Best GraphQL Bootcamps

The Best GraphQL Bootcamps of 2021

GraphQL, as the name hinted at, is an open-source query language for APIs. It was developed by Facebook in 2012 and publicly released three years later. GraphQL allows you to save bandwidth and waterfall requests by letting you ask what you want in a single query. It’s now at the forefront of API development.

If you’re looking to explore software engineering roles, adding GraphQL to your toolbox may increase your employability rate. This is because the language is used by software engineers in the process of creating, maintaining, testing, and improving code.

One of the fastest ways to master GraphQL is by enrolling in a coding bootcamp. However, it is understood that choosing the right bootcamp is not an easy feat. There are a lot of things to consider including the curriculum, potential outcomes, career services, and others. To help you make up your mind, let’s dive into our selection of the best GraphQL bootcamps this year.

What Are the Best GraphQL Bootcamps in 2021?

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The best GraphQL bootcamps are mostly defined by the quality of their offerings, backed by a proven track record. The best schools should offer a curriculum that focuses on the latest tools and trends in tech while offering flexible financing options to ensure higher accessibility. Here are our top picks for GraphQL bootcamps.

Code Chrysalis logo

Code Chrysalis

Code Chrysalis is a Tokyo-based bootcamp offering 12-Week Immersive Software Engineering (full-time) and 25-Week Software Engineering (part-time) courses. Learn how to think like an engineer through the curriculum based on lectures, workshops, courses, and tutorials.

The curriculum is divided into Developer Basics, Advanced JavaScript, Full Stack Application, Real-World Applications, Polyglottal Week, and a Capstone Project. You can expect to work with REST API and GraphQL starting from Week 3, where you will learn to build apps from scratch.

The program features career support, including portfolio building. Graduates of the program get hired by major tech companies such as IBM, Bespoke, Google, Mercari, Sony, and much more. The courses can be taken in Japanese or English.

Both courses are priced at ¥1,320,000 ($12,118) but students who have completed Code Chrysalis’ Foundations Program will get a discounted rate of ¥1,270,000 ($11,659). Scholarships are also available.

React GraphQL Academy logo

React GraphQL Academy

React GraphQL Academy is a great option for those with existing software development skills. It offers three short and intensive training programs dedicated to GraphQL. The most comprehensive one is the GraphQL Bootcamp, a four-day program that will see students going through the fundamentals and the main functionality of a GraphQL Server.

On top of that, you will get to learn how to connect your GraphQL API to different data sources, how to be aware of multiple attack vectors, what a Hasura engine is, how to adopt GraphQL incrementally in large organizations, and more. This bootcamp starts at €1,390 ($1,661).

As alumni, you will have access to a private Slack channel where you can build networking with other peers and industry professionals. The school also offers a three-day and a one-day training program that focuses on API and Apollo Server respectively. The courses can be taken remotely or in-person at one of its campuses; London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon.

Rocket Academy logo

Rocket Academy

Based out of Singapore, Rocket Academy offers a 24-week full-time program dubbed Coding Bootcamp that covers GraphQL. Using a blended learning method, the school offers two hours of live online learning via Zoom on weekdays while the rest of the learning is done on students’ own time. Instructors are available 24/7 via Slack for extra support.

The curriculum covers the fundamentals of front end and backend, before delving deeper into advanced React and advanced full stack topics including React Context, Suspense, Create React app, Sockets, and GraphQL. This section of the Bootcamp will include a Full Stack Web Application with React group project.

The Bootcamp includes a job guarantee, which means if you don’t find a position within six months of graduation, you are eligible for a full refund on tuition. The Bootcamp is S$9,999 ($7,450) but currently offers an early batch discount of S$4,999 ($3,724). Financing options include installments.

WBS Coding School logo

WBS Coding School

Those interested in learning GraphQL will be able to do so through WBS Coding Bootcamp’s two main programs; Full Stack Web and App Development (full-time and part-time) and Full Stack PHP Web Development (full-time).

Full-time students can choose either a fully remote option or a hybrid model, where the first 12 weeks are done online and the final three weeks are on campus in Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, only an online option is available to part-time learners.

Regardless of the course, you’d be introduced to GraphQL when covering the backend portion of the syllabus. Additionally, you’d also be learning how to use tools like Console, Git, and GitHub. Both programs will also tackle UX/UI Fundamentals, SEO for developers, DevOps (Monitoring, CI/CD, Deployment), Software Testing, Agile Methodologies (Scrum), and Project Management.

The full-time hybrid option costs €8,800 ($10,515) and it includes three weeks of on-site training, accommodation and three meals a day during the on-site portion, and a career booster program. The full-time online option costs €8,000 ($9,559) while the part-time program costs €6,500 ($7,676). Various financing options available.

What Is a GraphQL Bootcamp?

A GraphQL bootcamp prepares students for software engineering roles that require real-world applications of GraphQL, a query language for APIs. These bootcamps can either offer a designated GraphQL course or offer GraphQL as a part of its modules.

Most of them offer a mix of either online live instruction, online, or in-person training. While the formats may differ, bootcamps are typically geared towards pushing students into the workforce quicker. As such, the pace and content of the programs offered are also more intense than the conventional education providers. Along with being quicker, they are also typically cheaper than earning a bachelor’s degree.

Most bootcamps work hand-in-hand with major tech companies, so students stand a chance to build bigger career networks, secure jobs faster, obtain career advice from industry experts, and attend relevant upskilling programs. A number of these bootcamps also offer a money-back guarantee for those who fail to find employment within a set amount of time.

How Much Do GraphQL Bootcamps Programs Cost?

GraphQL bootcamps can vary in costs depending on the format, location, and duration. Based on this article, the courses start at $1,661 and can go upwards of $10,000. Bootcamps will typically work with you so that you can afford tuition. Some of the popular financing options include monthly payments, installment plans, loans, and income share agreements.

Are GraphQL Bootcamps Worth It?

The answer is yes, especially if you are looking to explore software development and engineering positions. A number of developers have raved online about GraphQL’s perks including its ability to solve issues with over fetching and under fetching of data on the user’s end. With such an ability in your toolbox, you’ll be well on your way toward becoming a top-tier tech pro.

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