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Top Data Scientist Courses in 2022

With the rise in the number of complex data systems and highly quantified data, the need for data scientists to interpret these data models has also seen a drastic increase. Small, medium-sized, and large enterprises recruit professionals who can understand and present large amounts of information so they can make informed decisions and accurately predict outcomes.

The courses for learning data sciences are easily available online and are mostly free and can be accessed by anyone. These courses can provide you with the latest topics and necessary knowledge needed for you to become a fully-equipped data scientist.

What are some of the best options that you can use so you know how to become a data scientist yourself?

Top Data Scientist Courses

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There are many courses teaching the various types of data science, each with its special features. Read on further to decide which course would suit you best.

Data Science Specialization

This is a beginner-level course and it only requires basic familiarity with Python. It’s a convenient course to take for most professionals as it’s an online-based learning program. 

The course takes around 11 months. After that, you can have a portfolio displaying the new skills you’ve learned including R Programing, Statistics, Regression Analysis, how to navigate GitHub, and Machine Learning

This specialization program is the perfect combination of understanding the application of R-learning and it’s the most enrolled course with a lot of good reviews. The course can be availed for free or for an enrollment fee of $49 a month which comes with graded materials and learning certificates.

Introduction to Data Sciences 

This course is offered by the Metis Data Science Bootcamp. It’s a live-online course that introduces you to the core concepts of data sciences. It also requires you to have basic familiarity with Python. 

The courses are usually divided into different sections based on difficulty levels so learners do not miss out on any of the core requirements and concepts. The classes are also taught by experts within the data science field and the website even offers free classes.

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

This is a 5-course online specialization program offered by the University of Michigan via Coursera. It requires some basic experience in Python too, as it’s an intermediate-level program. 

In around 5 months, you can easily receive a certificate as proof that you have learned the skills of data visualization, statistical analysis, natural language processing, text mining, and the evaluation of Python programs. 

The program is free of cost and can be easily availed by anyone with an understanding of the core principles of data sciences. However, for $49 a month, the course can be availed along with a certificate as proof of course completion and graded material.

Data Sciences Micromasters

The Data Science Micromaster’s program requires at least an intermediate level of knowledge of data sciences and is offered by UC San Diego via edX, a popular site for online courses. The course delves deep into the complexities of data sciences and is divided into four courses taught over 10 months. 

This course equips learners with the right tools to deal with all sorts of data complexities and ensures they are no less than experts in the field. The original price for the course was $1,400 but has been reduced to $1,260 to accommodate a wider range of students. 


There are many features that set Dataquest apart from other online data science specialization programs. Firstly, instead of videos, courses are taught through interactive textbooks. Moreover, the creators of these courses strongly believe that the information learned through the program is useful if it can be correctly applied. 

This is why Dataquest has coding steps on each topic so you can apply whatever you have learned and test yourself. There’s even an online community where you can get all your queries answered. The program teaches Python and its data science libraries, SQL Spark, Map-Reduction, and Natural Language Processing.

One-third of the content is free of charge while the rest of the basic content is available for $29 a month. The premium course can also be availed for $49 a month. So far, Dataquest learners have achieved their desired career goals, and most of them recommend using Dataquest to gain advancements in their careers. 

Final Verdict

The field of data science is one that will always be in high demand as the quality and quantity of data collected keep increasing with the rise of data-gathering technology. Data science courses are easy to understand and are taught by experts using different websites. 

The websites may not offer courses that are free of cost, they are, however, much cheaper compared to traditional education for the same learning materials. Interested candidates can pick out whichever course best suits their needs as the maximum price required by most courses is around $49 a month.

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