Ada Developers Academy Overview and Guide

Ada Developers Academy is a free coding bootcamp for women and non-gender-conforming individuals from underrepresented communities. Scores of online reviews highlight the diverse nature of Ada Developers Academy. This Seattle-based bootcamp runs for 52 weeks and teaches students all they need to know about full stack web development.

Ada Developers Academy, like other women-only bootcamps, intends to bridge the gap between men and women in the technology industry. It does this by empowering as many women as possible.

According to its official website, the bootcamp plans to change the industry by training more women in tech. It offers the perfect environment for a community of women and gender-diverse people to thrive in tech.

What You Need to Know About Ada Developers Academy

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Ada Developers Academy is 100 percent free, and there are no hidden charges. The Seattle tech bootcamp is currently open to every interested student who meets the eligibility requirements.

  • Cost: Full-Time: Free.
  • Schedules: Full-Time.
  • Courses Offered: Full Stack Web Development.
  • Upcoming Start Dates: September 2021, March 2022.

Ada Developers Academy Curricula: What Can You Study?

Ada Developers Academy has one primary program: Full Stack Web Development. The course is divided into sections and students are instructed in every aspect of web development that counts. This is followed by an internship that offers real-world experience to students.

Full Stack Web Development

The Full Stack Web Development curriculum at Ada Developers Academy is designed to allow students to choose between specializing in one aspect or majoring in all. One section is dedicated to writing codes for web development.

The classes in this section include computer science fundamentals and programming languages like Python for web development, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and CSS.

As expected, there will be web development classes on Flask, Web APIs, and React. You will learn how to use these frameworks and libraries to make perfect web applications from scratch.

The second section of the program is dedicated to making students better software engineers with specifics like Agile best practices, test-driven development, and career readiness. The career readiness program offered at Ada Developers Academy is one of the most extensive in the bootcamp industry.

Ada Developers Academy Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Ada Developers Academy has just one campus for in-person classes in Seattle. People in other states will only be able to take their classes online.

  • Seattle
  • Online

Ada Developers Academy Schedules: When Can You Study?


Ada Developers Academy is a full-time program that requires a major time commitment for an entire year. The first seven months of the course are for classroom web development training, while the five subsequent months are for career readiness internships. You will need to attend classes for at least 50 hours every week for the duration of the program.


Ada Developers Academy does not have a part-time program since all classes are full-time. Students cannot work full-time and take the program at the same time.


There is no flex or self-paced schedule at Ada Developers Academy as students cannot pick when to take lessons.

Ada Developers Academy Tuition

Ada Developers Academy is free for women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. You must be able to show that you cannot afford tuition at comparable bootcamps.

Instead of collecting money from students, Ada Developers Academy offers students low-interest loans and stipends to cover living expenses during the internship stage of the intensive program.

The entire Ada Developers Academy is sponsored by big players in the tech industry and beyond. Some of the sponsoring companies include Uber, Amazon, Remitly, Nordstrom, Zillow, Moz, and a host of others.

Ada Developers Academy Financing and Payment Options

Before you can even be considered for admission to Ada Developers Academy, you have to be a woman, member of the LGBTQIA+ community, or non-binary conforming person. If you fall within these categories, the next step is applying online and taking the practice test.

Ada Developers Academy Admissions: How to Get In

To get into the Ada web development bootcamp, you need to pass the admissions process. While Ada Developers Academy is dedicated to helping people from underrepresented communities, they still want students with bright prospects and a genuine interest in developing a career in tech.

If you can prove that you are dedicated to becoming a web developer and that you cannot afford to pay for a comparable bootcamp, your chances of getting in will be high.

Ada Developers Academy Application

To apply, you must go to the official Ada Developers Academy website and complete the four-stage application process. The first part is submitting your resume and an essay of between 200 to 250 words. You will also need to analyze some data sets and answer the questions that follow before you can push your resume through.

After the resume has been received, you will have to complete a boxed coding challenge assigned by the bootcamp. The goal is to find out how much you know about coding and how quickly you can adapt to unexpected changes. If you pass this stage, you will continue with the interview process.

Ada Developers Academy Interview

The technical interview is the third stage of the admissions process. An interview will be scheduled with a representative of Ada Developers Academy. This interview lasts for 30 minutes and is conducted via a video conferencing channel.

Those who pass the online interview move forward to the onsite interview in Seattle. This is a non-technical interview designed for the interviewer to learn more about your transferable skills. The interviewer will also want to be convinced of your passion for web development.

Ada Developers Academy Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Ada Developers Academy has an acceptance rate of just eight percent. This is not surprising for such a highly competitive program. You must prove that you are worth the resources that will go into your education before you are awarded a place.

The program is incredibly competitive, so do not feel disheartened if you don’t get accepted on your first attempt. Improve your skills, prepare harder and try again for a chance to get into the bootcamp.

Ada Developers Academy Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Ada Developers Academy has successfully placed graduates in some of the most prestigious firms within and outside the tech industry. Graduates are employed by Amazon, Microsoft, Hulu, Google, GoDaddy, Uber, Zillow, Millman, Indeed, and others. More than 380 graduates reportedly got job offers a few months after graduating from the coding academy.

Pass the bootcamp and there is a strong chance that you will get a job shortly after you graduate. That’s because companies reach out to Ada Developers Academy when they need fresh tech talent.

Job Placement Services at Ada Developers Academy

The job placement rate at Ada Developers Academy is an impressive 90 percent. This is because students aren’t just taught web development skills. They also learn transferable skills that can be used across tech job sectors. You will get a mentor, career coaching, and everything in between.

The internship that comes after the program looks good on your resume because it allows you to record real-world experience as a web developer. Note that you will get paid a minimum of $14 per hour and the internship lasts for five months.

Should You Apply to Ada Developers Academy?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you should apply to Ada Developers Academy. The web development bootcamp is a gateway to limitless tech opportunities for women. It is a good choice if you are serious about launching a career in tech.

  • 2000 Hours in Classroom Experience. You will rack up over 2000 hours of coding experience on completion of the Ada Developers Academy bootcamp. This is equivalent to a four-year-long computer science degree at a University.
  • A Five-Month Paid Internship: Only a few bootcamps offer paid internships in the tech industry and Ada Developers Academy is one of them. After the five-month internship is complete, you might secure a permanent position in the company. Even if you do not, your chances of getting a job with another company are significantly improved.
  • You Will Become a Full Stack Web Developer: Being able to work your way through all the stacks of web development is an amazing skill. Why rely on a front or backend developer during a project when you can get the whole job done by yourself?
  • It Is Completely Free: This is the best part of enrolling in Ada Developers Academy, and there are no hidden charges. Ada students can even apply for a living expenses loan from Craft3, the lending partner of Ada Developers Academy.

Ada Developers Academy has been a stand-alone nonprofit organization since 2015. The Academy has a strong track record of placing women and non-gender-conforming individuals in full stack web development roles.

You might start as a junior developer, but you can quickly work your way up to senior software developer if you work hard. The job placement rate stands steady at 90 percent and the average salary of full stack software engineers in the United States is $105,000 annually. So, if you’re lucky enough to get into the bootcamp, your prospects are good.

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