Tech Academy Overview and Guide

Tech Academy has a wide range of programs for people who want to transition to tech. Should you apply to this coding bootcamp? This review will highlight the schedule, cost, and financing options available to students.

This coding bootcamp helps people gain technical skills to get a job as a data scientist, a cyber security expert, or even a game developer. The programs at Tech Academy take place both on-site and online and they are composed of self-paced classes.

What You Need to Know About Tech Academy

Tech Academy is one of the few coding bootcamps that offer niche courses such as Python Developer Boot Camp, Java and Android Developer Boot Camp, C# and .NET Framework Boot Camp, and Mobile App Developer Boot Camp. The school also offers open enrollment which means you can sign up and start learning anytime you want.

  • Cost: $5,980 to $26,640
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time, Self-Paced
  • Courses Offered: Full Stack Software Development, C# and .NET Framework, Python Development, Data Science, UX/UI Design, Cyber Security, Front End Development, Game Development, Mobile App Development, Java and Android Development, JavaScript Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Open enrollment

Tech Academy Curricula: What Can You Study?

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This coding bootcamp has a lot of topics that border on frameworks and programming languages. It also includes crucial skills for job searches in the future such as resume creation and job interview prep.

C# and .NET Boot Camp

This program is ideal for students who want to use Microsoft languages and technologies. Students learn five in-demand languages including C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and SQL. By the end of the program, students will gain well-rounded technical knowledge. They will be ready to take on full stack junior-level developer jobs.

Software Developer Boot Camp

This program covers seven of the most popular programming languages. Some of the languages in this program include C#, HTML, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. The curriculum includes backend and front end development. It starts with an introduction to computers and technology and moves to the different programming languages in each module.

Python Developer Boot Camp

This course is excellent for people who want to become full stack web developers. Students learn top programming languages like Python, HTML, SQL, and CSS. The curriculum includes a basic computer course, software development, version control, database and SQL, visual studio, and project management.

Data Science Boot Camp

This bootcamp covers data science fundamentals. Students in this program will learn data visualization to represent information in graphs of pie charts and statistical analysis for identifying trends in data sources. Other parts of the curriculum include artificial intelligence, machine learning, programming fundamentals, and computer science basics.

UI/UX Designer Boot Camp

This UI/UX designer program is ideal for people who want to create easy-to-use and aesthetically-pleasing websites. The course starts with basic coding training and moves to the creation of a sleek user interface that offers a user-friendly experience. It also includes version control, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programs.

Cyber Security Boot Camp

This program focuses on full stack web development and how to keep the associated data safe. The curriculum includes computer and server hardware fundamentals, network security and VPN, and the development of secure apps and software. Students also learn how to protect databases to keep the backend secure.

Front End Web Developer Boot Camp

This program will cover aspects of front end development. Students enrolled in this course learn three web development programming languages including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. At the end of the program, students will be able to create fully functional websites.

Game Developer Boot Camp

Students will be exposed to game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity which are the same software programs used to create popular games like Fortnite and Pokemon Go. Students will also learn how to code using two programming languages; C++ and C#.

Mobile App Developer Boot Camp

This bootcamp is one of the latest additions to The Tech Academy’s curriculum. It will guide students through the process of building a mobile application for iOS and Android by using programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, and Java.

Java and Android Developer Boot Camp

Java is known as the programming language used to create Android apps but it can do so much more. Other languages that students can expect to learn in this bootcamp include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL.

JavaScript Developer Boot Camp

This program is perfect for aspiring developers with a strong passion for coding in JavaScript. Students will learn to master tools such as jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Node.js, React, Vue.js, TypeScript, Angular, MongoDB, Ember.js, and the MEAN stack.

Tech Academy Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Tech Academy has two campuses in the United States. It also has online courses to cater to a more broad audience.

  • Portland
  • Salt Lake City

Tech Academy Schedules: When Can You Study?


The Tech Academy offers full-time courses in-person and online. Most of the course duration ranges from eight to 22 weeks. Students are expected to devote 40 hours or more per week. Since it is an immersive program, it may be difficult for students who choose this program to also work full-time.


For those seeking more flexibility, the school has a part-time schedule that lasts from 14 weeks to 40 weeks, depending on the course. Part-time students are expected to commit at least 15 hours per week to the program. Students who have other engagements during the week can benefit from this program.


Tech Academy also has a flex or self-paced schedule. Students can choose full-time or part-time programs or self-paced programs. They can also set their own study schedule. Instructors are available on weekdays and weekends to help students with any problems that may arise.

Tech Academy Tuition

The tuition at Tech Academy differs based on the schedule and course of your choosing. For instance, the full-time software development course costs $18,640, while the part-time program is $26,640.

The data science program costs $17,000 for full-time and $21,307 for part-time. The web development program is the most affordable at $9,000 for full-time and $11,974 for part-time. Visit the official website for more details on your desired program.

Tech Academy Financing and Payment Options

  • Income Share Agreement (ISA). This coding bootcamp allows students to attend the training risk-free with zero tuition. The ISA involves receiving education from the bootcamp in exchange for a percentage of the student’s earnings at the end of the course. Graduates only pay once they are employed and earn above a minimum salary. The ISA option, however, is only available for selected courses.
  • Climb Credit Financing. Students have the option to apply for a loan to pay off their tuition. Climb Credit is one of the lenders that have partnered with The Tech Academy. It allows students to apply for loans and add a co-signer without considering their credit score.
  • Affirm Financing. Similarly, qualified students can also apply for a loan with Affirm. The repayment terms are either 12, 24, or 36 months.
  • Scholarships. There is no information about running scholarships. Potential students are welcomed to contact the admissions team directly for more inquiries regarding financial assistance.
  • GI Bill. The Tech Academy does not accept GI Bill benefits as a financing option at the moment.

Tech Academy Admissions: How to Get In

People without any technical experience are encouraged to apply. The coding bootcamp has made it compulsory for all students to take prep courses before jumping into their specialized courses. This is to help students become more prepared to take on the rest of the program.

Tech Academy Application

Tech Academy application is quite straightforward. It involves applying online on the school’s site. After receiving the application, the admissions team will arrange for an IQ test that involves logic-based questions.

This is to ensure that applicants can write, read and perform basic math. If they pass the test, a phone or in-person interview will follow. Those who perform well in the interview will then be successfully enrolled.

Tech Academy Interview

Tech Academy conducts a phone or in-person interview after an IQ test. This interview focuses on the applicant’s background, career goals, and interests. The interviewer may want to know what motivates an applicant to want to learn to code. While it is not compulsory to be tech-savvy, the school may still want to know how much technical experience an applicant has.

Tech Academy Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

This software engineering bootcamp has not published its admission rate. It is not clear how many students get accepted on average. However, preparing before the application process should help increase your chances of getting in.

Tech Academy Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Tech Academy reports that 69 percent of its graduates found full-time careers within six months of graduation, with a higher-than-average starting salary. This coding bootcamp is able to produce such results due to its flexible teaching methods and job placement training.

Job Placement Services at Tech Academy

This coding bootcamp does not have a job guarantee. However, students are trained with a job placement course at the end of each program. This course covers resume writing, interview prep, tech job search, and coding challenge training, among others. Students are also assigned career coaches to help them build the confidence to land tech positions.

Should You Apply to Tech Academy?

Tech Academy has a flexible enrollment method. This implies that applicants can enroll at any time to join the program. It also offers hybrid training where students can choose to learn online or on campus. There are so many other reasons to apply to Tech Academy.

  • Job Placement Course. The coding bootcamp prepares its students for the job-seeking phase. They learn key skills like how to write resumes and where to search for tech jobs.
  • Wide Offerings. This coding bootcamp is one of the few with a large variety of courses. Students can choose to learn different programming languages and the technical skills to become data scientists, UI/UX designers, or even software engineers.
  • Self-Paced. Students in this coding bootcamp can choose a self-paced learning option. This means students, especially those without tech experience, will not be under a huge amount of pressure to complete the course quickly. This option allows students to understand the lessons better and improve their proficiencies significantly.
  • Affordability. This coding bootcamp has several affordable courses to cater to tech aspirants of all backgrounds. Students can also pay less if they choose the full-time option.

Tech Academy teaches in-demand programming languages like Python, C#, and C++, among others. A huge percentage of its graduates found a rewarding job within a few months of graduation.

If you want an immersive program that covers more specialized technologies, this bootcamp may be ideal for you.

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