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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Introduction The term “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” entered common usage in 1956. There was a time when people became disillusioned with AI and companies even started to claim they did not use AI to avoid negative connotation. And then Machine Learning (ML) rose in popularity, which like AI was not well-defined and in fact had a similar definition to AI. You may wonder:

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Implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) In Business Applications

In today's advanced technological world, the use of mobile devices is increasing with every passing day. With this swift growth in usage of mobile devices, more and more mobile app content provides a chance for digging out useful information. Today, everything is related to voice data and text. It can be social media messages, news feeds, emails, and the free-text format

5 Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas to Build Your Knowledge

If you’re here you already know that “Big Data” is a major buzzword in tech. These days there are tons of data being gathered about basically everything with an electronic signature. Thanks to this increase in available data, alongside advanced computing power, the subject of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to effectively manage data has resurfaced with fervor. Even as early as

human intelligence

How to Learn NLP

Are you interested in developing the software and algorithms behind Alexa, Siri, Google Search, chatbots, Grammarly, and other technologies that involve human language? NLP, or natural language processing, is a growing field at the intersection of linguistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  Whether you are looking up your favorite restaurant or checking your spelling, you are reaping the benefits of NLP.

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How To Get Started With AI Recruiting Tools

Doing what you’ve always done, and with good results at that, makes it difficult to see why you would even think of changing tactics. But if you, owner of a recruiting firm or an HR manager, are curious about innovations and ways to streamline your business to make it more efficient, then looking into AI recruiting tools might be interesting,

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Why AI Will Play a Huge Role in Our World

It took nearly a century for the average household across the world to own a family car. Radio and television needed some three decades to become integral part of the everyday life of the people in every part of our planet. Personal computers entered our lives in the course of two decades. And with them, the age of artificial intelligence

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