Best Database Management Bootcamps

The Best Database Management Bootcamps of 2021

Becoming a data scientist requires database management skills. As more companies expect employees to know their way around databases, more coding schools are developing curricula around database projects that use Python or SQL. If you want these skills in your repertoire, check out the best database management bootcamps of 2021.

What Are the Best Database Management Bootcamps in 2021?

Many coding bootcamps offer data science and data analytics courses, which often include modules on database management. Not all schools have the same content and benefits, of course, and only some bootcamp programs will be appropriate for your level of skill and experience. To find the right program for you, check out the list below.

BrainStation is a tech institute that offers programs in data science, data analytics, coding, cyber security, digital marketing, and UI design. At this bootcamp, you can pursue a career in areas where industry demand is highest. It has both part-time and full-time programs to accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles and work schedules.

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The best way to get started with database management is the online data analytics course. This BrainStation program covers data processing with Excel, Tableau, and MySQL. In each class, you will learn how to visualize, organize, clean, and analyze data. With SQL, you can learn to manipulate databases and process a large amount of data.

Coding Dojo is a coding school that focuses on software development. It is known for providing individualized feedback that helps each student navigate their job search. The school has campuses in ten cities across the United States.

At Coding Dojo, you can explore database management as part of the Python curriculum. The school gives you many ways to learn the Python stack, including an in-person program, online program, a part-time program, and a self-paced learning option. Depending on which you choose, you can spend anywhere from four to 12 weeks studying Python.

Many of these options teach Python and SQL in conjunction. As you begin to get a feel for object-oriented programming and relational databases, you will start work on useful projects that deal with manipulating data on the backend, such as an e-commerce website and a data scraping assignment.

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DataCamp is an online bootcamp specializing in data science. At DataCamp, you can take fast, inexpensive, and efficient courses that will help you start your journey as a data scientist.

Some programs related to database management are Data Manipulation with R and Statistics Fundamentals with R, both of which include 20 hours of content. There is also a four-hour course in which you can learn the basics of R. Topics covered in these courses include the dplyr and data.table packages, exploratory analysis, data union with R, and regression in R.

Galvanize is a bootcamp that offers full-time and part-time courses in data science and software engineering. The school assists both people and companies in achieving tech goals. Here you can benefit from many resources that will help you become a data scientist.

If you want to know and apply database management concepts, you can choose the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp. Over 13 weeks, you will work with data scraping, predictions, data analysis, statistics, and other important topics. You can pay for this Galvanize course through an income share agreement (ISA) or by seeing if you qualify for a scholarship.

For an exceptional learning experience, check out General Assembly. This tech school is among the best and most prolific in the world, with more than 30 campuses and over 70,000 graduates.

You can learn database management in any General Assembly program that covers structured query language (SQL). Options for beginners include a three-hour online course, a two-day in-person workshop, and a self-paced data analytics course. For more immersive training, you can learn SQL alongside other tools in the part-time data analytics program.

Any of these options will teach you SQL functions, a crucial tool for analyzing and processing data. You will also learn SELECT-FROM-WHERE statements, JOIN operations, LIMIT clauses, NULL values, and much more.

Metis is an award-winning data science bootcamp with 12-week courses. The programs are designed to equip students with the practical skills necessary to ensure a smooth transition to becoming a data scientist. Every Metis bootcamp covers its subject exhaustively.

To learn and apply database management concepts, you can take the online data analytics bootcamp. Here you will learn the basics of Python and SQL, use exploratory data, perform Python visualizations with the Matplotlib and Jupyter notebooks, and practice data cleansing on relational databases.

Springboard is a smart choice for aspiring data scientists, data analysts, or cyber security professionals. At this bootcamp, you can choose from many intensive courses that offer a job guarantee. You will also have access to free learning aids, workshops, and prep courses.

If you want to know about database management, sign up for the Data Analytics Career Track. This is a six-month program with over 400 hours of content. You will learn to work with SQL and create projects that involve structured and unstructured databases, as well as set theory. Additionally, you will learn how to visualize your Python projects.

Thinkful is a coding bootcamp with flexible scheduling and pricing options. Thinkful programs range from $0 to $16,000. All of its six-month courses come with a job guarantee, so you can feel great about your job prospects.

To learn about database management, you can choose the data analytics program. In this online course, you will build projects with Python and SQL. You will learn fundamental data analytics processes, such as how to extract, capture, and organize data. You will analyze data using descriptive statistics, A/B tests, and random sampling.

What Is a Database Management Bootcamp?

In general, a bootcamp is a tech school that offers career-oriented courses in areas such as coding, software engineering, data science, and cyber security. On average, their full-time programs last about 12 weeks. Most of them also offer part-time programs that take twice as long to complete. Increasingly, bootcamp programs are being offered online.

A database management bootcamp, then, is a tech school that teaches students how to navigate database management systems. Students will be expected to learn by doing, using Python, SQL, and other tools to analyze, visualize, and organize data. This content is usually offered as part of a data science or data analytics program.

The best bootcamps offer career services and job guarantees, which are meant to help students find a job and ease their transition into the tech industry.

How Much Do Database Management Bootcamp Programs Cost?

The tuition for a data science or data analytics bootcamp can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000. Prices depend on several factors, including the location, the duration of the course, the presence or absence of a job guarantee, the cost of supplies, and more.

To pay for a bootcamp program, you have several options. The classic method is to make an initial deposit and then pay the rest in installments. You can also pay for the entire course with a single fee.

Most bootcamps also have lending partners to help students who don’t have cash on hand. Credit companies like Climb Credit and Ascent Funding can pay your full tuition, which you will have to start paying back at a specified time, often after the course is finished.

Finally, many bootcamps offer scholarships, several of which cover the full cost of tuition. Some scholarships target women, others seek out Black applicants, and others still are for veterans. The bottom line is that, if you’re a member of a group that’s underrepresented in the tech industry, you should be able to find a bootcamp scholarship to apply for.

Are Database Management Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, a database management bootcamp is worth it. It can prepare you to win a job at a major company or to start an innovative venture of your own. The courses at these schools are shorter, cheaper, and more efficient than degree programs in data science or computer science at traditional universities.

The percentage of bootcamp grads who find gainful employment is constantly on the rise, and it will likely continue to rise unless the demand for tech talent unexpectedly dries up. Companies now often recruit new employees directly from bootcamps. If you choose a good database management bootcamp, you stand a good chance of getting a job soon after you graduate.

Being an expert in database management allows you to improve your professional profile as a data scientist or computer programmer. If you learn these skills, you gain valuable experience while also boosting your earning potential. The average salary for a database manager or database administrator is close to $90,000 per year. The time to join a bootcamp is today.

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