Top Web Development
Careers: 2021 List

Web development is a rewarding and versatile career path. This article covers the top 10 best careers in web development. If you have a background in computer science or software engineering, you should consider one of these pathways.

Web development involves a variety of jobs, skills, and career options that we will explore throughout this article. This article also looks at the best locations to be a web developer, educational requirements, and salary expectations. Take a look below at the highest-paying web development careers.

Why Pursue a Web Development Career?

You should pursue a web development career because they are versatile and lucrative. Professionals with these skills can try their hands at different roles and positions. These professionals can also work for a range of businesses and companies. These can include government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and much more.

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Web developers can choose to work freelance or on a contractual basis within big tech companies. A career in web development offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility. Salaries in web development can also be quite generous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary for web developers in the United States is $77,200.

What Industries Are Hiring Web Development Professionals?

Web developers can work for mobile application companies, digital businesses, and other digital services. Huge apps like Instagram are frequently hiring full-time developers to keep the platforms running. Large tech companies like Google, IBM, and Apple are often looking for web developers to work full-time.

Web developers are in demand in other industries. These include education, healthcare, and the aerospace industries. In the digital age, almost every business and institution needs to have a website. This means web development careers are here to stay.

Highest-Paying Web Development Careers at a Glance

We’ve gathered the highest-paying web development careers available in 2021. The job growth data has been sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Median pay figures have been taken from PayScale.

Job Title Min. Education Job Outlook Median Pay
Software Engineer Bachelor’s Degree 22%* $110,140
Information Security Analyst Bachelor’s Degree 31% $103,590
Development Operations Engineer Bachelor’s Degree 22%* $96,416
Big Data Engineer Bachelor’s Degree 22%* $89,838
Senior Web Developer Bachelor’s Degree 8%** $88,127
UX Designer Bachelor’s Degree 8%** $74,687
Mobile Application Developer Bachelor’s Degree 22%* $73,051
Video Game Developer Bachelor’s Degree 22%* $66,217
User Interface Designer Bachelor’s Degree 8%** $64,944
Search Engine Optimization Specialist Bachelor’s Degree 8%** $46,803

*Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers
**Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data on web developers and digital designers

The Best Web Development Careers in 2021

The Best Web Development Careers in 2021

We’ve collected information about each job’s responsibilities to give you an idea of what’s available. This list should help you assess what career paths could potentially work for you. Read below to learn more about the top web development careers of 2021.

Software Engineer

Software engineering is a very popular strand of work among web developers. There are many tools, skills, and coding languages in common among the two professions. Software engineers can work in front end or backend teams of development.

Software engineers can also work as full stack engineers if they are confident in using all technologies required to create tech products. You can become a software developer with a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Software Engineer Responsibilities

  • Develops functional information systems
  • Determines software needs and technical requirements before engaging in a project
  • Improves operating systems by conducting software and system analysis
  • Documents potential software improvements using diagrams and flowcharts

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts take the necessary steps to secure a company’s private information and data. Due to the current reliance on digital information, cyber security threats are common. Information security analysts are responsible for designing strategies to keep potential threats away.

Web developers can easily get into information security with good web development knowledge. All websites need cyber security measures to keep data and other information safe.

Information Security Analyst Responsibilities

  • Assesses potential risks and threats
  • Assesses an organization’s data systems for vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Devises strategies to enhance a website’s security system
  • Collaborates with companies to analyze faults in firewalls and data encryption programs

Development Operations Engineer

Development operations (DevOps) engineers are tasked with the design and analysis of automation systems. DevOps engineers propose specific tools, technologies, and methods to enhance the development process of a particular product.

DevOps engineers can work freelance but usually work as part of a team at big tech companies. Web developers wishing to get into DevOps engineering might need to learn more programming languages.

Development Operations Engineer Responsibilities

  • Handles and operates almost any scripting and coding language
  • Uses Linux technologies with fluency
  • Explains and solves problems to do with source code management, configuration management, and continuous integration
  • Communicates complex topics with large teams

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers design, create, and manage data infrastructures for websites and entire companies. Big data engineers can be called upon to help a business collect, store, and secure data. Web developers can easily penetrate the field of data engineering. Many skills you obtain while learning web development can be useful for data engineering.

Big Data Engineer Responsibilities

  • Works with SQL and other data tools
  • Collects and analyzes raw processed data
  • Supports and assists businesses in making data-security related decisions
  • Monitors and upgrades data collection mechanisms
  • Develops data-mining applications using a variety of technologies

Senior Web Developer

Senior web developers are web developers with many years of experience. Alternatively, developers can enter senior positions with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Senior web developers communicate with clients to determine a plan of action for creating a website. Senior web developers can also be hired to manage a development team.

Senior Web Developer Responsibilities

  • Designs and implements a web design strategy in collaboration with partners and clients
  • Knows how to use and apply technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Monitors and analyzes website traffic
  • Troubleshoots problems and resolves any development-related issues

UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers use web development tools and technologies to make software and websites user-friendly. UX designers are proficient in coding, information architecture, and wireframing. They usually work as part of a web design team. They tend to focus on the client experience aspect of a tech product.

UX Designer Responsibilities

  • Researches and analyzes audience expectations
  • Creates and implements wireframes
  • Tests products and identifies potential improvements
  • Collaborates with teams and other developers to upgrade a product

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers use programming tools and mechanisms to create functional mobile applications. Mobile application developers can work freelance or within larger tech companies. Mobile applications are useful in almost all aspects of daily life. For this reason, mobile application development is a very lucrative and strategic choice as a career.

Mobile Application Developer Responsibilities

  • Develops a plan of action to create a functional application
  • Assesses audience needs and expectations
  • Devises a digital marketing strategy
  • Uses and operates many coding languages such as Python, PHP, C++, JavaScript, Kotlin, and C#

Video Game Developer

Video game developers enjoy an exciting and creatively driven career. If you would like to make virtual worlds come to life, a career in game development might be for you. Game developers work in teams, usually for big gaming companies like Ubisoft and Nintendo. You can create web games, desktop games, console games, and more.

Video Game Developer Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with a team to assess and devise a plan of action
  • Contributes to the general idea of a video game including its design and gameplay
  • Codes the baseline of a video game using programming tools and languages
  • Assists the game designer in animating characters, actions, and landscapes

User Interface Designer

User interface (UI) design is a popular facet of web development. UI designers create interactive programs to improve a client’s experience. UI designers put themselves in a client’s shoes and try to make a website’s usability more enjoyable. They often work with backend or UX designers to create a complete and functional website.

User Interface Designer Responsibilities

  • Collaborates closely with user experience designers, developers, and copywriters
  • Creates wireframes, style guides, and prototypes
  • Makes sure a tech product is in line with modern technologies, expectations, and regulations
  • Offers design ideas such as visual weight and color theory

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

SEO specialists help garner and direct traffic to a website. They know how to use search engines like Google to their advantage. SEO specialists are expected to understand artificial intelligence mechanisms and how search engines pick up on keywords and concepts. This role involves web design, keyword research, content writing, and more.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Responsibilities

  • Analyzes a client’s needs and expectations for a website
  • Creates a strategy report to help a company or a digital business gain more traffic
  • Helps a website by filling it up with keywords
  • Writes SEO-rich content for a blog, a website, or a digital business
What Role Does Location Play in Web Development Salaries?

What Role Does Location Play in Web Development Salaries?

Location can play a big role because salaries can be higher or lower based on location. According to PayScale, the average salary of a web developer in San Fransisco is $87,022. However, PayScale also reports that web developers in San Diego only earn $59,121 per year. This is due to the cost of living and demand for these professionals in each city.

Common Entry-Level Jobs in Web Development

Web development offers many opportunities for advancement. There are also many entry-level jobs and positions available for web developers just starting out. Read below to learn the basics about the best entry-level web developer jobs.

Job Title Min. Education Entry-Level Pay
UX Designer Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science $63,666
Junior Software Engineer Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science $62,019
Entry-Level Application Developer Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science $59,427
Junior Front End Web Developer Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science $45,635
Junior Graphic Designer Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design $41,292

What Education Is Required for a Career in Web Development?

To pursue a career in web development, formal education is not required. You can learn by your own means and in your own time by using online resources. There are many free online courses available. These include massive online open courses distributed by online learning platforms like Coursera or edX.

However, it is highly advised to obtain a university degree. Getting a bachelor’s degree can be a lengthy and expensive process, but you will get the best education possible. Employers value a college education.

Alternatively, you can opt for intensive courses by attending a coding bootcamp. Coding bootcamps are less expensive and offer laser-focused programs and courses specifically on web development. Coding bootcamps are increasingly popular because they allow students to get professional certificates in less than a year.

Can I Study Web Development Online?

Yes, there are many courses, programs, and lessons available online. Many colleges and coding bootcamps offer remote learning options. If you plan to continue working while getting your education, online learning might be the best route for you.

Studying web development online is cheaper than studying on-campus. However, by pursuing your education online, you will miss out on a college’s resources, lab spaces, and study spaces. The benefits of studying on campus also include networking. Online degrees are more flexible.

Common Personality Traits in Web Development Professionals

Most web developers collaborate with a team, but many also work alone. Web developers are also expected to be highly creative and offer suggestions to make a website function better. They should have an attention to detail and a knack for coding and other tech skills.

Web developers need good communication skills. In most cases, developers have to explain complex technical topics to clients with no technical expertise. Web developers need to have soft skills like leadership and communication.

Is a Web Development Job Good for Me?

Yes, web development is a great choice. The field of web development is growing constantly. If you want to embark on an exciting tech-related career, web development might be for you. Technologies are always being upgraded and tweaked. For this reason, web developers need to adapt to new tools to keep up.

Web development is an exhilarating field with many opportunities for career advancement. As we have observed in this article, web development offers many options for specialization and career changes. If you want a new career in tech, 2021 is a great year to get into web development.

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