Best Github Bootcamps

The Best Github Bootcamps of 2021

GitHub is an online platform used to manage code. This tool helps web and software developers share files with multiple users. Most people use GitHub to track changes across different files. For that reason, GitHub has become the must-have tool for the open-source community.

Learning GitHub will open doors for your career in web development or software engineering. Companies everywhere use it to optimize the development process and coordinate files in teams. Below, you’ll see a list of the best GitHub bootcamps out there.

What Are the Best GitHub Bootcamps in 2021?

The best GitHub bootcamps provide a balance of price, quality, and student outcomes. With the increased demand for software developers, GitHub has become a vital bootcamp topic. Check out the best GitHub bootcamps in 2021 below.

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Codesmith’s software engineering program is a great way to learn GitHub. It is available on a full-time and part-time schedule. You will learn computer science fundamentals like algorithms, systems design, and data structures. This is a full stack software engineering program where you can create projects in GitHub.

You can also learn full stack development with JavaScript and Node.js. The course also covers relational databases and tools like PostgreSQL, HTML, and CSS. You can take this course live online due to COVID-19. It costs $19,350 regardless of the schedule and location you choose.

Coding Dojo is known for its software engineering course. It will give you immersive full stack development training. You’ll learn how to share projects with GitHub and build a portfolio to use in the field. You’ll study programming fundamentals like HTML, React,JavaScript, Git, and Github. The course also teaches data manipulation and Python.

This software engineering program is available on a full-time, part-time, or flex schedule. It costs $15,745 and includes several financing methods like ISAs, discounts, and loans.

DigitalCrafts specializes in web development and offers both full-time and part-time courses. This school has campuses in Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, and Tampa, but it’s currently only offering online programs.

The course will give you fundamental full stack programming elements like HTML, CSS, Node.js, and JavaScript. You’ll also learn how to store and share your projects through GitHub. The program also includes a Python module where you’ll also learn about data analytics. If you’re interested in both GitHub and data science, this program is a good option.

Fullstack Academy offers full-time and part-time software engineering and cyber security programs. The programs are currently available only online due to COVID-19, but Fullstack Academy has campuses in New York and Chicago.

The software engineering course will teach you GitHub fundamentals. You’ll learn how to master programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS with pair programming. The course costs $15,910 plus a $2,000 deposit, and Fullstack Academy offers many financing options.

General Assembly offers many different programs for various tech fields. These include data science, software engineering, digital marketing, and UX/UI design. This is a great bootcamp option with many locations around the world.

General Assembly’s immersive software engineering program dives into the fundamentals of programming. You’ll learn front end and backend principles as well as Git and GitHub. The data science program also digs into Github fundamentals. You’ll learn about Python programming and other data analytics fundamentals like forecasting, machine learning, and data visualization.

Both programs are available in a full-time and part-time schedule and are currently held online due to COVID-19. The software engineering course costs $14,950, and the data science program costs $15,950.

Hackbright Academy is a software engineering school for women. This school will give you core programming fundamentals with its comprehensive course. The software engineering program will teach you about functions, data structures, algorithms, and web technologies.

Through this course, you’ll learn front end skills and backend fundamentals. You’ll also study Git and GitHub. You can complete the course in a full-time or part-time schedule, and it costs between $12,900 to $14,900. Keep in mind that on-campus classes will return in October 2021.

Rithm is a San Francisco-based coding bootcamp where you can learn full stack software engineering. This school’s curriculum is based on today’s challenges in the tech industry. It works with two coding languages: Python and JavaScript. This program also includes a Git and GitHub lesson.

In this 16-week program, you’ll work with real-world projects with your classmates. The class size is significantly reduced compared to other programs, so you can create better connections. Each class has 18 students and one instructor. It costs $23,000 to attend.

Springboard’s coding bootcamp will give you the computer science fundamentals you need to become a software engineer. You’ll learn both front end and backend development to create interactive client-side websites.

The program’s curriculum includes HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Git, and GitHub. This is a hands-on course where you’ll practice by developing your own projects and sharing them on GitHub. If you want to learn by doing, this bootcamp is a great option.

Tech Academy is an open-enrollment coding school. It offers a variety of courses in computer science such as software engineering, data science, and cyber security. Tech Academy has a flexible, self-paced schedule that is perfect for those who are working while taking the course.

During Tech Academy’s software engineering program, you’ll create your own projects to share through Github. The software engineering course costs $18,640, and if you want to take the data science program, it costs $14,640.

What Is a GitHub Bootcamp?

A GitHub bootcamp is a short training program where you’ll learn essential software engineering elements. Although there aren’t specific GitHub bootcamps, you can surely find a coding course that offers GitHub training. Bootcamps are intensive and less expensive than formal education, which makes them a great way to learn GitHub.

Since they work with other companies in the tech industry, coding bootcamps have up-to-date lessons. You can learn how to overcome today’s challenges in the IT sector. Bootcamps are career-oriented, so you’ll receive career services to polish your resume and interview skills. Most bootcamps also offer a job guarantee refund if you can’t find a job after graduation.

How Much Do GitHub Bootcamp Programs Cost?

These bootcamps are usually less expensive than a bachelor’s degree. The average bootcamp costs $13,500. Even the most expensive bootcamps offer great financing methods. You can use ISAs, deferred tuition, loans, and monthly installments. If you have the resources to pay upfront, you could also receive a discount.

An ISA, also known as an income share agreement, means that you pay no tuition while you’re learning. You only have to pay once you have a job in the field. Keep in mind that your salary must be above the minimum threshold, which is usually $30,000. Then, you’ll pay a fee based on your salary. Deferred tuition payment is similar, but you pay a fixed rate.

Are GitHub Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, GitHub bootcamps are worth it. GitHub is a popular tool in the software development and data engineering community. It’s one of the vital skills you should learn if you want to become a software developer. It will help you work more efficiently with your team and store projects safely. Learning GitHub will also help you work on open-source projects.

Although there are no GitHub-specific bootcamps, you can take a coding course to learn this important skill. If you’re serious about becoming a software engineer, you should enroll in a coding bootcamp.

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