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Knowing how to get a job at Spotify extends well beyond just searching the job boards. You also need to be equipped with knowledge on what Spotify is, what it’s like to work there, and what the hiring process entails.

This article will give you some valuable insight into the company’s business model, culture, and the potential career pathways available at one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

What Is Spotify? Spotify Company Overview

Founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006, Spotify is a Swedish company that offers an audio streaming service to around 365 million active users every month. Spotify users gain free access to music or pay a subscription to listen without ads. They have access to more than 70 million tracks.

Spotify is primarily a music streaming business, but the company also provides a useful platform for podcast episodes. Last year, Spotify generated around $9.4 billion in revenue, according to Statista.

Spotify’s headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. With 16 offices around the world, there are also opportunities to work in Germany, Canada, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more. Spotify employs somewhere in the region of 6,500 workers.

What Is It Like to Work at Spotify?

People usually say Spotify is a great place to work. It encourages an inclusive and creative culture, and offers competitive salaries and other benefits. If you’re looking to join a company that you can grow in, it also promotes varied learning and career opportunities for all employees.

What's the Company Culture at Spotify?

Spotify places importance on fostering a positive working environment. encourages a collaborative, passionate, sincere, and innovative work environment. Spotify also promotes transparency.

The company also encourages flexible working arrangements. Its new Work From Anywhere (WFA) program, launched in early 2021, is an initiative that allows employees more flexibility to work from home.

What's the Average Salary at Spotify?

The average Spotify salary is $110,000 per year. The average bonus at Spotify is $12,000. Salaries tend to start at around $55,000 per year for employees in more junior roles.

If you find yourself working at the higher end of the company, you could find yourself earning as much as $180,000 per year. Your salary will largely depend on the nature of your work, the skills that you have, and the level of your experience.

What Employee Benefits and Perks Can You Get at Spotify?

Spotify offers its employees a competitive set of benefits that includes healthcare, 401k, and life insurance. Employees are given the opportunity to join the company’s flexible share program. All new parents are entitled to take six months of paid leave.

Their GreenHouse scheme facilitates extensive learning opportunities for those working within the company structures, regardless of which position you might be occupying in the organization.

Spotify Employee Reviews

Most employees who work at Spotify enjoy working there overall, according to Indeed reviews. They praise the work environment and say it’s a fun place to work, full of amazing people, especially if you have a passion for music. Employees are also very satisfied with their salaries and benefits.

Employees also feel like there is ample opportunity for growth, additional learning, and development within the organization. If you’re looking for a career with an upwards trajectory, then Spotify might be the place for you to do this.

Spotify Hiring Process: Getting a Job at Spotify

Spotify Hiring Process: Getting a Job at Spotify

Getting a job at Spotify is a multi-step hiring process. The hiring manager will be searching for very specific qualities and the interview experience is thorough. After an initial phone screen, you’ll attend a couple more rounds of interviews before being offered a job.

While this might feel like a prolonged process, the in-depth interview experience also gives you the opportunity to get a better feel for the business environment.

Do You Need a Degree to Work for Spotify?

You don’t need a degree to work at Spotify, although there are some job roles that require you to have one. A greater emphasis is placed on the quality of your experience, along with proven ability and passion for innovation. The company is always on the lookout for talented people, preferably people with a background in music or music lovers.

For example, If you wish to become a data scientist at Spotify, the primary expectation will be that you have expert knowledge working with tools like software design, Python, R, BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau. These are all skills that can be learned at bootcamps or through online courses.

Spotify Job Application and Interview Process

To apply for a job at Spotify, check out the job listings on their website. Make sure you read the job descriptions carefully and send in a tailored application. For many roles, it’s a good idea to also provide a portfolio of your relevant work. Your portfolio review is often a big part of the hiring process.

If the hiring manager likes your application, Spotify will invite you for an interview. The first of those interviews will be an introductory interview either over the phone or via video call. This will be a semi casual interview with the talent acquisition team. This is likely to be a more casual conversion where they’ll ask a few personal questions to find out more about you.

After your introductory interview, you’ll have your onsite interview, which will be attended by two or three members of the recruitment team at Spotify. Then the final onsite interview will be conducted with several staff members relevant to your job roles. If this part of the application process goes well, you will be invited to join the company.

Is It Hard to Get a Job at Spotify?

It can be challenging to secure a job at Spotify. There will invariably be stiff competition for those jobs. The employment process is thorough and you will be screened by multiple people within the organization.

However, this shouldn’t put you off as Spotify goes to a lot of effort to find people who are a good fit for their culture. They also offer many opportunities for employment regardless of your background or where you are based.

What Data-Driven Jobs Can I Get at Spotify?

You can find a range of data-driven roles at Spotify, whether your background is in software design, data science, or as a project manager. If you’re a tech professional who has always dreamt of being part of the music industry, Spotify has a role for you. Below are some of the best job openings at Spotify at the time of writing.

Data Scientist: Creator Business Analysis

Who You Are: The key requirements for this job are at least three years of practical experience in data science, along with data science skills in Python, R, BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau.

What You’ll Do: Your primary function will be to consume, analyze, and interpret data, to help managers in your company make better business decisions and implement better product development.

Senior Data Scientist: Voice Personalization

Who You Are: You’ll have a minimum of five years of previous experience with applied research and statistical modelling. For this job, you will also need a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or Econometrics.

What You’ll Do: Your primary role will be to produce workable product insights for the business, through statistical analysis and attribution modelling.

Data Scientist: Creation Platform

Who You Are: Spotify recruiters are searching for people who can demonstrate their business analytics skills. As well as three years of previous experience in this field, you should be able to navigate your way around advanced SQL, Python, and R.

What You’ll Do: In this role, you will conduct business analysis on large data sets, and help business bosses make more informed decisions through data visualization.

Data Scientist: Listening Experience Insights

Who You Are: You’re likely to have at least have a bachelor’s degree in an applied field like statistics, computing, or mathematics, combined with two years of practical experience in applied research and statistical modelling.

What You’ll Do: On a typical day you’ll use your data science skills to conduct research on Spotify listeners to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they listen to.

Senior Data Scientist: Forecasting and Data

Who You Are: Because this is a senior role you will be expected to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of SQL, data warehousing, data visualization, spreadsheets, and coding. To apply, you should have a minimum of five years of practical experience in computing, finance, econometrics, and statistics.

What You’ll Do: This role centers on producing forecasts on the impact that new business will have on the business, through analysis and data modelling.

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at Spotify

How To Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired at Spotify

Do your research.

When applying for a job at Spotify, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are clear on what the job is and why you want to apply for it. You should also be able to reference recent or current projects of theirs.

Practise interview questions.

Another must is to make sure you turn up to the interview fully prepared. Find sample interview questions online and practice out loud before the day.

Ask questions.

This is a great way to demonstrate to potential employers that you are curious, interested in the company, and have an innovative mind. When doing your interview research, write down any questions about the job role or company.

How to Get a Job at Spotify FAQs

What is it like to work at Spotify?

Spotify is a flexible and fair employer that promotes creativity and innovation. Employees generally have positive things to say about working there. There are also multiple opportunities to learn and grow within the company.

Is the Spotify hiring process inclusive?

Spotify has just recently launched an initiative to be a more diverse company. In what can sometimes be a male-dominated industry, data from PayScale actually indicates that most of the employees at Spotify are in fact women.

What can I expect in a Spotify interview?

Spotify interviews are conducted in three stages. The first interview will either be a phone or video call. The second interview will be on site with two or three recruiters. The third interview will be with several key employees at the company.

Can I re-apply for a job at Spotify?

You are encouraged to re-apply for a job at Spotify if six weeks have passed since you first tried for a job at the company.

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