Alchemy Code Lab Overview and Guide

Alchemy Code Lab is a coding bootcamp in Portland, Oregon. If you want to enroll in a bootcamp in Portland, this Alchemy Code Lab review will highlight the top features to consider. It covers cost, programs, and a guide to applying to the coding bootcamp.

Alchemy Code Lab offers full-time programs for 23 weeks in full stack JavaScript. Classes meet in person and live online. Tools covered include CSS, HTML, JQuery, and SQL.

What You Need to Know About Alchemy Code Lab

Alchemy Code Lab has a free and interactive prep course that takes between 30 and 40 hours to finish. Senior developers handle this training and it is a precursor to the program. As for the main bootcamp, below are some big-picture details.

  • Cost: $24,000
  • Schedules: Full-Time
  • Courses Offered: Web Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: April 26, June 21

Alchemy Code Lab Curricula: What Can You Study?

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Alchemy Code Lab arms students with skills needed to land a job as a mid-level software engineer. All classes are currently online due to COVID. The students learn the basics of development and programming, but not data science per se. At the end of the program, graduates receive career services to help them find jobs.

Professional Software Developer Program

This software engineering program prepares students for the tech industry by teaching them valuable skills. They learn programming languages and other development methods.

The curriculum covers how to work with code bases and build systems. As they progress, students build a portfolio to boost their chances of landing a job in tech. The first week of the course is an introduction to developer tools. Here, students learn the nuts and bolts of modern software development.

The second module covers the fundamentals of software development. In this five-week block, students learn how to apply CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (but not Java) to create fully functional apps in modern web browsers. Students then practice what they have learned in both modules and start a collaborative team project.

Intermediate software development makes up the third module. Throughout this part, students learn the core patterns of web app development with React. This training deepens their understanding of underlying technologies used for web development.

The final module is advanced software development in full stack JavaScript. Students can practice by creating full stack web apps with server-side Node.js and other front end libraries like React.

Developer 101

This free optional prep program helps students to understand the basics of modern software development. The one-week course also prepares them for the rigorous bootcamp.

Developer 101 teaches students how to use Terminal, VSCode, and Git. They also learn tricks, tips, and shortcuts to using the computer as a developer tool. Group collaboration in a remote scenario is also explored. In addition, students are introduced to testing and system validation.

Alchemy Code Lab Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Alchemy Code Lab has a campus for in-person classes in Portland, Oregon. Currently, all classes are online due to COVID restrictions. However, students still get the same one-on-one support despite learning remotely.

  • Portland

Alchemy Code Lab Schedules: When Can You Study?


This software engineering bootcamp has a full-time program for students. Since it is an immersive training over 23 weeks, students need to devote at least 60 hours per week. Students must record 90 percent attendance to graduate, so it will be difficult for full-time workers or college students to participate in this program.


Alchemy Code Lab does not have a part-time program at this time. The program demands a high time commitment during the week for lectures, practicals, and assignments. It may be difficult to combine a job with this software engineering program.


Flex programs are also known as self-paced courses. It is a convenient option for students with tight schedules. However, this coding bootcamp does not offer a flex alternative right now.

Alchemy Code Lab Tuition

The tuition cost for Alchemy Code Lab is $24,000. Applicants can choose to pay this sum upfront. Also, the coding bootcamp is featured on Oregon’s Eligible Training Provider List. This means that potential students who are unemployed because of COVID-19 can continue to collect benefits if they were doing so previously.

Alchemy Code Lab Financing and Payment Options

  • ISA. Students can sign an income share agreement (ISA) and defer their tuition payments until they land a job. Repaying the tuition is not required until the graduate secures a job earning at least $50,000 a year. The ISA is then repaid in monthly installments.
  • GI Bill. Veterans and their family members can use the GI Bill for this software engineering bootcamp. It can cover the cost of the entire tuition for qualifying candidates.
  • Scholarship. This coding bootcamp also offers numerous scholarships for students from different backgrounds. The focus is mainly on underrepresented persons in tech, such as women, the black community, and indigenous people. A scholarship payment of $2,500 is available for these students.
  • Loan Financing. Alchemy Code Lab also offers financing through its lending partners. One of the partners is Ascent Funding, which offers a cost of living stipend and tuition for the applicants who have already been admitted into the program.

Alchemy Code Lab Admissions: How to Get In

Alchemy Code Lab is ideal for beginners who do not have experience with coding. To get in, you are expected to have a basic understanding of software development. You can also prepare for the interview process by using online research resources.

Alchemy Code Lab Application

The application process starts with an online form on the coding bootcamp’s website. After submitting the application, the student will be invited for an interview. If you do well on the interview, you will be accepted and you can enroll formally.

Immediately after enrollment, you will need to pay a deposit and sign an agreement to secure your space in the coding bootcamp. The software engineering bootcamp also has a Slack channel to give students access to alumni and the program’s events.

The next step is the prep course, which is required for all students. Over the course of this week-long program, you will select a funding option and also attend student presentations.

Alchemy Code Lab Interview

This coding bootcamp has a single technical interview for the admission process. However, it also focuses on your personal attributes. So, the interviewer wants to discover your motivations and why you want to become a software engineer. You should also be prepared for questions about your coding experience.

The admissions team may also be curious about how you work in groups. Do you have a passion for coding? Are you motivated by a large salary? Do you dream of a job in Silicon Valley?

Alchemy Code Lab Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Alchemy Code Lab has not published its admission rate. However, the coding bootcamp only accepts between 25 and 30 students per cohort. This means that competition is high.

Still, if you are a hard worker, you could greatly increase your chance of entering the coding bootcamp. Undertaking your own prep work before applying may help you to stand out among your peers.

Alchemy Code Lab Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Alchemy Code Lab has impressive student outcomes. The coding bootcamp recently published its 2018 to 2020 student outcomes. The report states that 90 percent of bootcamp graduates secured tech jobs within 11 weeks of graduation. On average, these graduates earned an impressive starting salary of $80,000 per year.

Job Placement Services at Alchemy Code Lab

While Alchemy Code Lab does not provide a job guarantee, it offers career development support for both students and alumni. Outside of the classroom, students get one-on-one coaching to help them make the right impression with potential employees. Students also learn how to network and produce an effective resume.

Should You Apply to Alchemy Code Lab?

Alchemy Code Lab offers an immersive course with a unique learning style. It starts with the basics and ends with practical training. Students gather the technical skills they need to work in the real world. They also build a portfolio in the process.

  • Individualized support. This coding bootcamp offers individualized support because it believes that students are unique. They work with students one-on-one to teach them the best way to position themselves in the industry.
  • Ongoing support. The coding bootcamp keeps delivering when students graduate. Coaches are on hand until a graduate lands their first job in tech. Aside from helping graduates with cover letters and resumes, coaches also offer invaluable industry insight.
  • Campus community. The training program has a great community. It hosts workshops, meetups, and hackathons. This gives students a chance to interact with others in the industry and grow their network.
  • Residency. Alchemy Code Lab also hires many of its graduates as software developers. This helps them to gain real-world experience as mid-level software developers. The coding bootcamp has a tech consultancy known as AppLab, and graduates hired there build apps for entrepreneurs and startups in Portland.

Alchemy Code Lab has an outstanding record when it comes to student outcomes. While the coding bootcamp does not guarantee a job, it offers job assistance and hires many of its students to give them a head start.

Keep in mind Alchemy Code Lab does not offer in-demand tech programs for aspiring data scientists, product managers, or UX/UI designers. But if you live in the Portland area and want to pursue a web development career track, this coding bootcamp is an ideal fit.

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