Byte Academy Overview and Guide

Byte Academy offers tech programs and courses ranging from software development to data science. If you’re interested in enrolling or learning more about the school, then keep reading.

This comprehensive Byte Academy review will tell you everything you need to know about the school, from its programs to its tuition rates to its application process.

What You Need to Know About Byte Academy

Byte Academy is quickly rising in popularity. It is one of the few schools that teaches the tools necessary to be successful in the growing industry of fintech (financial technology). Byte Academy fosters a challenging yet rewarding environment across all its programs, training the next generation of data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers.

  • Cost: Programs: $14,950, Introductory Courses: $1,000
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Courses Offered: Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course and location

Byte Academy Curricula: What Can You Study?

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At Byte Academy, you can study several subjects, ranging from software development to data science.

Data Science

Byte Academy’s data science bootcamp teaches students to become well-rounded data scientists. In this program, you will learn both the fundamentals and advanced techniques associated with Python, SQL, data visualization, and machine learning.

Students will master how to analyze and manipulate meaningful data, and apply coveted coding skills in practice. Graduates will be prepared to work as data analysts, machine learning engineers, and more.

Full Stack Python

Byte’s Full Stack Python program teaches web development in Python, JavaScript, React, HTML, SQL, and CSS. Students will learn data structures and algorithms, soak up programming fundamentals, and complete a final capstone project.

The program is intense but produces graduates who can acquire lucrative Python jobs as software engineers, systems architects, and many other roles.

Intro to Python

This completely free, live, and online course will introduce students to the world of Python programming. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of programming in Python, such as control flow and data structures. This course is a good way to help you decide whether coding is right for you.

Even if you have no intention of pursuing a career in software engineering, this course will help you in several ways. You will be able to perform faster data analysis, communicate more effectively with technology teams, and build a foundation for further study in programming or data science.

Intro to Software Development

This online introductory course will teach students the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, which together form the backbone of web pages. In the backend part of the course, you’ll be introduced to Flask, a library in Python used to make APIs and small websites.

If you want to continue your journey into software development, this course is the perfect follow-up to Byte’s Intro to Python course.
Intro to Data Science

This introductory course lasts one month and allows students to master the basics of software development, data science, and machine learning. Students will employ the MNIST recognition dataset to build a basic neural network model that recognizes hand-written digits, the perfect portfolio project to show to potential employers.

This class is excellent preparation for Byte’s main data science program.

Byte Academy Campuses: Where Can You Study?

Byte Academy is one of the few bootcamps available both inside and outside the United States. Aside from its online courses, the programs are available in two cities:

  • New York City
  • Bangalore, India

Byte Academy Schedules: When Can You Study?


All of the programs at Byte Academy are currently offered online and full-time. The full-time program lasts 12 weeks. Classes are held five days a week from 10am to 5pm. You can contact the school to see when their next programs are available.


Three of the programs at Byte Academy are offered online and part-time. These include the two main programs and the introductory Python course. The part-time bootcamps are 24 weeks in length. The start dates for the part-time programs have yet to be posted.

Byte Academy Tuition

Byte Academy offers students several ways to finance the $14,950 bootcamp tuition.

Byte Academy Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment. This is the least expensive option for students. All students have to do is make an initial payment of $500, and then pay the balance of their tuition in full before the start of class. Students can pay with a personal check, a wire transfer, or through PayPal or Square.
  • Loans. In partnership with Climb Credit, Byte offers loan financing up to full tuition. Applying is free, and you can get pre-approved for a loan in as little as five minutes. This is a good option for learners with high credit scores.
  • ISAs. Byte Academy also allows students to sign an income share agreement. This is a popular option among bootcamp students, but it may be more expensive than loan financing. Those who qualify only have to pay an initial $500 deposit, and then nothing more until they get a job.

Byte Academy Admissions: How to Get In

Byte Academy is relatively easy to get accepted into. The application and interview processes are quick, especially compared to other coding bootcamps. Read on to find out more about the application and interview processes.

Byte Academy Application

Byte’s admissions process is reported to take between two and four weeks from application to decision. Admissions are done on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the better. The application should only take a few minutes and involves the following steps.

1. The application process begins on Fluidreview. If you are new to the site, you must create an account by clicking the sign-up button on your right.

2. Complete the personal information and application form.

3. Upload your resume, and submit the form.

After submitting your application, you will automatically be able to schedule an appointment with admissions. You will have to complete the pre-work and pay your tuition balance before classes start.

Students with questions about the application are encouraged to schedule a call with the school’s admissions team.

Byte Academy Interview

Byte Academy’s bootcamp interview questions are straightforward, but your answers are important. You need to convince the interviewer that you’ll excel at Byte Academy. Below are some questions you can expect to hear during your interview.

  • Do you have any prior experience in your preferred course topic?
  • What inspired you to enter the tech industry?
  • Why is Byte Academy your first bootcamp choice?
  • What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
  • Do you have any questions?

Byte Academy Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

Byte Academy has not made its admission rate public. However, it should be easy to get in so long as you complete the necessary prerequisites. For instance, the introductory Python course is a prerequisite for the other courses and programs.

A high score on the assessment in any of the school’s introductory classes exempts you from the admissions test. Also, the fee for the intro courses is discounted from the bootcamp tuition.

Byte Academy Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

Byte Academy has a job placement rate of 85 percent. Many of these graduates get jobs at prestigious companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Byte Academy does not offer a job guarantee, meaning you will not receive your tuition back if you don’t get a job.

Job Placement Services at Byte Academy

The lack of a job guarantee should not worry prospective students. Byte Academy offers students robust career services that help them bolster their resumes and prepare for interviews. The school’s interview workshop is a great option for students who want to ace their technical interviews or hone their knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Should You Apply to Byte Academy?

Yes, you should apply to Byte Academy. Whether you want to learn to code or pursue a new tech career, you should try enrolling in one of Byte’s valuable bootcamps or its cheap but robust introductory courses. Below are some more reasons why Byte’s reputation as a bootcamp is growing.

  • Internships with Spryte Labs. After graduating, you may apply to Byte’s SpryteLabs internship program to gain real-world experience. Here, you’ll work on client projects that combine product management with data science.
  • Positive reviews and testimonials. Byte Academy is a career-oriented school that earns consistently great reviews. One graduate lauded the programs for covering so much material for such a low price. Other reviewers have praised the instructors for helping them gain confidence with programming languages.
  • Career services. The school is staffed by a helpful team of instructors and dedicated career service professionals.

In short, Byte Academy is worth it. The school can help you land a great job in data science, software engineering, fintech, and many other fields. If you want to enroll in a comprehensive and inexpensive program, then Byte is a great option.

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