The Best Seattle Bootcamps in 2021

Bootcamps allow you to learn new skills and kickstart a career in tech within a few weeks or months. In the Best Seattle Bootcamps review below, you will find a list of reliable institutes that offer web development, product management, data science, and cyber security programs in the heart of Washington.

Seattle is home to major tech companies including Amazon and Microsoft. This explains why Washington is among the top three states with the highest tech salaries in the USA.
The only two cities that pay tech workers more than Washington are California and Massachusetts. Seattle may just be the right place to launch your career in tech if you enroll in a coding bootcamp for training.

What Are the Best Seattle Coding Bootcamps in 2021?

Over the last decade, tech companies have adopted a more fluid approach to recruiting new talent. They are less concerned with how many years you spent developing your skills and more concerned with hands-on results.

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The best bootcamps in Seattle work with hiring partners to ensure that students get job offers shortly after they graduate. Also, students are mentored by career coaches and taught to excel in the rapidly changing tech space.

Ada Developers Academy is a Seattle-based non-profit coding bootcamp for women and non-gender-conforming individuals. The free coding school has the single goal of educating people from under-represented communities while bridging the gender gap in tech. Students learn how to use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and

JavaScript for software development projects. Note that JavaScript can also be used for data science projects.

The acceptance rate at Ada Developers Academy is just eight percent, so you need to give the admissions process your best shot. Most graduates from this coding school have found good tech careers, as the job placement rate is 90 percent.

Coding Dojo is a software engineering bootcamp that has been around for more than 10 years and is accessible to people in Seattle and nine other states. The full-time software development bootcamp at this school covers the most popular programming languages; HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for front end development. There is also a class for learning Python in software engineering, a course that will come in handy for aspiring data scientists.

Coding Dojo has over 6,000 graduates with a job placement rate of 89.1 percent. This is impressive, especially since most of these graduates get an average starting salary of $72,000 yearly.

Code Fellows is another reliable software engineering and cyber security bootcamp with an impressive track record in Seattle and beyond. The software engineering bootcamp program covers all aspects of front end and backend application development. You will also learn all the frameworks and concepts of coding and cyber security.

Code Fellows has an in-field job placement rate of 93 percent thanks to recruitment opportunities from its 800+ hiring partners. This includes industry leaders like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

This data science bootcamp is strictly for people who want to become data scientists, so all the courses are data-related. The courses at Data Science Dojo include Python for data science, data science for managers and business leaders, and data science bootcamp. You will get a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico after completing the program.

Data Science Dojo does not publish its acceptance or job placement rate, but it is open to everyone and most graduates from Seattle and 17 other locations get high-paying jobs.

Flatiron School is a full-time and part-time tech institute for short-term training in data science, software engineering, cyber security analytics, and cyber security engineering. Flatiron has campuses in eight locations including Seattle and the courses can also be taken online.

The data science bootcamp program covers data structures, algorithms, the application of JavaScript, and machine learning in data science. You will also learn the roles of jQuery and SQL in the collection and analysis of data.

Flatiron School only admits the best of the best, which is clear from its six percent acceptance rate. However, if you’re fortunate enough to get in, you will get a job shortly after graduation. The 2020 job placement rate for Flatiron School was 86 percent.

Galvanize is a coding and data science institute with a comprehensive curriculum and a reliable career services program. It has an online platform and campuses in eight locations including Seattle.

There are full-time and part-time courses depending on what fits your schedule. There is also a course for Python fundamentals for beginners who want to take the first step toward a data science career.

According to the school, 91.09 percent of students successfully graduate within the projected time and kick-start their career in tech shortly after. However, there isn’t a lot of information about the acceptance or job placement rate at Galvanize.

General Assembly is an extensive bootcamp that goes beyond teaching students how to code. The bootcamp can teach you how to become a data scientist in just a few weeks. The algorithms you will study during the data science bootcamp program are comprehensive, and you will also learn how to use Python.

General Assembly has over 80,000 alumni from Seattle and other branches who have found good jobs, thanks to its 19,000 hiring partners across the globe. The bootcamp has a job placement rate of 91.4 percent, with most graduates finding employment within six months of graduation.

Hack Reactor is in the same league as Coding Dojo. It is an all-coding bootcamp for prospective software engineers. While classes are currently online, there are campuses in Seattle and eight other locations.

The course covers computer science fundamentals and full stack JavaScript software development. There is a prep course for beginners who wish to improve their JavaScript knowledge base ahead of the program.

In the last nine years, more than 5,600 students have graduated from Hack Reactor and landed high-paying tech jobs. The job placement rate is about 79.44 percent. These graduates got their first software engineering jobs in the first six months after graduation.

Nucamp is an all-around software engineering bootcamp with a program-rich curriculum and an admirable career services team. While many other coding bootcamps offer courses in either web or mobile development, Nucamp offers you both in its programs.

The three core programming languages at Nucamp are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
Nucamp has a 78 percent job placement rate, with most of these graduates getting high-paying in-field jobs in Seattle and other parts of the world.

Thinkful is one of the most efficient remote bootcamps in the industry, and it offers a range of programs other than coding. It is also an excellent option for aspiring data scientists or those who prefer to major in data analytics.

Both the data science and data analytics programs at Thinkful are intensive. During your time at the school, you will understand why Python is an excellent programming language for data science.

Thinkful also offers courses on product management and UX/UI design. Thinkful has a job placement rate of 84 percent in the first 180 days of graduation. However, each course has a unique job placement rate. For example, software engineers have a job placement rate of 86 percent, while data scientists have 77 percent.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps or bootcamps in programming are fast-paced tech institutes that offer higher education. These accelerated programs require 40 to 70 hours weekly commitment full-time and 10 to 20 hours for part-time courses.

However, you can learn all the technical skills you need to launch a career in tech within two to six months. Some bootcamps may take up to a year or more, but most don’t take that much time to complete.

A bootcamp may be a form of higher education, but students don’t get bachelor’s degrees or diplomas upon completion. Some of them give out certificates of completion and only a few give out advanced degrees.

Learning how to code through a bootcamp differs from learning on your own. You may not be motivated enough to apply for a tech job, even if you have the tech skills. Bootcamps combine the tech lessons with real-world career training.

The best bootcamps offer one-on-one mentorship, technical and non-technical interview training, professional resuming, and LinkedIn creation services. It also has a direct line of contact with tech firms that trust the standard of education offered.

How Much Do Coding Bootcamp Programs Cost?

There is no fixed price for all coding bootcamps and the tuitions within a bootcamp itself may differ based on the program you choose. For example, the cost for Nucamp courses ranges from $349 to $1,880. For General Assembly, the tuition ranges from $750 to $15,950. Some coding bootcamps charge up to $30,000 and more in the United States.

Funding your bootcamp education will not be as difficult as paying for a college education. Most bootcamps offer scholarships, loan financing, income share agreements, and deferred-tuition options. Some of them offer job guarantees that allow students to get their tuition back if they don’t get placed in a field-specific job shortly after graduation.

Is a Seattle Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, investing in a Seattle bootcamp is a good way to launch your career in tech. As you can see from the bootcamp overview above, there are several options to explore other than coding. You can take a different tech career path like data science, product development, cyber security, artificial intelligence development, and others.

At the time of writing, there are over 12,000 tech job opportunities in Seattle alone. Tech companies have been hiring aggressively for a while now, and bootcamps give you the chance to join the industry faster.

These companies pay coding experts an average of $138,000 annually. It helps if you do some research on a bootcamp before signing up. The ones with a proven track record for providing quality education are more likely able to help students land good tech jobs.

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