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Data Science for Business: How Data Science Helps Business Growth

Big companies nowadays use different data science methodologies to run their operations and grow their business. The global digital population now includes 4.66 billion Internet users, according to Statista. So, professionals and experts can acquire actionable insights out of gigabytes of data. It’s no wonder that business owners can now make more calculated business decisions. This guide discusses

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The Best Fun Machine Learning Courses for Kids

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the new trend for kids who love learning and exploring technology. Parents may think that the concepts of machine learning may be too challenging for young children to learn. However, you may be surprised at how many machine learning courses for kids there are available.  Grade school students have access to several

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CRM for Business: How CRM Helps Business Growth

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a powerful tool that continuously collects data from customers to help businesses grow by increasing customer communication. A quality and robust CRM allows businesses to build relationships with customers which, in turn, promotes customer loyalty. Business owners have introduced CRM as a management strategy to help increase business profits.  In the guide

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Best Data Science Events to Learn and Get Support

A great way to grow in the data science field is by attending data science events. These opportunities to network with other professionals and learn from leaders in the field are a goldmine for professional development.  The best data science events, conferences, and meetups allow you to learn about the latest trends in data science, how to enhance

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Best HTML Events to Learn and Get Support

HTML events are significant for career development because they assist in helping you improve your skills as a programmer, software engineer, or a web developer. These events could be in the form of conference sessions and meetups.  This article will focus on the best HTML events you can attend to learn and get support this year. Continue reading

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