Divergence Academy Overview and Guide

Divergence Academy offers flexible and immersive programs in data science and cybersecurity. If you’re interested in learning more about the school and what it provides, read on.

In this Divergence Academy review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about it, from programs to tuition rates to the application process.

What You Need to Know About Divergence Academy

Divergence Academy is located on the outskirts of Addison, Texas.

  • Cost: Full-Time: $17,000 – $18,000; Part-Time: $13,000
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Data Science Immersive, Cyber Security Professional Penetration Tester, Cyber Security Core Technical, Cyber Security Risk Management, Cloud Computing Consultant, DevOps Engineer, Net+ Online
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course

Divergence Academy Curricula: What Can You Study?

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Divergence Academy provides a myriad of IT courses to people looking to enter the field, from immersive courses in data analytics to several cyber security concentrations. The school offers something for any student willing to invest the time and put in a lot of work.

Data Science Immersive

Divergence Academy’s immersive data science program is arguably its most popular. The course will prepare graduates for various data science jobs, such as applied data scientist, database administrator, system engineer, and more.

The program focuses on a range of data science concepts, from statistical inference to data modeling. Learn all the nuances of machine learning as it relates to data science, and get the hang of using SQL and DAX to garner insights and make predictions.

Cyber Security Professional Penetration Tester

This program is a good choice for students looking to receive in-depth analysis and research skills in cyber security. Students will graduate with crucial qualifications for careers in security engineering, threat analysis, and penetration testing.

The curriculum includes projects that will give students real-world experience designing their own advanced tools and simulating responses to cyber threats in real-time.

Cyber Security Core Technical

This multifaceted program pairs students with industry veterans and professionals, from whom they gain skills and knowledge. Upon graduating, students will have access to a valuable professional network.

Over 200 hours of instruction and labs, you will learn the core aspects of cyber security and data protection. Graduates can expect to find employment in coveted roles in automation engineering, IoT cloud leadership, network administration, and many more.

Cyber Security Risk Management

In this program, learners are prepared to deal with potential risks within an organization. Through hands-on risk management training, you will learn how to assess risks in all areas of a company’s software and hardware.

Graduates will be equipped with sufficient tools to land jobs in cyber intel planning, IT program auditing, and many others.

Cloud Computing Consultant

As more companies switch to cloud-based interfaces, the demand for cloud-computing specialists continues to skyrocket. Just six weekends is all it takes for students of this course to master the design and coordination of cloud implementation. By the end of this course, you will be ready for a job at AT&T, Citibank, Elevate, and many other industry giants.

DevOps Engineer

This intensive full-time program is a great choice for students interested in combining the knowledge and practices of software development with those of IT operations.

Over 60 hours of focused instruction, you will learn how to utilize essential DevOps tools such as Docker and Jit. The robust, career-oriented curriculum also covers automated configuration management, principles of development, and IT service agility.

Net+ Online

This online course is optimal for government and military tech employees looking to receive their mandatory Net+ CompTIA certification.

The curriculum is designed for beginners and experienced professionals alike, featuring modules in basic network applications as well as advanced quantum computing. The course includes on-demand labs, career coaching, and tech support for remote learning.

Divergence Academy Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Divergence Academy currently has one campus in Addison, Texas, which is located about 15 miles north of downtown Dallas. Some courses are offered online.

  • Addison, TX
  • Online

Divergence Academy Schedules: When Can You Study?


Most Divergence Academy programs are available with full-time schedules. These include the immersive data science course, the three cyber security programs, and the DevOps and cloud computing courses.


Students who require a bit more flexibility in their schedules can sign up for part-time courses in some cases. The Data Science Immersive, Cyber Security Core, and Cyber Security Penetration Tester programs all have part-time options.

Divergence Academy Tuition

The tuition rates vary by program. The full-time data science bootcamp will set you back $17,000, while the full-time cybersecurity program costs $18,000. Students in the part-time programs pay around $13,000. These prices may seem steep, but Divergence Academy provides students with many ways to finance their education.

Divergence Academy Financing and Payment Options

  • Installments. A popular option is to pay in small installments. In select US markets, Divergence students can split their tuition fees into three payments.
  • Loans. Loans are another way to finance your learning journey. You can apply for a loan from Skills Fund, which offers loan financing starting from $450 a month.
  • Scholarships. Scholarships are one of the most popular ways to pay for bootcamps. Divergence Academy offers a variety of scholarships, including one in partnership with CourseReport. You can also apply for grants with your local Workforce Solutions Office. You should contact the school to find out if you qualify for any scholarships.
  • Income share agreement (ISA). With an income share agreement, students don’t have to pay their tuition initially. They may pay their tuition back in manageable monthly installments after they land their first job. However, this option is not available for students outside the US.
  • GI Bill benefits and VET TEC funds. Qualifying veterans can apply their GI Bill benefits towards Divergence Academy’s data science and cyber security programs. Divergence also accepts VET TEC funds for its full-time courses.

Divergence Academy Admissions: How to Get In

Admissions procedures can be nerve-wracking for many students, and Divergence Academy has fairly rigorous admissions. Below you can find out more about the academy’s application and interview processes.

Divergence Academy Application

Divergence recommends that prospective students do their research before applying to a program. Spend some time finding out more about your field of interest, consulting websites such as Cyberseek. You can then schedule an interview with the school’s Admissions Team, which we cover in more detail below.

Divergence will promptly send you its online Wookie prep courses after you have completed your interview. An acceptance email from the school should arrive after your funding has been verified. Upon acceptance, Divergence Academy will hold an orientation to acclimate new students to the learning platform, issue enrollment paperwork, and more.

Divergence Academy Interview

The interview for Divergence Academy can be scheduled with an admissions team member. The interviewer will ask you questions regarding your background, chosen program, chosen schedule, funding options, and more. Below are some tips to ace your interview.

  • Be passionate and verbal.
  • Practice with a friend.
  • Ask the interviewer questions at the end.

Divergence Academy Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Divergence Academy has not made its admissions rates public, but only 12 to 15 students are admitted to each class. You will increase your chances of getting in by showing determination and knowledge during your interview, honing your skills in your field of choice, and applying promptly.

Divergence Academy Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Divergence Academy is quickly rising in popularity as one of the best tech bootcamps around. There are many testimonials lauding the school and the programs it offers.

One reviewer praised the school for its helpful instructors, who work with students to hone foundational skills. Another reviewer reported that students are taught in-demand tools and skills. Most importantly, many alumni have stated that they were able to land their first job soon after graduating.

Job Placement Services at Divergence Academy

Divergence Academy does not offer students a job guarantee. However, the fact that the school offers students an ISA option should instill confidence in prospective students.

Divergence Academy has not made public the official data regarding job placement statistics. However, the job assistance services at the school are highly praised. Each program comes with career coaching services, from portfolio assistance to interview prep for aspiring data analysts and cyber security professionals.

Should You Apply to Divergence Academy?

If you are passionate about having a career in tech, then yes, you should apply to Divergence Academy. Below are a few reasons to consider Divergence.

  • Reputation. The school is quickly rising in fame thanks to its robust programs.
  • Employer network. Divergence is linked with giants of the tech industry, and also holds networking sessions for students to meet with employers.
  • Career services. The school offers career strategizing, resume review, LinkedIn optimization, interview prep, and networking opportunities.
  • Financing options. Students are provided with many ways to finance their education, which is not the case with many bootcamps.

Considering all of its advantages, Divergence matches up well with other top bootcamps. Whether you’re looking for an introduction into the tech world or a new perspective on data science, Divergence has you covered.

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