Springboard Overview and Guide

Springboard is an online bootcamp geared toward preparing students for tech careers in the high-profile fields of data science, data analytics, cyber security, computer programming, and digital design. Springboard reviews are full of testimonials about all the prestigious tech companies where the school’s graduates have been placed.

Known for its innovative learning methods, Springboard trains students with help from a professional team of coaches, advisors, and industry leaders. Read on to learn more about how Springboard distinguishes itself from other coding schools and data science bootcamps.

What You Need to Know About Springboard

Since Springboard opened its virtual doors in 2013, close to 100 percent of its graduates have obtained a job in the tech industry. The school offers a wide range of six-month programs, prep courses for three of its career tracks, and a couple of different scheduling options. Below are some fast facts about Springboard’s online courses.

  • Cost: $349 – $12,100
  • Schedules: Part-Time, Flex
  • Courses Offered: Data Science, Analytics, Coding, Cyber ​​Security, Design
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course

Springboard Curricula: What Can You Study?

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Each Springboard course is designed to simulate the responsibilities and innovative projects that students will face in their chosen careers. The more comprehensive courses last for six months, while the introductory courses are shorter. The programs vary in price depending on duration and content. Below is a summary of Springboard’s current offerings.

Data Science

If you want to become a data scientist, Springboard gives you three career tracks to choose from. Whether you enroll in the data engineering, machine learning, or data science career track, you will be required to complete interactive projects for the real world. Each program lasts six months and costs $8,940.

Depending on which curriculum you choose, what you’ll learn may include data science applications of Python, creating data visualizations using Seaborn and Matplotlib, and/or machine learning fundamentals. If any of this sounds overwhelming, you can sign up for the data science prep course, which costs $490 and takes four to six weeks to complete.


In the six-month Data Analytics Career Track, you will learn useful tools like Excel, Python, SQL, and Tableau. A personal mentor will help you on your journey toward becoming a professional data analyst. The full cost of the program is $6,600.


If you’re looking for a coding course, Springboard has a software engineer program for $12,100. You can take a six-week prep course before diving into the six-month bootcamp. In these programs, you will have the academic support of renowned instructor Colt Steele, and you will learn about Python and SQL, as well as JavaScript, React, and Node.

Cyber Security

The Cyber ​​Security Career Track consists of 35 mini-projects. Industry experts will be there to evaluate your progress. Units include fundamentals, IT project management, network security, identity and access management, and host-based data. Before discounts, the whole six-month shebang costs $9,540.


This category includes three options: the UX Career Track, the UI/UX Design Career Track, and a four-week introduction to design. In both full-length programs, your six months will be occupied with practical weekly exercises and project-based work using different design methods. Each project requires ideation, prototyping, observation, and testing.

The most expensive of the bunch is the UI/UX Design course, whose full price tag is $11,691. At $7,794, the UX program is a little more affordable. The intro course is only $349.

Springboard Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Springboard programs are completely online. The school does not have a campus for face-to-face classes. There are, however, a couple of different scheduling options available to accommodate as many remote learners as possible.

Springboard Schedules: When Can You Study?


One of the main advantages of Springboard is its flexible scheduling. This school does not offer full-time programs. The part-time option for each course requires a commitment of 12 to 20 hours per week.


All courses have the option of flex hours, which is a good idea if your daily routine is variable. You can study from home, at your convenience, and you will still benefit from Springboard’s unique learning system.

Springboard Tuition

As you’ll see in the course overviews above, each Springboard course comes with its own price. The six-month programs range in price from the high four figures to the low five figures, maxing out at $12,100. To help lighten the load, Springboard gives students access to several financing methods.

Springboard Financing and Payment Options

  • Monthly Installments. The most common method is to make monthly payments on a six-month or nine-month plan. The first payment reserves your spot, and then you pay the same amount every month until you’re done. In the Cyber ​​Security course, for example, you can make six monthly payments of $1,590, for a total of $9,540.
  • Upfront. If you can afford to pay all at once, you will get a discount of between 11 percent and 18 percent, depending on the course.
  • Deferred Tuition. With this option, you pay a small deposit at the outset, usually $500 or $700, and then pay the remaining balance when you get a job.
  • Loans. If you need a loan, you can apply for one with Climb Credit, Springboard’s lending partner. Students can repay the loan through monthly installments.
  • Scholarships. Springboard has $500 and $750 scholarships available for women, $500 and $750 scholarships available for veterans, and $300 scholarships available for students. The amount that qualifying veterans and women get is determined by the course.

Springboard Admissions: How to Get In

To join Springboard, you must follow several simple steps. Springboard does not place limits on enrollment, which gives it a larger admission rate than other bootcamps.

Springboard Application

If you’ve already decided to take a Springboard course, the next step is to complete the application process. Let’s walk you through it.

  1. Submit your application. Choose your favorite course, then register with your email address. You must complete all the forms with your personal information. The whole process takes about 15 minutes. The Springboard team will then contact you to schedule an interview and skills assessment.
  2. Interview. The next step is a chat with the application director. More on this step below.
  3. Skills Survey. Complete the assessment, and the admissions staff will decide whether your skills are well-suited to the program you have chosen.
  4. Join Springboard. If you pass the survey, the next step is to schedule your start date and choose your payment plan. You will receive financial guidance to help you make an informed choice.

Springboard Interview

The interview process is simple but decisive. You will be asked to discuss everything you know about the selected course. During the conversation, you will talk about yourself, your skills, and your career goals. Finally, you will be given short tests to check your tech skills.

Springboard Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Springboard’s admission rate is less than 20 percent. The school follows concrete acceptance criteria to maintain its reputation and its graduation rates.

Springboard Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Springboard gives you tremendous job support from day one. You will receive guidance to help you land a job that’s perfect for your skills. In fact, eight of Springboard’s courses come with job guarantees, which means you will get a full refund if you can’t find a job within six months of graduation.

Job Placement Services at Springboard

Springboard has a job guarantee and a team of career advisors. The curricula undergo regular audits to ensure that the skills taught are optimized for employability.

Ninety-four percent of Springboard graduates currently have a job. Some of the graduates work for large companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Dell, Pandora, Verizon, Microsoft, and Zoom.

Should You Apply to Springboard?

If you want to get a position in the tech industry, Springboard’s career-oriented programs are a good bet. In addition to their programs and their employment aids, there are a few other points to consider before filling out the application form.

  • Alumni mentors. If you do well at Springboard, you can come back to join its team of teachers and mentors.
  • Industry-wide influence. Since its founding in 2013, more than 6,000 students have successfully completed Springboard. The school has welcomed students from more than 100 countries into its online courses.
  • Updated curricula. Springboard constantly updates its material according to current demands and needs. It spots inefficiencies in traditional education, and uses what it learns to design innovative programs.
  • Employer network. Springboard’s hiring partners love to use the school as a talent pool. Large companies often hire employees straight from Springboard’s latest graduating classes.
  • Job support. When you graduate, Springboard’s mentors will help you update your LinkedIn profile. If you’re coming out of the data analytics program, for example, you might get advice on how to fine-tune your data analyst resume.

Springboard is a useful, efficient, and accessible option for nearly anyone who wants a job in tech. If you have talent, enthusiasm, and ideas for great projects, an online bootcamp education can go a long way.

Whether you want to become a machine learning engineer, a data analyst, a data scientist, or something else, Springboard can help you launch your career.

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