The Best Philadelphia Bootcamps of 2021

Philadelphia is among the top 10 emerging tech hubs in the United States. Major bootcamps like Thinkful and Nucamp entered this city to help students grow in the industry. However, there are many more coding bootcamps in Philadelphia where you can enroll and learn.

Whether you want to learn coding, data science, cyber security, or product management, these bootcamps can help you. With new tech skills, you can work your way into leading tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, or Amazon. Read below to see the best coding bootcamps in Philadelphia.

What Are the Best Philadelphia Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

The schools listed below are the best coding bootcamps in Philadelphia. Each one can bring you closer to your tech career goal in the tech industry.

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Before you enroll, it’s important to research the perks of each program. You should look at what classes there are, which financing options are available, and how much time you need to invest.

Coded by U logo

Coded by U

This coding bootcamp offers programs for schools and companies. You can learn to code with a welcoming and innovative learning plan. Coded by U offers courses in software engineering, data science, and digital design. If you’re already working and want to upgrade your skills, this is a great option.

Coded by U is based in Philadelphia and can travel to your organization to help you learn. It aims to provide affordable and accessible education to anyone who needs it. If you bring Coded by U into your workplace, you can experience work development and teaching strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Nucamp is a hybrid coding bootcamp that blends online learning with immersive classes. Even though Nucamp doesn’t have a data science bootcamp, it offers a fantastic programming course. You can apply your coding skills in JavaScript to almost any tech field. You will also learn how to use CSS and HTML in the web and mobile development course.

While the introductory program lasts for four months, the two major courses last for 17 and 22 weeks. Nucamp is one of the most affordable bootcamps in Philadelphia and also has a flexible payment option. The tuition cost for the three programs ranges between $349 and $1,880. After graduation, you can get personalized career coaching to help you get a job.

Penn LPS is based out of the University of Pennsylvania. At its Philadelphia campus, you can learn coding, data analysis, cyber security, and fintech. The data analysis bootcamp program covers the application of Python for data science, JavaScript, Excel, SQL, Tableau, and more.

The data analysis program at Penn LPS is offered both full-time and part-time. The full-time and part-time tuition is $12,495 and you can pay it in interest-free installments or loan financing. You can complete the entire application process online. If you want a university-accredited coding bootcamp, this is a great choice for you.

Per Scholas logo

Per Scholas

Per Scholas is a coding bootcamp with campuses all over the country. The Philadelphia location offers two courses: Full Stack Java Developer and End User Desktop Support. You can learn everything you need to know in the full stack course, including Java, data structures, and algorithms. This curriculum is applicable to any tech field, including data science.

The best part of this coding bootcamp is that it is completely free. Its courses are tailored to help you thrive in a working environment. With over 11,000 graduates, this bootcamp is a great choice if you want to learn to code for free.

Tech Elevator is an online and in-person bootcamp that can help you learn to code. It has campuses in Philadelphia and eight other cities in the United States. This intensive course lasts 14 weeks, with 40 to 50 hours per week. You’ll learn coding skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, APIs, and more.

Tech Elevator has a job placement rate of 92 percent and a graduation rate of 95 percent. Tuition is $15,500, but it’s worth it if you want to get a great job in the industry. Tech Elevator offers financing options like loan financing, scholarships, and grants. People from under-represented and low-income communities can apply for the scholarship.

Thinkful is a coding bootcamp with flexible schedules in Philadelphia and many other cities. It has a software engineering program, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thinkful also teaches data analytics, data science, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and product management. The weekly time commitment varies from program to program.

The data science program is perfect for anyone who wants to become a machine learning engineer, database architect, data scientist, or project manager. The full-time program lasts for six months, while the part-time program lasts for five months. The tuition is $7,900 part-time and $18,500 full-time. Thinkful has a job placement rate of 86 percent, and also has a job guarantee.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are accelerated tech schools for career-focused education. They are designed to help you gain specific skills for a successful tech career. While most bootcamps are designed with professionals in mind, you can join a bootcamp without any previous experience.

Coding bootcamps started in 2011 and have become prevalent ever since. At first, companies were skeptical about hiring people who studied for a few months instead of four years. However, skills can be more useful than experience. Bootcamps also offer work-oriented programs to help you thrive in the workforce. They have career services, hiring partners, and more.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

A coding bootcamp costs $13,584 on average in the United States, but it depends on the school. Since coding bootcamps are short-term programs, you only have to pay once. Bootcamps aren’t usually divided into semesters like regular colleges. As well, they often offer financing options to help you pay tuition.

The most popular bootcamp funding options are income share agreements, loan financing, deferred tuition, and installments. With an ISA or deferred tuition, you only have to pay tuition once you get a job. You may also qualify for discounts and scholarships, so make sure you read about your options before making any decision.

Is a Philadelphia Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, attending a bootcamp in Philadelphia is worth it if you want to land a job in tech. On average, software engineers in Philadelphia earn $93,587 per year. Senior software engineers earn even more. A bootcamp combines software engineering and business to prepare you for a great job in tech.

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