Best Data Engineering Bootcamps

The Best Data Engineering Bootcamps of 2021

Data engineers are in charge of developing and maintaining database systems. They combine elements of data science with programming, making data engineering one of the fastest-growing professions. If you’re looking to enjoy the opportunities that the field has to offer, perhaps it’s time to learn from today’s best data engineering bootcamps.

What Are the Best Data Engineering Bootcamps in 2021?

With the demand for data engineers rising, data engineering bootcamps have likewise increased in popularity. And with the increase, it’s only become more difficult to choose which bootcamp you should attend.

This in-depth guide gives you a rundown of the best data engineering programs out there. This also includes data science bootcamps that offer short courses in data engineering.

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Check the following list to know more about the tuition costs, financing options, and curriculum that these bootcamps have to offer.

AptusLearn logo


Aptus Learn is an India-based coding bootcamp offering immersive programs that can be taken online by students abroad. Among these is the Professional Certificate Course in Data Engineering on Cloud Platform, a six-month program with classes held only on the weekends to accommodate working professionals.

The curriculum covers eight modules that walk you through core data engineering concepts, such as cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Linux, and PostgreSQL. You’ll also learn how to use data science tools like SQL, Hadoop, and MySQL.

The program is also packed with hands-on labs and exercises that are conducted through AptusLearn Labs. These include building a scalable data pipeline, data warehouse architecture, and data models.

AptusLearn delivers lectures through live online instruction to make sure that students receive the guidance they need as they progress in the program. Because the program teaches advanced data engineering concepts, students must be IT professionals with two to three years of experience and basic knowledge of SQL, Cloud, database, and programming.

The program costs around $1,400, excluding taxes.

Asigmo logo


Asigmo is a high-end data science bootcamp offering an eight-week data science program. While the focus will be on data science concepts, the program also touches on data engineering.

During this time, students will learn about cloud computing, databricks, and cloud-based service Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML). Other than data engineering, students also get to learn more about the processes and tools used within a data science project life cycle. This includes learning about R and Python for data science, statistics, data modelling, and natural language processing.

Asigmo also offers career services courtesy of its job placement program. Through the program, career coaches will help students polish their interview skills and craft their resumes. Asigmo also holds networking events where students can gain more visibility in the tech community.

The program costs approximately $9,250, payable upfront, in monthly installments, through a deferred tuition plan, or external financing from loan providers.

Dataquest logo


Dataquest is another data science bootcamp that offers data-focused immersive programs, namely, Data Analyst in R/Python, Data Scientist in Python, and Data Engineer programs. In this article, we’ll talk about the Data Engineer Program.

The Data Engineer Program is a six-month-long training path that equips you with the skills needed to design, manage, implement, and maintain big data infrastructure. Through this, you’ll learn about Python, data structures and algorithms, and SQL. You’ll also study recursions, trees, and, of course, big data.

One of the most outstanding subjects in this program is the Building a Data Pipeline course. As the name implies, this is where you learn to build a Python data pipeline from scratch. By the end of the program, you’ll have a certificate of completion and portfolio to show your prospective employers.

Insight logo

Insight Data Science

Insight Data Science is a data science bootcamp that offers programs in data engineering, artificial intelligence, data science, and DevOps engineering, among others. The programs are designed for advanced programmers and data scientists in need of professional development.

The bootcamp’s data engineering program lasts seven weeks, by the end of which you’ll learn how to build a scalable and efficient data platform. You’ll also be expected to present your data platform to prospective companies and score job interviews from them.

One of the most remarkable things about this school is that it has over 70 hiring partners, so the odds are in your favor if you’re looking to secure a job immediately after graduation.

Jigsaw Labs logo

Jigsaw Labs

Jigsaw Labs offers a data engineering course that will train you to maintain and deploy data-friendly platforms in 19 weeks. The curriculum is a mix of core skills that data scientists and software engineers need to have. Among the technical topics you’ll cover are Python, SQL, dashboards, cloud computing, and big data.

Your accumulated knowledge of these concepts will then be applied to complete hands-on projects like creating interactive graphs and building a neural network from scratch. The course can be taken online on a part-time schedule.

Expect to pay $4,500 for the course. Jigsaw Labs also offers job placement assistance for its graduates.

Le Wagon logo

Le Wagon

Le Wagon’s full-time data science course promises a comprehensive look into all data-related fields. These include week-long lessons in data engineering, data analysis, decision science, machine learning, and deep learning.

During the data engineering week, you’ll learn how to build a machine learning model and deploy it to production. The program culminates with a data science capstone project where you’ll use and apply all the tools and technologies you learned during the program.

This school has campuses in more than 30 countries but the USA, although it does offer online courses.

Metis’ data engineering course includes essential elements of the data science process, including SQL and Python programming. You’ll also learn about other topics like linear regression and web scraping.

The data engineering module covers fundamental subjects like cloud computing and big data. You’ll explore advanced coding techniques focused on database systems and web development. This course costs $14,500 and offers a $3,000 scholarship for members of the LGBT community and other underrepresented communities in the tech industry.

Springboard’s data engineering career track teaches you how to deploy and maintain a database-driven system. This course covers the fundamental and advanced aspects of data science and programming.

You’ll learn about Hadoop and Spark programming, big data engineering, and how to implement data visualization in your speech. This course will also dive deep into the ins and outs of cloud engineering and data pipeline orchestration.

The program costs $8,940 and comes with a job guarantee. Instruction is delivered online, although learning is self-paced. Students generally complete the course in six months.

What Is a Data Engineering Bootcamp?

A data engineering bootcamp is a training ground for people looking to bridge the gap between software engineering and data science. Because of the heavy focus on data, bootcamps that teach data engineering are usually data science or data analytics bootcamps.

As is the case with a few of the bootcamps mentioned above, data science and data analyst programs typically include modules dedicated to helping you learn data engineering. Data engineering programs usually last three to six months and can be taken part-time or full-time and online or onsite.

How Much Do Data Engineering Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Tuition for data engineering programs varies by bootcamp. However, most of them go from $3,500 to $15,000. Since some data science programs also cover data engineering, you should also consider their average price. They go from $7,000 to $20,000.

If these are out of your range, don’t worry. Most bootcamps offer different financing options. These include income share agreements, loans, deferred tuition plans, monthly installments, and scholarships.

Keep in mind that some bootcamps also offer a job guarantee. This entails that if you don’t find a job after graduation, you will receive a full or partial refund provided that you complied with the eligibility requirements.

Are Data Engineering Bootcamps Worth It?

Data engineering bootcamps are worth it if you wish to further your knowledge of data science and programming. Enrolling in one is especially helpful if you don’t have much of the time, resources, or the availability required to earn a four-year degree.

Because data science and data analytics are close relatives of data engineering, learning data analytics can help open more career opportunities for you in the future. Data engineers currently report an average pay of $92,352 per year.

If you’re looking to launch a career that promises professional growth and a big paycheck, then start your journey with one of the best data engineering bootcamps listed above.

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