harvard University on edX

Learning Python is essential to succeeding in the artificial intelligence sector. This course offered by Harvard University teaches you the basics of AI with Python. It is suitable for beginners who want to build up their foundational knowledge. You will learn AI, neural networks, Python programming, machine learning, deep learning, and data algorithms.

By the end of the course, you will acquire knowledge on how technologies such as game-playing engines, machine translation, and handwriting recognition use AI. The course is available for free on the platform, but you can add a verified certificate for $199.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Technology Innovation by Harvard University

Also offered by Harvard University, this course is designed to give you an intermediate-level understanding of AI’s involvement in tech. This course is relatively expensive at $3,400, but will give you a reputable certificate from Harvard University.

You will learn about artificial intelligence in self-driving cars, robotic nurses, and several current technologies. The course also covers the ethical consequences of AI’s involvement in various sectors.

Designing and Implementing AI Solutions for Health Care by Harvard Medical School

This course offered by Harvard University is an advanced-level AI course for those interested in building a career in the healthcare industry. It covers the applications of AI in the medicine world.

You will learn a wide range of topics, including AI, bioinformatics, machine learning, digital health, and big data. This is a specialized AI course aimed at people who already have lots of previous knowledge of AI and healthcare. The course costs $2,150 and you’ll earn a certificate on completion.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by Google Cloud Labs

This Google Cloud Labs course will provide you with a Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Certification. It’s designed for AI beginners who want to gain a deep understanding of big data and machine learning.

You will learn Google Cloud’s products such as Cloud SQL, BigQuery, and Dataproc. The course teaches you how to perform AI tasks in Google Cloud. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in Tensorflow, machine learning (ML) operations, ML pipelines, and automated interactions with AI.

AI for Everyone: Master the Basics by IBM on edX

If you are new to AI and are looking for a free reputable course, this is the course for you. IBM’s introductory course in AI will teach you the basics of machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning.

The course covers applications of AI in our daily lives, the ethical concerns surrounding the field, and also offers career advice from AI professionals. You can get a certificate by paying $99.

Ethics in AI and Big Data by The Linux Foundation on edX

As artificial intelligence continues to take over the tech world, jobs are getting more and more automated. This raises several ethical and societal questions. If you want to become an AI professional, having a critical understanding of its ethical aspects is crucial. This course by The Linux Foundation teaches you just that.

You will learn how to build responsible AI frameworks, how to apply AI ethically, and how to navigate the other tech and non-tech implications of AI. This is yet another free AI course on edX. However, if you want a certificate of completion you will need to pay $149.

IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate by IBM on Coursera

For all aspiring AI or machine learning engineers, this IBM professional certificate is a great way to launch your career. The course covers several AI topics including machine learning, deep learning, classification, regression, neural networks, and dimensional reduction.

It also covers Python programming, Spark, big data, Keras, data science, Tensorflow, PyTorch, and AI neural networks.

DeepLearning.AI Tensorflow Developer Professional Certificate by DeepLearning.AI on Coursera

This course is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of AI, deep learning, and machine learning. You will learn to use Tensorflow to build natural language processing systems and train neural networks.

You’ll also gain valuable AI skills in things like augmentation, computer vision, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, time series, and inductive transfer.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn How to Build an AI by Udemy

Just as the name suggests, this Udemy course on AI will teach you how to build an AI machine. You should have basic knowledge of Python before taking this course.

To build your AI, you will learn deep Q-learning, deep convolutional Q-learning, A3C, AI models, and the theory behind AI. The course includes a project where you will build a virtual self-driving car. This is a great addition to your portfolio.

Artificial Intelligence for Business by Udemy

If you are interested in the business sector, and learning the impact of AI in the business field, this is an excellent course. The course teaches you how to use AI to solve real-world business problems. The course also covers business topics such as business optimization, cost minimization, revenue maximization, and efficiency maximization.

You will learn AI frameworks, as well as things like Thompson sampling and regret analysis. It will also teach you how to build an AI environment and artificial brain from scratch. It is an introductory course, but you’ll need some knowledge of Python.

Choosing the Right Course

Choosing the Right Course

With so many artificial courses available online, how do you know which course is most suitable for you? Things like cost, course length, and the provider’s reputation can vary. Read on for our tips on how to choose the best course.


The first and most important consideration is the price of the course. Some courses are free, whereas others cost $3,400. Keep in mind that certificates can be really valuable to future employers, but often come at an additional price.


Check the reputation of the provider and the particular course before purchasing a course. Certificates from reputable schools and organizations will be more valuable when looking for future roles.

Course Length

Online courses offer more flexibility than in-person courses. They vary massively in course length, depending on the level of learning. Some are also self paced, which allows you to set your own schedule. These are ideal for anyone who needs to work their studies around other commitments such as work.

Next Steps After Your Course

Once you have completed a course in artificial intelligence, you’ll typically go on to take further training and ultimately get a job in the field. Below are the next steps you can take after your course.

Earn a Certification

Online courses alone aren’t usually enough to get an entry-level position in artificial intelligence. Professional certifications can be a great way to enhance your employability. They are provided by reputable third parties and validate your skills to future employers.

There are plenty of AI certifications offered by reputable organizations including IBM, Stanford University, and LinkedIn Learning. Which certification you should choose will depend on your career choice. For example, if you want to become an AI engineer, get a certification in that field.

Build your Portfolio

The next step is to build your professional portfolio. Add course projects, certifications, and industry experience to your resume. A great way to build your portfolio is by applying for AI internships or freelance jobs that use your AI skills. You can also build your own AI tools to showcase your skills.

Apply for a Job

Once you are equipped with the necessary training and experience, you are ready to look for a job in AI. Search job boards and join newsletters to research what jobs are out there and start applying for entry-level jobs.

Should You Study Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, if you want to learn one of the most in-demand skills in the tech field you should study artificial intelligence by taking an online course. By learning artificial intelligence you open yourself up to a world of career possibilities.

The job outlook and salary expectations for tech specialists with artificial intelligence skills are extremely bright. So having artificial intelligence skills on your resume will help you secure a promising future.

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