Lighthouse Labs Overview and Guide

Lighthouse Labs, a Canadian coding bootcamp, teaches tech courses on web development and data science. To date, it has provided quality education to more than 20,000 students. If you’re interested in enrolling at Lighthouse Labs, continue reading this comprehensive review.

Canada’s tech industry continues to evolve, so tech education should evolve as well. Lighthouse Labs hires the best mentors and instructors to put you on the right path for your tech career.

What You Need to Know About Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs is a coding bootcamp that believes life continues to grow as much as the tech industry. Its primary mission is to launch your tech career and help Canada grow more as a tech hub. With a total of seven courses, Lighthouse Labs offers quality education.

  • Cost: $1,400 – $3,000 CAD
  • Schedule: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Web Development, Data Science, Data Analytics
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course

Lighthouse Labs Curricula: What Can You Study?

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At Lighthouse Labs, you can take multiple courses in web development, data science, or data analytics. The full-time courses cover web development and data science. Lighthouse Labs offers five part-time introductory courses to help true beginners. Its main goal is to produce tech talents that can flourish in Canadian tech hubs.

Web Development Bootcamp

For a total of 12 weeks, this course can transform you into a professional web developer. This coding course will teach you popular programming languages like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. When you finish the course, you’ll be ready to enter a junior developer role.

You will learn how to use HTML and CSS for web development. With your cohort, you’ll also discuss creating databases through SQL, understanding the elements of software, and more.

Data Science Bootcamp

This course will give you a deep-dive into data science with Python and other tools. Through this curriculum, you’ll learn how to clean your data to present quality work. You’ll also learn how to visualize data so anyone can understand.

Machine learning is also an important part of data science that you can learn in this course. Data science and machine learning are integral to preparing and processing data. This data course lasts 12 weeks, and when you finish, you’ll be ready for the field.

Introduction to Web Development Course

If you don’t feel confident about taking on a full-time web development course, you can try the part-time option first. In six weeks, you will learn everything you need to know about coding basics. This program is specifically designed with newbies in mind.

Despite being an introductory program, the end goal of this course is to push for practical skills development. You’ll create a well-designed application as your final project.

Front End Developer Course with JavaScript

This six-week course will teach you the right skills to build and design websites. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to master the art of creating websites, these three programming languages are your foundation.

Aside from technical skills, you will learn theory about how to create a responsive design. You will understand how to build a dynamic and interactive website. By the end, you will be able to build your own optimal site.

Intro to Data Analytics Course

Lighthouse Labs also has a part-time course for people who want to become data analysts. This course covers the basics of data analysis like learning the process and finding the right questions to ask. You’ll also learn data collection and data cleaning.

You’ll conduct data analysis with Microsoft Excel and visualize it with Tableau. At the end of the course, you can create your own project to demonstrate what you have learned over the six weeks.

Data Analytics for HR 101

This short course only runs for 12 hours, spread out over four days. Human resources, or HR, processes a lot of data in daily operations. If you already work in HR, this is your opportunity to kickstart a more data-driven operation.

This curriculum will cover HR processes and how data plays a role. You will learn how to properly collect, clean, and analyze data. As for visualization, there will be a session on how to use Excel or Tableau for data organization.

Data Analytics for Sales Leadership

Sales and marketing also benefit from data. Learning data analytics is important because you can process insights and better know your customers. This way, you will be able to create data-driven business decisions.

Just like the HR course, this option runs for 12 hours over four days. Even though it’s short, it will equip you with skills on how to process and analyze data. It also uses Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets to visualize data, which you will learn as you go.

Lighthouse Labs Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Lighthouse Labs is only conducting online classes due to COVID-19. Once in-person classes resume, you can take classes in different parts of Canada.

  • Vancouver
  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Montreal
  • Victoria
  • Ottawa
  • Online

Lighthouse Labs: When Can You Study?


Lighthouse Labs offers two full-time bootcamp courses spread over a total of 12 weeks. These courses ask for 40 hours a week, so you should only enroll if you’re ready for a commitment.


There are several short courses available offered on a part-time basis. Some run for six weeks, while the others run for 12 hours spread over four days. This is a good option if you’re already working and want to build your skills.

Lighthouse Labs Tuition

The tuition fees at Lighthouse Labs are in Canadian dollars. The full-time courses cost $9,500 or $13,000. The part-time courses can vary between $1,400 and $1,800. The more expensive options include career services and networking events.

Lighthouse Labs Financing and Payment Options

  • Lighthouse Labs Scholarship. As part of its COVID-19 relief fund, Lighthouse Labs offers scholarships. Part-time students can enjoy a discount of up to $750 while full-time students can get up to $3,000.
  • Provincial Student Aid. If you’re from a rural area of Canada, you’re eligible for financial aid. You should talk to an advisor about student aid. You can also apply for federal grants.
  • Student Line of Credit. You can speak to admissions about how to arrange your credit line. This means that you don’t have to pay your tuition immediately and you can fulfill your line of credit in installments.
  • Discounts. If you pay upfront by the start of the program, you can enjoy a discount. This is a great option if you can afford it.

Lighthouse Labs Admissions: How to Get In

You can get into Lighthouse Labs if you can prove you have the right skills and personality. Lighthouse Labs looks for people with an aptitude and passion for coding. If you’re a true beginner, then you should express your motivation to learn.

Lighthouse Labs Application

There are four steps to the admissions process that you can follow to get into Lighthouse Labs. First, you have to complete the online application, which asks about your education, coding experience, and other important details. You also have to complete a group interview and technical assessment. After that, you can begin the prep work.

Lighthouse Labs Interview

Lighthouse Labs doesn’t specify what questions it asks during interviews. However, because it’s a group interview, you should be prepared to show your teamwork skills. You should also think about why you want to apply to Lighthouse Labs and your passion for coding.

Lighthouse Labs Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Lighthouse Labs does not disclose its acceptance rate.

Lighthouse Labs Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Yes, you will find a job after graduating from Lighthouse Labs. It has a 95 percent job placement rate, which means most graduates get hired within 180 days. Lighthouse Labs offers a comprehensive career program. Even though you have to pay extra for more career services, it’s worth it.

Job Placement Services at Lighthouse Labs

There are two types of job placement services at Lighthouse Labs, which depends which payment plan you choose. All bootcamp students get to experience a career service workshop. This involves resume writing and interview preparation.

You can also choose the career boost option. Aside from enjoying the typical workshops, you can enjoy one-on-one mentorship sessions. You can also take advantage of Lighthouse Labs’ employer outreach and matching as well as networking. This is a good option if you’re passionate about getting a great job in tech.

Should You Apply to Lighthouse Labs?

Yes, you should apply to Lighthouse Labs. The instructors and mentors are handpicked professionals who can guide you into a great career. You can also take multiple introductory courses if you’re a beginner. Read below for more reasons why you should apply for Lighthouse Labs.

  • Canadian Homebase. Most great bootcamps are located in the United States, but Lighthouse Labs calls Canada home. If you live in a main Canadian city, you can enjoy in-person classes. You can also enjoy financing options just for Canadians.
  • Career Service Options. There are two job placement services that you can take depending on your financial situation. The Career Boost package is more expensive, but it offers a wide range of career support.
  • Preparation Period. Before you start one of the full-time courses, you must complete a 70-hour preparation period on your own. This is a great way to prepare you for the course, and it doesn’t cost extra.

Lighthouse Labs offer a variety of comprehensive courses in web development and data science. If you’re interested in the Canadian tech scene, Lighthouse Labs is the best bootcamp option for you.

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6 Reviews


  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Being unhappy with the traditional school system, I started looking for alternatives and found Lighthouse Labs. After a bit of research I decided to go with them for no particular reason, other than I liked their website. After all, most coding bootcamp websites all advertise for the same thing.

    The sheer amount of knowledge and understanding about high-level programming they gave us in such a small amount of time, is invaluable. We, the passionate cohort I was lucky to be a part of, gave all of our time and dedication for those 10 weeks and they supported us throughout this learning experience.

    Yes. ‘Supported’ us. As I wrote previously, I was dissatisfied with the school system I’ve been a part of all my life and so, this was refreshing. They taught us early on, how to learn, how to be curious and assertive. Of course, no one understood everything, so the mentors were always there at the ready, to help us either look through documentation and code more carefully or come up with a different explanation of the problem, while never revealing the answer!

    As fo the curriculum, it was heavily dependent on javascript and on week 7 we did a ruby project. We did many projects using different stacks of technologies, all the while learning how to use git and Github for good workflow. The last 10 days were the craziest, most exhilarating days of the bootcamp; we had to team up in teams of 3 or more, come up with a solution to a problem, have a good team workflow, and do a full-stack application with our newly acquired knowledge.

    We also had some networking events with employers, where we could talk with them, ask questions and even potentially get a job. Overall, we learnt how to present ourselves in a favorable light to more easily get interviews and later on, a carrer.

    Since I didn’t have any prior notable work experience, it was a risky but life-changing decision.

    January 15, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I enrolled in the Web Development Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs with very little prior coding knowledge (I had completed a couple code academy courses in CSS and HTML) and I came out the other end a Full Stack Web Developer! I loved the learning environment, and I don’t think I would have made it through without the encouragement and expertise of my teachers and mentors. And at the end they even helped me find a job! A 10/10 learning experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to jump into the world of web developement!

    March 16, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    Lighthouse labs have a special effect on people. It takes what you knew as your limit, destroys it, and don’t let you build a new one for a few weeks, not until you have learned everything they have to taught.

    And all that with an imense support from the teachers, mentors, and staff.

    June 18, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I graduated from Lighthouse Labs’ Vancouver Web Development Bootcamp in April 2019, and really couldn’t rave enough about the program.

    Coming from some basic coding knowledge (I had taken one of the part-time introductory coding classes that Lighthouse offers), I found the bootcamp to be a difficult yet supportive and rewarding experience.

    With tons of mentor support, awesome teachers and a curriculum that’s regularly updated, it’s clear that Lighthouse cares a lot about their students.

    August 27, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    School never really worked for me – I was often bored, often distracted, and when high school ended Computer Science was definitely not in the cards. But I always enjoyed coding and dealing with technologies. 15 years later after a few career changes the idea of a bootcamp came up and I asked around a bunch and landed on Lighthouse as having one of the best reputations and…man…I’m so glad. Those 10 weeks were some of the most challenging but ultimately most rewarding of my life. I met 13 amazing other cohort mates and great – really great – instructors and mentors and by around week 7 I realised I could barely recognize week 1 me. By week 10 I’d learned a tonne and created a web application from scratch that I’m really proud of.

    I am a bit of an evangelist now. This experience was incredible, and career services was so helpful – I’m about to start my first job in the field in 5 days and I graduated only 2 weeks ago. If I had it to do over again I would do it in a heartbeat.

    November 7, 2020

  • Anonymous
    Rating Curriculum Instructors Job Assistance

    I would highly recommend the Web Development Bootcamp with Lighthouse Labs. From the instructors to the mentors to the support staff, it really seemed like their main focus was ensuring the student’s had the best experience possible. I felt supported throughout the entire bootcamp and there was constant reassurance when things got tough (which they did & will – this is not a simple program. It definitly requires a lot of work and dedication).

    One aspect I really like about the bootcamp is the life-time access to the course material. I’m currently going back over some of the topics we learned as a refresher and it’s been immensly helpful! I also think it’s extremely beneficial that you complete the bootcamp with a full portfolio of web applications to show employers. Upon completion of the program, there are events to connect with the mentors, alumni, etc. to help you become part of the tech community.

    All in all, 10/10 would recommend this program to anyone who’s contemplating taking the leap! It will provide you with the skills needed to make a career change.

    December 13, 2020

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