Best NumPy Bootcamps

The Best NumPy Bootcamps of 2021

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data scientists today. One of the reasons for this is the broad selection of libraries and frameworks that simplify data science operations. One of these libraries, NumPy, can help you build data arrays and matrices with mathematical analysis. It’s often used in combination with other libraries like Pandas.

The best NumPy bootcamps can teach you how to use this library for data science and machine learning. These tech schools can also teach you how to code with Python. If you want to learn NumPy, check out the best NumPy bootcamps in 2021 below.

What Are the Best NumPy Bootcamps in 2021?

The best NumPy bootcamps in 2021 are courses that can teach you NumPy and other relevant subjects. You can learn Python and data structures in an immersive environment. The majority of these programs are live online due to COVID-19. They still offer the full curriculum, career services, and classroom atmosphere that the bootcamps are known for.

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This is the second university-backed bootcamp on the list. Like Rutgers, Berkeley Boot Camps offers an alumni discount. However, it offers several key differences besides its location on the opposite side of the country.

In the data analytics course, you can learn Python and R while adding Matplotlib and D3.js to your toolkit. This 24-week program provides career services along with its immersive curriculum. You can become competitive in the field with strong project curriculums, resumes, and other job search tools.

Coding Dojo is one of the best bootcamps in the country. Its immersive courses can teach you one to three software engineering stacks. However, Coding Dojo also offers a part-time data science program that solely focuses on Python.

You will start by learning the fundamentals of Python before diving into NumPy and the Pandas library. Next, you’ll transition into machine learning and statistical inference. Coding Dojo’s programs are well-regarded in the industry and lead to success for its graduates. Within six months, 89% of Coding Dojo graduates land a job.

Coding Temple’s full-time 10-week bootcamp can teach you software engineering and data science. You will start by learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and collaboration. Next, you’ll learn object-oriented programming, data structures with Python, JavaScript, and React. The course finishes with data tools for analysis, data visualization, and a capstone project.

Coding Temple has a 95 percent career placement rate within three months of graduation, so this program has proven success in the industry. It also offers career mentorship, mock interviews, job assistance, and professional LinkedIn profile building.

Flatiron School has multiple locations across the United States, but for the moment it’s only offering courses online. The 15-week data science bootcamp can teach you Python, NumPy, and big data. You’ll learn about statistics, A/B testing, and linear regression. You will also learn about machine learning, deep learning, and natural language progression.

Graduates from the New York program tend to find jobs with an $85,000 starting salary. Flatiron School also says that 85% of graduates get a job in the field after graduation. There’s a high chance you’ll find a lucrative job after graduating from Flatiron School.

Galvanize is one of the largest coding bootcamps in the country. Its data science program can teach you Python with machine learning and natural language processing skills. Along with Python, you can also learn NumPy and other tools. This is a great comprehensive data science program.

Galvanize offers several financing options and the opportunity for students to work at some of the biggest names in tech. Graduates from Galvanize have gone on to work at companies like Tesla, Spotify, Apple, Microsoft, American Express, and more.

Metis is one of the options on this list that focuses on data science and data analytics. The data science and engineering program cover all of the techniques you need to know in a project-based curriculum. You can get a quality education, career services, and a certificate as proof of your skills.

After completing this program, you will graduate with a portfolio of completed projects and a certificate. The Metis career services can help you land the job of your dreams upon graduation. If you’re interested in using NumPy for data science, this is a great option for you.

Noble Desktop can lead you through Python with its data science certificate program. This course is offered online and in New York City, so you can take it anywhere in the world as long as you can commit to the timeslot. You will learn programming fundamentals before moving on to queries and automating tasks.

Noble Desktop may be appealing to people looking for a low-cost, fast-paced course with plenty of financing options. The normal tuition for the two-week program is $4,790. Sometimes there are special discounts, so be sure to check when you apply.

NYC Data Science Academy combines instruction on the R programming language and Python. You will work your way up through the project-based curriculum by picking up data science basics. Then you will move into projects with R and Python. After completing one project with each language, you can learn artificial intelligence topics.

The 12-week program gives you access to career services and a community of over 2,000 graduates upon graduation. Since NYC Data Science Academy began, thousands of graduates have gone on to work in fields like finance, medicine, technology, music streaming, banking, and more. This wide range of hires shows how capable these graduates are.

Rutgers Bootcamp logo

Rutgers Bootcamps

This data science bootcamp can give you a bootcamp experience from an accredited university. For those who live in New Jersey, this is a very strong option. You can learn the Python data stack with bonus instruction in building websites. After these lessons, you’ll learn Tableau, Hadoop, and machine learning to finish your final project and start your career.

Rutgers is one of two university-backed bootcamps on this list, and both offer tuition discounts for alumni. If you’ve graduated from Rutgers and you’re looking to make a career change, this could be the option for you.

The Data Incubator provides mostly online bootcamp options. You can take its data science essentials course to get your bearings. The eight-week essentials course gives you a background in data before you take the plunge into the full program. It offers evening sessions and recorded lectures that cover everything in the Python data stack, including NumPy.

After mastering the essentials, you can choose to join the eight-week fellowship or the 20-week part-time option. This is a project-based course that helps you complete key tasks that simulate real working environments. However, you do need to have a PhD or other relevant data experience before applying.

What Is a NumPy Bootcamp?

NumPy bootcamps are tech courses that can teach you Python in a data science or data analytics context. These courses never teach NumPy as a standalone subject, but teach you Python and other key data science concepts. You can also learn the soft skills you need to find a career. You can get resume support, LinkedIn reviews, networking events, and more.

NumPy is integral to many data science operations, but it’s only a part of the picture. By attending the right bootcamps, you can learn about this central technology. It drives much of Python’s success in the data science space. If you want to learn NumPy, a bootcamp is the best way to go.

How Much Do NumPy Bootcamp Programs Cost?

NumPy bootcamps vary in cost depending on the length and location. The prices of the bootcamps in this article range from $3,495 to $17,980. These programs tend to have many financing options from scholarships to private loans. Some bootcamps even offer income sharing agreements, where you can defer tuition until after you get a job.

With ISAs, you pay little to no money during the bootcamp itself. You agree to pay a percentage of your future income for a set amount of payments, a set length of time, or some combination of the two. ISAs, like all financing options, differ between educators, so it’s important to investigate each option.

Are NumPy Bootcamps Worth It?

If you’re looking to join a fast-growing tech field, then NumPy bootcamps are worth it. NumPy helps to bring mathematics and statistics together to allow organizations to see where they are and where they’re going in the future.

According to IBM, 90% of all of humanity’s data has been created in the past two years. This data doesn’t just help businesses make money. It has implications in art, music, medicine, and more. Every modern field uses data, and it’s all waiting to be uploaded, discovered, and indexed by someone like you.

If this sounds appealing, give one of these top ten NumPy bootcamps a chance. There are plenty of options no matter where you live. You may find an increased salary doing something you enjoy. If you want to get a lucrative job in tech, you should enroll in one of the best NumPy bootcamps in 2021.

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