The Best NYC Bootcamps in 2021

New York City is home to several tech giants such as Tumblr, Spotify, and Foursquare. This is why you can find some of the best coding bootcamps in the city. As a member of the TechHire initiative, the city is tasked with preparing developers for tech roles and reducing unemployment levels.

Coding bootcamps have found a way to support this initiative. They train students to be job-ready within a few months. NYC has several coding bootcamps with many focusing on web development and data science. If you want to join the tech scene, an NYC coding bootcamp may be an excellent way to transition to tech.

What Are the Best NYC Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

NYC has some of the best coding bootcamps in the US. They offer different training methods and schedules to meet the preference of their students.

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How can you find one of the best NYC coding bootcamps to enroll in this year? This list contains a few notable coding bootcamps and key details to help you start the process. But please note that some in-person courses might be affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

App Academy is a coding bootcamp based in NYC and San Francisco. It offers online and in-person immersive web development courses. You will learn to build apps and sites with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. Other frameworks like Redux and ReactJS are also part of the curriculum.

This coding bootcamp offers career coaches and connections to help you quickly secure a job after graduating. Most of the school’s graduates find a job within six months and earn an average salary of $90,000 in NYC. Graduates also report 40 percent salary increases after three years.

Byte Academy is an online and in-person coding bootcamp that offers part-time and full-time courses. It focuses on software engineering and data science. The program is Python-based. You can enroll in either of the programs, but all applicants are required to take prep courses.

Students have the option of taking self-paced prework for free before attending classes. The program includes lectures, pair programming sessions, Q&A sessions, and hands-on activities to ensure that you are ready to join the tech workforce.

This coding bootcamp has an impressive job placement rate. Around 90 percent of its students find a job within six months of completing the program. In addition, most start with higher than average salaries.

Code Immersives is an NYC-based coding bootcamp that offers a part-time web development immersive program for 11 months. The program is called Python Immersive

With AWS. This rare combination sets Code Immersive apart from other bootcamps.
Students in this immersive bootcamp receive comprehensive training that covers the intricacies of full stack development. Some of the topics include PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, React.js, CSS3, and HTML5. They also touch the CSS and Flexbox grid layout, JavaScript ES6, APIs, and Amazon Web Services.

Codesmith is a part-time and full-time software engineering bootcamp. It focuses on computer science and JavaScript to prepare students for software engineering careers. It has an updated curriculum that immerses you in different modern technologies. You can learn how to use frameworks like Node.js and React.

The coding bootcamp provides hiring support to guide students through portfolio development and interview stages. Post-graduation, your coach will check in on a regular basis, too.

On completion of the program, you will possess the technical skills needed to work as a software engineer. Codesmith reports that its job placement rate is 86.8 percent for students who graduate from the NYC campus. They find a job within 180 days of completion. Also, more than 43 percent of the graduates secure a role paying $130,000 per annum.

Data Science Dojo is an NYC-based coding bootcamp that focuses on data science. The learning method is a blend of hands-on exercises, lectures, competitions, collaboration, and mentoring. Your knowledge will be further enhanced by your tutors. This is because they are data scientists from high-profile tech companies.

Students learn data exploration and visualization, storytelling with data, and the basics of data science. It also offers career support and awards a certificate of completion to each graduate. Even though the data science bootcamp has not published its student outcomes, reviews point to positive results.

Flatiron School is a popular coding bootcamp with online and in-person programs. Some of the key disciplines in this coding bootcamp include data science, software engineering, and cyber security. The teaching method includes collaborative learning, interactive labs, and lectures.

The data science option trains students with Python and machine learning over 15 weeks. Students in the Cyber Security Program also learn to hack. And if you study software engineering, you will learn different languages and frameworks like Ruby on Rails, HTML, React, and CSS.

The coding bootcamp provides career coaching to help you land your ideal job after you graduate. According to Flatiron School, the bootcamp has a job placement rate of 93 percent.

Fullstack Academy is a coding bootcamp with campuses in NYC and other states. It offers part-time and full-time programs on cyber security and software engineering. The coding bootcamp covers computer science topics like logic gates and compiler theory in the software engineering program.

The cyber security curriculum covers networking, encryption, cryptography, and system architecture. The coding bootcamp holds a Demo Day, featuring speed interviewing sessions to prepare students for the job market. Currently, Fullstack Academy has a 97 percent hiring rate for its students.

Galvanize is a data science and software engineering bootcamp. It has both full-time and part-time programs that run for 13 and 26 weeks respectively. The data science program focuses mainly on SQL, Python, and Hadoop, while the software engineering course has AngularJS, Express.js, and Node.js.

The data science curriculum is Python-based and covers topics like machine learning, statistics, and data visualization. During the program, students learn to leverage datasets to solve real-world business problems.

The coding bootcamp offers mentors to students to help them build their network and handle challenges. The Data Science Program has a job placement rate of 83 percent. Furthermore, you can expect to bag an average salary of $97,000.

If you go for the Software Engineering Program, you may be amongst the 87.7 percent of graduates who quickly land a job. You could be earning an average salary of $90,908, too.

General Assembly offers full-time programs in several states in the United States. The coding bootcamp teaches web development, UX design, and data science.

The data science students learn Python, statistical modeling, and data analysis. The curriculum also includes machine learning using algorithms of increasing complexities. It also includes the natural language process.

The coding bootcamp has career services tailored to the specific needs of its students. You will receive help with resume building and cover letter creation. If you decide to study at General Assembly, you have a 94 percent chance of landing a job after graduation. As an added bonus, you will find a role with a high starting salary.

NYC Data Science Academy is a coding bootcamp that offers 12-week data science programs. It trains companies and employees to study their data. This coding bootcamp focuses on a single language and set of tools. They include Python, R, Hadoop, and Spark.

This data science bootcamp partners with different companies to place students in suitable positions. To get you job-ready, the bootcamp holds interview skills workshops. A career coach will also review your resume and improve your LinkedIn profile to make you appealing to potential employees.

However, it does not offer a job guarantee like some other bootcamps. With 93 percent of students from this coding bootcamp securing work within six months of graduation, the odds are high for your own success.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp is an immersive, intensive program that prepares people to take up tech careers. The students in coding bootcamps gather required skills like data analytics, programming, and UX. The programs in coding bootcamps have varied lengths but most range from 10 to 36 weeks.

The length often depends on the amount of material to cover and the depth of the curriculum. Since coding bootcamps are short programs, they tend to be intensive to cover more ground within a short time. The trainees then go on to become data scientists, web developers, data analysts, and UX web designers.

Coding bootcamps are excellent investments because they prepare you for a career in tech in a short period. The skills gathered in these programs are in-demand in the tech industry. Also, technology is changing rapidly and the way many industries work is changing too.

Many companies now require workers that know basic programming like CSS and HTML. Coding bootcamps help to service this need.
Some coding bootcamps take place remotely while others are in-person programs. There are hybrid coding bootcamps that offer both online and in-person training for the same program.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

On average, coding bootcamp tuition costs approximately $13,579 for full-time programs. However, it can be as high as $20,000, depending on the offerings of the coding bootcamp and the length of the program.

While it may seem extravagant, it is relatively cheaper to learn skills at a coding bootcamp than attending a university. Some bootcamps are cheaper because of the program or aid offered by the school.

Scholarships can also help reduce tuition costs. Some coding bootcamps have provisions for scholarships and mostly award them to underrepresented people in tech.

Other bootcamps allow students to enroll and study for free through their income share agreement. The agreement allows the student to defer tuition payment until they secure a job earning at least $50,000 or a specific amount agreed on by both parties.

Aside from the programs coding bootcamps provide, several have prep courses or introductory courses that prepare students for the main class. These courses are free in some cases, but many bootcamps charge fees that can run up to several thousands of dollars.

The cost of a coding bootcamp also varies depending on the discipline chosen. For example, data science, as well as software engineering bootcamps, cost higher on average. The tuition is often around $15,000 while the UX and web development courses are lower around $12,500. In addition, some bootcamps affiliated with traditional universities have lower prices to encourage more people to apply.

Is an NYC Bootcamp Worth It?

An NYC bootcamp is worth it if you want to bypass the long wait and expensive tuition from traditional universities and transition to tech. Coding bootcamps prepare you by giving you the technical skills needed to thrive as a data scientist, web developer, or software engineer.

You get to collaborate with your peers and get support from career coaches as you start your journey into the tech industry. A coding bootcamp is a great place to network because you will be exposed to several professionals in the field and classmates. You will also work on real-world projects to enhance your portfolio.

If you want to learn in a structured environment that provides all the necessary skills to start a tech career, an NYC bootcamp is worth it.

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