Top Online Business
Analytics Courses in 2021

Business analytics is essential for gathering and analyzing data to gain insights that could improve business operations. Business analysts are in high demand because they bridge the gap between data and business operations.

One of the best ways to kickstart a career as a business analyst is by enrolling in an online course. But finding the best business analytics courses can be time-consuming and confusing. We’ve compiled a list of the best online courses in business analytics, including important information such as the length and price of the courses.

What Is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is the process of analyzing data using statistics and quantitative methods to derive insights that could help make more informed business decisions. In today’s marketplace, business analytics proves to be a powerful tool for companies and for-profit organizations.

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Businesses use data to improve efficiency, identify new business opportunities, and make better marketing and financial decisions. You should strongly consider studying business analytics because employers are looking for professionals with these skills.

Why Study Business Analytics?

Business analyst jobs are on the rise and have reasonably high salaries. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science-related careers grew by 2.4 percent in 2018, with a mean annual pay of $103,930. This means that you will have lucrative employment opportunities after completing your business analytics studies.

In addition, this field is full of exciting career paths worth pursuing. You can use your business analysis skills to become a management analyst, financial analyst, statistician, data analyst, or project manager, just to mention a few.

What Do Business Analytics Courses Cover?

Business analytics courses cover data and statistical analysis and look at how to interpret data for business decisions. They will help you strengthen your mathematical and analytic skills.

However, you should know that business analytics courses don’t all cover the same concepts and some are more in-depth than others. Additionally, most courses are targeted at different levels of learning; for example, some are aimed at complete beginners while others require expert knowledge.

Overview of the Best Online Business Analytics Courses in 2021

Choosing the best business analytics course is a somewhat tedious process. There are hundreds available, all with different content and features. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best courses in business analytics.

Provider and Course Price Length Certificate
Harvard Business School Online
Business Analytics
$1,600 8 weeks Yes
Business Analytics for Decision Making
Membership subscription
($59/month or $49-79/course)
9 hours Yes
Business Analytics and Digital Media
Membership subscription
($59/month or $49-79/course)
8 hours Yes
Business Analysis Fundamentals
$89.99 8 hours 45 minutes
(69 lectures)
Georgia Tech/EdX
Data Analytics for Business
Free 10 weeks Yes, for $825
IBM Data Analytics with Excel and
R Professional Certificate
Membership subscription
($59/month or $49-79/course)
11 months Yes
Introduction to Business Analytics:
Communicating with Data
Membership subscription
($59/month or $49-79/ course)
14 hours Yes
SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate
Membership subscription
($59/month or $49-79/course)
3 months Yes
The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2021
$89.99 20 hours 20 minutes
(413 lectures)
The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021: Go From Zero to Hero
$89.99 8 hours 51 minutes
(83 lectures)
Top Business Analytics Courses of 2021

Top Business Analytics Courses of 2021

Top business analytics courses should help you strengthen your data skills and apply fundamental analytical methods to inform business decisions in the real world. Below are some of the best online business analytics courses.

Business Analytics by Harvard Business School Online

Very few course providers compare to Harvard Business School in terms of quality of education. This online program allows students to learn through the self-paced option. This means that you’ll have the flexibility to attend to other commitments while you complete your course.

This course will teach you how to interpret data to inform decisions in a business setting. Among other things, you will learn hypothesis testing, sampling and estimation, single variable linear regression, and multiple regression.

Business Analytics for Decision Making by Coursera

Over 70,000 students have taken this course from Coursera, most of whom have given the program a good rating. This course allows students to set their own deadlines according to their schedules. You’ll learn cluster analysis with Excel, formulation, and solution of binary optimization problems. Students also get a shareable certificate upon completion.

Business Analytics and Digital Media by Coursera

This course from Coursera will equip you with digital media, data analysis, and analytics skills. Upon completion, students get a shareable certificate to add to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

According to Coursera’s official website, 17 percent of those enrolled in this course got a promotion or a salary increase. Not only that, but Coursera claims that 29 percent of those who enroll in this course get tangible career advantages.

Business Analysis Fundamentals by Udemy

This course from Udemy will equip you with the training necessary to start your career as a business analyst. This course covers business analysis basics, how to initiate business projects, and analysis models.

This course is unique as it qualifies for nine hours of professional development toward your ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) certification. Upon completion, you’ll also receive a course certificate that can be used in LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

Data Analytics for Business by Georgia Tech/EdX

Data Analytics for Business is an advanced course from Georgia Tech, one of America’s leading research universities. The course is entirely free, but students can get a certificate if they pay a fee.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to solve business problems by taking a data analytical approach. You’ll also be able to develop business analytics ideas by referencing what you’ve learned from this course.

IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate by Coursera

This professional certificate program will help you kickstart your data analytics career. Offered by IBM, the certificate you’ll get from this program is recognized by the relevant professional bodies, which is an advantage when looking for a job.

Among other things, you’ll learn more about the data analysis process, data visualization techniques, data mining, statistical analysis, productive modeling, and database management using SQL and R

Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data by Coursera

As the name suggests, this course introduces the learner to business analytics and data. It’s perfect for anyone looking for an entry point into business analytics.

The Introduction to Business Analytics course is different from others because it is recognized by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This means that the certificate obtained from this course contributes to your degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

This course will teach you methods to access data from public sources and company reports. You’ll also learn how to use that data to perform market analytics and inform business intelligence.

The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2021 by Udemy

Business analysis often interweaves statistics and data management. This is exactly what The Business Intelligence Analyst Course 2021 from Udemy will teach you. What’s even better is that you don’t need any prior experience as the course starts with the basics. This makes it ideal for both beginners and more advanced learners.

You’ll learn more about data, data science, statistics, database theory, SQL, and Excel. The teaching focuses on real-world problems so you’ll get to work on projects with practical applications.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021: Go From Zero to Hero by Udemy

This course from Udemy is designed for those interested in the data side of business analytics. Taken by more than 375,000 students, this course will help you become an expert in SQL, a programming language used to communicate with databases. You don’t need any prior coding experience to enroll in this course.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021 will help you get started with SQL tools, analyzing data using aggregate functions, and creating tables and databases.

Choosing the Right Course

Choosing the Right Course

Choosing the right course is often a daunting process. You have to scroll through tons of websites in a bid to find the best course. Not only that, but information varies a great deal between each website.

Having a checklist when looking for courses can help guide you to find the best one in less time. Here are some factors to consider when deciding what course to take.

Course Requirements

This refers to the set of requirements for completing or enrolling in a course. You should examine the prerequisites before enrolling in a course and confirm whether you are eligible. Likewise, you should also check the graduation requirements before enrolling in the course. This will help you know whether it is a fit for you.

Tuition Costs

The cost of courses varies a great deal. Before enrolling in a business analytics course, consider your financial situation and make sure you can comfortably afford it. The last thing you want is to have to drop out of a program because of tuition costs.

Quality of the Education

We are talking about more than just the teaching aspect. You need to make sure the school is accredited by the relevant professional bodies. Most employers prefer hiring candidates who have an education from accredited schools.

Different programs offer different packages. It’s usually a good idea to enroll in a program that awards business analytics certificates upon completion of the course.

Next Steps After Your Course

Completing a course is an exciting time in a student’s life. After months or even years of study, you are now free to pursue the next stage. While this could mean jumping into an entry-level job, people don’t always know what to do next.

Here are some steps that you should take after completing your business analytics courses.

Apply for Graduate Jobs

The most popular option for many students after completing a course is to apply for entry-level positions. However, when doing so, be sure to be specific with your career choices.

Although there are numerous career paths in business analytics and data analytics, it’s best to pursue what you are interested in. Apply for related jobs even if they are entry-level and work toward your desired position.

Continue Your Education

Learning doesn’t necessarily stop upon completion of a course. The career path that you are interested in could require more education. For instance, most business analytics entry-level positions require a bachelor’s degree. Consider furthering your education by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in business analytics or a related field.


Networking refers to the exchange of ideas and advice among people of a similar professional background. Seek to make connections with those in the field, including your former colleagues and industry experts.

Doing this will broaden your career prospects and expose you to better, high-paying job opportunities. One way to connect with industry experts and other professionals is by attending business analytics events and programs.

Should You Study Business Analytics?

Yes, you should study business analytics if you are interested in the field. One key reason you should study business analytics is that it has numerous career options, many of which are lucrative.

In addition, business analytics professions are rapidly growing, meaning you’ll have plenty of employment opportunities in the future. If you are interested in data, you could make a difference by analyzing data to solve business problems.

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