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Top Machine Learning Project Ideas to Try Out

With the growth of data collection in this age, interpreting information has become increasingly paramount. Enter Machine Learning (ML), an intersection of statistics and computer processing power to help you interpret data by providing predictions based on trends. It is no wonder it is a widely used technique in artificial intelligence.Why is Building Projects for ML Important?With

How to Learn JavaScript

If you have ever tried to build a website with only HTML and CSS, you already know that something else is needed to add more functionality. That something else is Javascript (JS). JS is important in web development, as it adds interactivity to your site. Over the years, JS has evolved to run not only in front end

Learn Python: A Master Guide

According to this 2019 StackOverflow survey, Python is the “fastest-growing major programming language”. No surprise there: Python is easy to read and has a vast community and many applications. If you’re here then you probably already have Python installed on your machine. Here are the basic steps to get Python on your machine if you haven't already:Install

data science

What Is Data Science?

Data is a part of all of our lives in some way. The computers we use every day generate data when we use them. Businesses collect data from customers to provide a better customer experience. Governments collect data from citizens to learn about their population.What happens with all of the data that is collected? The answer lies

Best IDE for Python

While working on any framework or technology, the code editor you choose to use plays a significant role. It is possible to use notepad or gedit to edit your source code files, but it is not often the best option. You should consider using modern editors and IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) because they are powerful tools to

How to Learn SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to query databases and is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. If that’s not good enough news, consider this: if you’re familiar with Excel, you are pretty much familiar with some of the overarching concepts of SQL.The first thing you would want to do is download MySQL, a free


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