DigitalCrafts Overview and Guide

DigitalCrafts is an accelerated web development bootcamp for aspiring programmers. It offers a full stack software engineering course that can get you job-ready in 16 to 26 weeks. You can learn online or in Seattle, Tampa, Houston, and Atlanta.

During your time at DigitalCrafts, you will learn how to use popular programming languages to build applications. Graduates get jobs at reputable companies thanks to its career coaching services. This DigitalCrafts overview and guide can teach you everything to know about this coding bootcamp.

What You Need to Know About DigitalCrafts

DigitalCrafts is available to everyone, not just students in the United States. International students can take the remote learning program and benefit from this highly recommended bootcamp. You can pay upfront or apply to one of its many scholarships.

  • Cost: Full-Time: $14,950, Flex: $9,950
  • Schedules: Full-Time, Flex
  • Courses Offered: Full Stack Web Development
  • Upcoming Start Dates: Varies by course and location

DigitalCrafts Curricula: What Can You Study?

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At DigitalCrafts, you can study web development in an intensive course. It teaches you how to code and create complete applications from start to finish. You can choose from a full-time schedule or part-time, which is also known as flex.

Web Development | Full Stack Immersive

This web development bootcamp runs for 16 weeks and requires a total time commitment of over 540 hours. Other bootcamps offer either front end or backend web development, but DigitalCrafts teaches both. This way, you can complete web development projects on your own without relying on other developers.

You’ll learn how to use CSS to style web pages, HTML as building blocks, Python for backend development, and JavaScript to increase interactivity. The JavaScript courses cover all the concepts and protocols you will need to understand how it works. DigitalCrafts also offers courses on HTTP, PostgreSQL, Terminal, RESTful APIs, and JSON.

Web Development | Full Stack Flex

The full stack flex program is similar to the full stack immersive option, but it has some extra courses. The program runs in the evenings and lasts for 26 weeks. DigitalCrafts offers online and on-site options for this program.

Instructors take the lead in virtual classrooms, and every session is recorded for students who need a more flexible schedule. You’ll learn everything from the full-time course as well as algorithms, a coding technique used to find, sort, and manipulate data.

DigitalCrafts Campuses: Where Can You Study?

DigitalCrafts has four on-site locations. Classes are available online due to COVID-19, but you can still plan ahead for in-person learning.

  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Tampa
  • Seattle
  • Online

DigitalCrafts Schedules: When Can You Study?


The full-time program at DigitalCrafts runs for 16 weeks. Classes are Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Each day is divided into three sections: morning, lunch break, and afternoon. You’ll learn for a total of six hours per day.


The part-time web development bootcamp lasts for 26 weeks. Instead of attending classes five times a week, there are only three per week. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The classes are recorded so you can learn anytime.

DigitalCrafts Tuition

The tuition for DigitalCraft is $14,950 for the full-time program and $9,950 for the part-time flex program. Tuition can be paid upfront or through any of the financing options available. After admission, you have to pay a refundable $250 fee to secure your spot.

DigitalCrafts Financing and Payment Options

  • Upfront Payment. If you make upfront payments, you will get a $500 discount. If you enroll early, you can get a discount of up to $1000 part-time and $1500 full-time.
  • Automatic Scholarship Fund. DigitalCrafts has a $1,000,000 scholarship fund for students from underrepresented communities. Black and Latino students can apply for this scholarship and win full tuition. If you have an interesting life story, you can apply for the Builders Scholarship.
  • GI Bill and VEC TEC. Veterans can use the GI Bill or VEC TEC to get tuition discounts. You cannot use both at the same time, and you do not qualify for any other discount if you choose this option. However, the VEC TEC Fund has been depleted and would be refunded by October 2021.
  • Loan Financing. You can get an education from DigitalCrafts through loan financing. DigitalCrafts has partnerships with Sallie Mae and Ascent Funding. The repayment rates are low and you will only need to start paying after getting your first job.

DigitalCrafts Admissions: How to Get In

You can get into DigitalCrafts if you apply online and pass the assessment. You can apply for the bootcamp whether you have coding experience or not. On-site ranches used to offer application services, but now everything is online.

DigitalCrafts Application

The admission process is done in three stages: application, interview, and assessment. The process is the same for immersive and online programs. You can apply on the DigitalCrafts website. You’ll complete a personal interview and take an assessment. After that, you should get a response about your admission status in one to three business days.

DigitalCrafts Interview

The DigitalCrafts interview is designed to get to know you. If you are driven, committed, and willing to put in your best, you can get in. The interviewer will ask you questions about your experience in the tech industry so far and what you intend to achieve in the future. Try looking at coding interview questions to get a sense of what they might ask.

DigitalCrafts Admission Rate: What Are My Chances of Getting In?

DigitalCrafts does not publish its acceptance rate. However, it has a graduation rate of 94 percent. This shows that only the best and most committed students get admitted. You can get in even if you don’t have experience in coding. DigitalCrafts wants to accommodate people at all levels.

DigitalCrafts Outcomes: Will I Find a Job?

DigitalCrafts does not offer a job guarantee. However, it does have impressive outcomes. According to DigitalCrafts, 80 percent of job-seeking graduates found employment after 180 days. They reportedly earned an average of $70,000 yearly. So, you still have a high chance of getting a job with the comprehensive education and career coaching services.

Job Placement Services at DigitalCrafts

DigitalCrafts has a career service team to help you learn best practices for the job search. This coding bootcamp has an employer network to help you get a job. You can also get personalized interview prep and feedback on cover letters, projects, and portfolios. You will also get lessons on how to craft resumes.

Should You Apply to DigitalCrafts?

Yes, you should apply to DigitalCrafts if you are looking for an immersive or flexible coding bootcamp. This school offers all the classes you might need to become a full stack web developer. The payment options can help you pay tuition for full-time or flexible programs. Below are more reasons why you should apply to DigitalCrafts.

  • You will get in-demand coding skills. The tech industry is constantly evolving. DigitalCrafts teaches the most cutting-edge technologies, frameworks, and techniques. You’ll learn everything you need to know to enter the field.
  • You can access one-on-one career assistance. Although career services do not guarantee that you will get a job in the real world, they go a long way. You can get ready for the job search with DigitalCrafts. Its job placement rate of 80 percent is impressive.
  • You can reach DigitalCrafts’ alumni network. DigitalCrafts fosters a strong community in and outside of the classroom. Once you graduate, you’ll have access to other alumni where you can network and share coding experiences.

DigitalCrafts is one of the best fast-paced coding bootcamps in the United States. Many alumni are able to launch their careers in the tech industry right after graduation. Unfortunately, DigitalCrafts only offers one course. If you’re interested in cyber security or data science, you should look elsewhere.

Graduates from DigitalCrafts earn a higher salary on average than other bootcamp graduates in the US. This coding bootcamp is worth it, and you can apply for one of its many scholarships. If you want a comprehensive web development course, try DigitalCrafts in 2021.

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