Best Spark Bootcamps

The Best Spark Bootcamps of 2021

What do you know about Spark? Its efficiency in handling tedious tasks that would otherwise take decades to complete or its quick storage and processing nature? Regardless of where you come upon the open-source software framework, Spark is undeniably one of the most popular frameworks amongst programmers and data scientists.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find out how to learn Spark from top bootcamps. If you work with big data, Spark is the best way forward to improve your career prospects. The simplicity and accessibility of Spark make it exceptional at boosting performance. It also makes analyzing or processing vast amounts of data much simpler.

What Are the Best Spark Bootcamps in 2021?

Learning is relatively much easier and faster through bootcamps than a standard university or college. The best Spark bootcamps will help you cover all the basics in a matter of weeks. Selecting the best place to learn can be a challenging process; that is why we came up with the top six Spark bootcamps.

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This overview will cover bootcamp Spark programs, tuition costs, and financing options. The list takes into account the job placement rate and graduate turnover of each bootcamp. Below are the best bootcamps offering Spark.

If you want to become a data scientist, software engineer, business analyst, or big data engineer, consider Cognixia. For only $2,695, you can attend Cognixia’s Apache Spark Big Data Bootcamp and begin your career in tech.

This is a fast-paced three-day course that will teach you the functionalities and prospects of Spark. You will also learn the technologies and paradigms surrounding the framework. If you have a flexible schedule, you can opt for the Live machine class. Three is also a virtual class option for working students.

The instructor will compare spark vs. Hadoop, use machine learning libraries and expound on SQL architecture in Spark. At the end of the lessons, you will be ready to pursue a job. If you have prior experience using Scala or Python, you will have an upper hand during the class projects. However, background knowledge is not required for your Cognixia application to be successful.

NYC Data Science Academy offers hands-on experience in Spark programming using Python in data science. The instructor will cover key components such as Apache Hive, and Hadoop distributed file systems. The classes can be taken either via remote live instruction or asynchronous lessons where all content is pre-recorded.

You may need to familiarise yourself with Linux file systems and basic Linux commands to complete the curriculum successfully. Having extensive programming skills in Python is also an added advantage. The school does not have any bootcamp preps to help you gain favor during admission. However, you can always research more about what data science is before applying to NYC Data Science Academy.

To earn an NYC Data Science Academy certificate, you must sit through 85 percent of the lectures and complete 80 percent of the assignments.

Do you ever wish you could finish learning a new skill in five days and carry on with your life? Now you can with SMU Academy’s five-day big data bootcamp where you can learn all there is to know about exploring big data and training models using Spark.

On the first day, you will cover AWS foundations and be introduced to cloud computing and data warehouses. The subsequent days will cover big data, Apache-Spark, Spark machine learning, and building big data pipelines, respectively.

If you want to increase your chances of joining top companies like Adobe, BMW, Canon, Expedia, Hitachi, NASA, or even Netflix, you should consider learning big data and AWS skills. Having a background in Spark can give you a leg up on the competition when interviewing for a tech role.

Some experience in Python programming and SQL is required for this course. The school has curated this program to cater to working professionals looking to further advance their programming skills. If you have any prior knowledge in data science and machine learning concepts or Linux command, this is the course for you.

Are you looking for a hands-on learning experience when it comes to coding? Look no further; get in touch with Springboard today and start pursuing your career in tech. The coding bootcamp is based in San Francisco and offers its courses online.

You can choose the Machine Learning Engineering Stack course. It will teach you how to use essential data science tools such as TensorFlow, AWS, Docker, Fast.ai, Hadoop, Luigi, and Spark.

Springboard also offers other courses that may help you launch your tech career. If you are interested in becoming a data analyst, you can attend the Data Analytics Career Track. It is also a great platform to learn how to craft a data analyst resume.

Other available programs include UX/UI design, cyber security, data engineering, data science, and software engineering career tracks. All programs feature a mentorship program and job support to ensure you have a successful tech career after graduation.

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theDevMasters offers you an opportunity to master Data Science with Deep Learning. The bootcamp will cover essential details of Spark and other corresponding tools in the span of 12 weeks. The school campuses are available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Walnut Creek, and Lacey. Unfortunately, the course is not available online for students in other locations.

As part of the curriculum, you will learn Natural Processing Language, Deep Learning, Python, Advanced Machine Learning, Modeling Spark, and computer vision. You only have to attend the class for 16 weeks to become a Spark developer. Before attending the class, you must complete Pre-Work, which is covered by the tuition fee.

theDevMasters provides other specializations such as Mastering Applied Data Science and Data Science for Professionals. You can sign up for these courses even if you’ve found employment in tech. You will be ready to elevate your career to the next level.

Thinkful is a coding bootcamp that helps students like you start their careers in tech. Whether you want to become a software engineer, mobile developer, Spark developer, or a full stack web developer, there is a place for you at Thinkful.

If you want to specialize in functional programming, you should consider attending an FP course in Scala. The instructor will teach you how to write functional code to manipulate data. You will cover Spark and Apache Spark as part of the curriculum.

There are other programming languages such as Python, Lisp, and Clojure. You can learn Python by attending the data science bootcamp that teaches some of the most in-demand tools and technologies. In addition to Python, you will also learn R.

You can also explore other options in the tech arena. The school offers courses that can help you become a data analyst, digital marketer, product manager, or UX/UI designer.

Increase your chances of working at companies like Amazon, Boeing, Google, and IBM by attending Thinkful. The school has a high job placement rate of 83 percent. It also strives to diversify its community and encourage more minorities in tech to enroll. Based on the latest report, 31 percent of Thinkful students are female.

What Is a Spark Bootcamp?

Apache Spark bootcamp is a training solution designed for working professionals and beginners to advance their technical skills. At the bootcamp, you will learn how Spark is used to execute fast queries against big data. The instructor will teach Spark SQL, Spark streaming, Machine Learning, and Graph X, among others.

The number of bootcamps teaching Spark is increasing to match the demand of professionals with experience in the framework. Apache Spark is known for its ease of use, efficiency in data, and AI engine processing speed. The bootcamps aim to train students on the established best practices surrounding the subject matter.

Students who have experience in Hadoop Mapreduce are encouraged to take a course in Spark. The new programming language is an improvement from the systems used to distribute and process data. It is reliable in the development of high integrity software that processes vast amounts of data.

Top companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Yahoo seek individuals with experience in Spark or Hadoop. You can find a job as a data scientist, business analyst, information security analyst, software developer, software engineer, or system analyst with such skills.

How Much Do Spark Bootcamp Programs Cost?

Spark bootcamp tuition costs between $1,590 and $17,600. You can pay the tuition fee through different modes of payment. You can opt to cover your tuition fee upfront or in monthly installments. To reduce students’ financial burden, bootcamps offer scholarships, deferred tuition, and accept GI Bills.

Are Spark Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, learning Spark at a bootcamp is worth every penny. Spark bootcamps are keen on ensuring the curriculum reflects the current need in the tech industry. The industry-centric model will help you gain essential skills in Spark which you can later demonstrate to potential employers.

These bootcamps provide extensive career support to their students. Most bootcamps either offer job guarantees or job support after graduation. You should check the fine print and get to know which school is better suited to improve your career prospects. Some bootcamps also provide demo days and networking sessions for you to interact with potential employers.

You should attend Spark bootcamps because of the flexible tuition payment plans. In general, bootcamps give an excellent alternative to university degree courses. You do not have to part with a huge amount of money just to learn at a bootcamp. The platforms provide multiple financing plans for its students. You can opt to pay upfront, monthly installments, private loans, or through a scholarship.

Another reason you should attend a Spark bootcamp is the opportunity to work closely with industry professionals. In addition to an intensive curriculum, you will have access to the industry’s career coaches and mentors. These professionals have extensive experience in data science. You will learn how to become a data scientist and gather more insights with Thinkful’s one-on-one sessions.

Do you want to learn Spark while still working? Then a Spark bootcamp is what you need. Students no longer have to commit to full-time Spark courses considering a part-time program will greatly suffice. Any of the Spark bootcamps listed here will be able to flexible and comprehensive learning opportunities for students.

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